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What Are Booking.com Doing To Protect Customers From Huge Phishing Campaign?

It seems threat actors are exploiting the lack of two-factor authentication.

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Recent Ransomware Attacks

A List of Companies Affected by Ransomware [Updated 2023]

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SECURITY ALERT: Danish Customers Targeted by Active PostNord DK Phishing Campaign [UPDATED 15.06.2023]

APT Behind Newly Detected Phishing Campaign Tied to Worldwide Cyberattacks

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SECURITY ALERT: Heimdal® Identifies Active Phishing Campaign Singleing Out Romanian Telecom Users

Unknown APT Employs Posta Romana as Forefront for Phishing Campaign

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SECURITY ALERT: Heimdal® Detects Massive MitID Smishing Campaign Targeting Nordea Bank Customers

Threat Actors Employ Legitimate Web Services to Steal Banking Credentials.


10 Free & Open-Source Threat-Hunting Tools for 2024

Leverage Threat-Hunting With These Proactive, Free, and Open-Source Tools!

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SECURITY ALERT: Actively Exploited Microsoft Outlook Vulnerability Imperils Microsoft 365 Apps

High-Ranking Outlook Vulnerability Targeting Win 10 And Server 2022 Operating Systems.

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Security Alert: New Fake Customs Invoicing Smishing Campaign Targeting Romanian Telecom Users  

Unknown Threat Actor Clones Posta Romana Website for Smishing Campaign.

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SECURITY ALERT: Danish Consumers Targeted by Danskespil.dk Smishing Wave

Smishing Campaign Tied to Known Malware-Harbouring Website.

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SECURITY ALERT: Heimdal® Responds to CEO Fraud Attempt Launched by Unknown Perpetrator

Fraud Attempt Employed State-of-the-Art Social Engineering Tactics.

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