Extended Detection & Response (XDR)

The next level of security - powered by our Heimdal Unified Security Platform

With the Heimdal XDR, you can eliminate the complexity of managing multiple security solutions and gain the peace of mind that comes with having a comprehensive, integrated approach to cybersecurity. 

Whether you're dealing with complex, multi-vector attacks or simple malware infections, our platform has you covered. Don't wait until it's too late - experience the power of our unified, cloud-delivered XDR platform and protect your organization from cyber threats.

Heimdal - The only XDR Platform you will ever need
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Key Benefits

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Our XDR platform provides end-to-end consolidated security, which is different from traditional point security solutions that operate in silos. This seamless integration allows for complete visibility across your entire IT infrastructure, leading to faster and more accurate threat detection and response. As a result, the time to detect and remediate security incidents is dramatically reduced.

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Detection & Response

Our XDR offers a unified high-fidelity view of your IT enterprise and advanced AI/ML-based detection capabilities, which enable it to detect threats faster and more accurately than traditional security solutions. It also allows for automated response actions to be taken quickly, reducing the time it takes to detect and remediate security incidents.

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Reduce Complexity & Costs

Our XDR, integrated into the Heimdal Unified Security Platform, reduces complexity and costs by consolidating multiple security technologies. This simplifies security management and eliminates the need for multiple disparate solutions. The result is lower costs and better utilization of your SecOps and IT resources.

Key Features

Protect Your Enterprise with Real-Time
Threat Hunting and Response using the Heimdal XDR

Next-Gen Threat Intel

Heimdal empowers security and IT teams to respond to threats and adversaries by supplying them with advanced threat intelligence, bi-lateral telemetry, advanced forensics details, ransomware process details, and more, using our AI/ML predictive models, Extended Threat Protection (XTP) detection engine, and MITRE ATT&CK techniques.


Intelligent Insights for all Operations

Heimdal XDR provides definitive, arbitrary heuristics without false positives out-of-the-box, pre-scored, and fully contextualized for any purpose, whether it's hunting, investigations, audit trails, or reporting.


Threat Hunting

Empower your security teams with pre-computed risk scores, indicators, and detailed attack analysis – all presented in a variety of investigative and insightful views. With this comprehensive information at their fingertips, your teams can jump straight into action when potential threats arise.


Automated Remediation & Response

With the Heimdal XDR, you can take your cybersecurity to the next level. Our advanced platform comes equipped with an Action Center, which allows for seamless and efficient one-click automated and assisted actioning across your digital enterprise. This feature enables you to respond quickly and effectively to any potential threats, keeping your business and data safe and secure.

Heimdal XDR - The ultimate solution for your enterprise's security needs

We understand that you need precise monitoring and prompt response to keep your endpoints, networks, emails, identities, data, and everything in between safe from cyber threats. That's why our service brings together the essential tools and security expertise to provide you with the ultimate protection you need.

Whether you use Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, Heimdal XDR or the MXDR service has got you covered. Trust us to safeguard your enterprise and gain peace of mind knowing that your enterprise is secured. Contact us today to learn more.

Securing Global Industry Leaders

Heimdal®'s intelligence hub is the first line of defense of cybercriminal attacks. Our unique cybersecurity vision, combined with experience and expertise, secures the future of leading and growing industry giants.


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One Unified Dashboard To Rule Them All.

The centralized dashboard unlocks the full potential of your threat-hunting engine and cyber-stance. Crisp graphics, intuitive controls, ready-to-download security status reports, ROI outlooks, mitigated threats, CVEs, and more conveniently stacked into a responsive and unified dashboard.

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