Gear Up for CIS Critical Security Controls Compliance with Heimdal®

Heimdal's harmonization with CIS’s multi-disciplinary control grid unlocks new offensive and defensive capabilities, empowering customers to balance security against costs, lay the foundation for new compliance standards, while evaluating and improving existing vulnerability workflows.

What is are
CIS Controls? 

The CIS Controls framework features a multi-leveled approach to enterprise cyber-defense and risk mitigation, stretching across 18 controls, covering the entire defensescape, from inventory and control of enterprise assets to data protection, malware defense, and security awareness.

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Who are
CIS Controls for? 

The CIS framework is embraced by thousands of SMBs, enterprises, and MSPs from all over the globe. CIS adoption brings along baselining for data protection and risk management strategies, bolsters overall cybersecurity by cross-referencing existing practices against a global, community-curated ruleset, and lays out the groundwork for additional compliance standards such as PC-DSS, HIPPA, SOC 2, CMMC, NIST, GDPR, FISMA, or ISO/IEC 27001.

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CIS Controls and Components

The Center for Internet Security’s (CIS) methodology is a community-powered in-depth defense framework, serving corporate and institutions with actionable advice on risk- and vulnerability-based management.

Heimdal® and the 18 CIS Controls -
Compliance Through Unified Services

CIS coverage and adoption depend on the level and volume of technological disparity. Frictions are imminent whenever there’s a lack of software unification. With Heimdal you can achieve a CIS compliance score of over 60%, the highest in a fast-paced and competitive industry. We help your company prepare with fraud prevention, email security, traffic filtering, malware prevention, ransomware encryption protection, automated patching, privilege escalation and delegation management, application control, managed & endpoint detection and response, secure remote assistance, and more.

Heimdal®’s Coverage of the CIS Controls


Protected by Heimdal

Out of Scope
Inventory and control of enterprise assets check
Inventory and control of software assets check
Secure configuration of enterprise assets and software check
Access control management check
Continuous vulnerability management check
Data protection check
Audit log management check
Email & web browser protections check
Application software security check
Incident response management check
Network monitoring and defense check
Malware defense check
Security awareness & skill training check
Service provider management check
Penetration testing check
Data recovery check
Account management check
Network infrastructure management check

Staying CIS-compliant with Heimdal®


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