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AI-Powered Email Fraud Prevention

Secure Your Communications with Heimdal’s Advanced Email Fraud Prevention: Your Guard Against BECs, CEO Fraud, Impersonations, Data Leaks and More.

Email Fraud Prevention: Strengthen Your Email Security: Prevent Email Fraud at Every Turn with Heimdal’s Cutting-Edge Solution

Key Benefits

Defeat Deception with Heimdal’s Advanced AI-Powered Email Fraud Prevention

Arm your IT arsenal with Heimdal’s Email Fraud Prevention. Equip IT and Security teams with an advanced tool to halt sophisticated email threats, guard against fraud, and safeguard data integrity. Enhance your operational efficiency while inspiring trust.


Heimdal’s Email Fraud Prevention empowers organizations to significantly lower their risk exposure to threats like BECs, CEO Fraud, and Social Engineering. It not only prevents potential financial losses but also ensures operational efficiency and protects the organization’s reputation, contributing to overall business continuity.


Rely on the power of Heimdal’s Email Fraud Prevention for computerized detection and management of advanced email threats. By integrating with existing mail filtering solutions, this tool enhances your security landscape, freeing up valuable time for your IT and security teams. They can redirect their efforts toward strategic initiatives, improving overall operational efficiency.

Preserving Brand
Trust & Customer

Using Heimdal’s Email Fraud Prevention, you’re proactively combatting fraud, safeguarding your brand, and bolstering customer trust. Essential for industries like finance, healthcare, and e-commerce, Heimdal ensures the highest level of data security and privacy, fostering unparalleled customer confidence.

Key Features

Shield Key Stakeholders and Thwart Monetary Scams with a Specialized Email Fraud Prevention Solution Tailored for Corporations

AI-Powered Detection

AI-Powered Detection to Safeguard Stakeholders

Traditional cybersecurity often reacts to email-borne threats after they occur. In contrast, our AI-driven "Outliers Detection" proactively anticipates these threats, leveraging adaptive anomaly and pattern recognition. By understanding your company's distinct communication patterns — whether it's malicious URLs/attachments, out-of-character emails, or CEO fraud — and analyzing both inbound and outbound emails, we ensure that only legitimate communications reach your inbox.

EmaAI-Powered Detection
Email Fraud

Comprehensive Compatibility & Intelligent Detection Capabilities

Leveraging over 125 unique analysis vectors and live threat intelligence, Heimdal’s Email Fraud Prevention pre-emptively detects and counters potential threats such as BEC, CEO Fraud, and complex cloud-based malware. This solution’s flexible architecture is built to enhance your existing mail filtering solutions, supplementing the security capabilities of Microsoft, Google, or even Heimdal’s own Email Security (365 or ATP) to provide a comprehensive and fortified layer of email defense.

Email Fraud

Comprehensive Email Surveillance & Protection

Heimdal’s Email Fraud Prevention provides extensive email monitoring, adept at identifying various forms of email fraud including imposter threats. Our advanced system doesn’t just operate in real-time; it also retroactively identifies malicious emails to ensure no threat goes undetected. With sophisticated detection techniques such as phraseology analysis, account number scanning, attachment modification tracking, link execution, and ‘man-in-the-email’ detection, you receive unmatched protection.

Email Fraud
Email Fraud

Robust Protection Against Financial Fraud, Credential Theft, and Data Tampering

Heimdal’s Email Fraud Prevention equips your organization with advanced defenses to combat financial fraud, credential theft, and file manipulation. This solution proactively alerts you to imposter threats, including modified invoices, and retroactively flags potentially malicious emails. Leveraging cutting-edge detection techniques like phraseology changes and IBAN/account number scanning, it delivers unparalleled protection. To further enhance your email security, the solution smoothly integrates with external invoicing systems.

Fortify Your Email Ecosystem: Intercept, Analyze, and Neutralize Threats with Heimdal’s AI-Powered Email Fraud Prevention

Strengthen your email security with Heimdal’s Email Fraud Prevention today. Tap into our cutting-edge detection technology and stay one step ahead of financial fraud, credential theft, and data tampering. Secure your digital communication, protect your brand, and maintain customer trust.



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