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Enhance your network with a seamless layer of AI protection that will allow you to hunt, prevent, detect and respond to any threat, regardless of how advanced it is. Heimdal DNS Security Network empowers you to confidently own your BYOD governance and secure all your users’ devices, all under one unified and accessible roof.

Key Benefits

Prevent Tomorrow’s Threats Today with Heimdal’s Network DNS Security Solution

Cover more than just your endpoints with complete protection for your entire ecosystem.

DNS Security Network provides you with unique threat hunting features and holistic visibility over your network. Hybrid DNS empowers you to secure traffic locally on any DNS server, without the need to reroute to our resolvers, which is ideal for both on-prem and cloud-based environments.

Complete Device

Regain your peace of mind with a complete solution that spans across your business ecosystem. Protect and maintain BYODs, IoTs, and every other equipment linked to your company’s network.

Granular Network

Stay on top of your network traffic activity with DNS Security Network’s traffic logging tool. See what everyone is up to and prevent attacks before they land on your endpoints.

Threat Hunting
Made Easy

DNS Security Network can be set up in seconds, with no additional software installation required. Say goodbye to hard-to-deploy threat-hunting solutions.

Key Features

Achieve A to Z Protection for Your Enterprise
Network on Any Device and Operating

Comprehensive Threat Hunting Capabilities

Comprehensive Threat Hunting Capabilities

Leverage the capabilities of a powerful Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS), augmented by a highly intelligent threat detection technology spearheaded by AI. Combine machine learning-based behavioral analysis with traffic filtering for an integrated approach to network security.

Hybrid Coverage

Hybrid Coverage for Any Environment

Eliminate the middleman and secure the DNS traffic going in and out of your internal network. Our revolutionary product adds filtering capabilities directly to your local network, which strengthens the defenses of your environment regardless of whether it is cloud-based or on-prem.

Hybrid Coverage
Hybrid Coverage

Unlimited Detection and Response

DNS Security for Network utilizes Cloud Access Security Brokerage (CASB) for increased security against malicious activities, granting extended cloud app curation granularity and empowering your IT admins to identify, classify, and eliminate unsanctioned apps from your cloud environment.

Stunning Accuracy in Threat Prevention

Predictive DNS Pat. Pend. for Advanced Threat Prevention

Stay one step ahead of network and IoT threats with our state-of-the-art Predictive DNS Pat. Pend. technology, providing a remarkable 96% accuracy in threat prevention. Our advanced solution enables you to hunt, detect, and respond to potential attacks proactively, predicting future threats before they materialize. Safeguard your entire business infrastructure with unrivaled precision, securing it against even the most cunning and malicious actors.

*PAT. PEND. - Heimdal's Apparatus and Method for Predicting Malicious Domains
EU Patent Application: P025966EP1 | US Patent Application: 18333620

Stunning Accuracy in Threat Prevention

Take control of your entire enterprise network with Heimdal

Our DNS Security Network module adds to any Antivirus, Firewall, IDS, or IPS and can be combined with more Heimdal products to deliver an authentic Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) stance.

All working together seamlessly from one agent and one unified platform.



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Unified Endpoint Management

Remote Desktop BitLocker Management* *coming soon

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One Platform,
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