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With the number of data breaches and cyberthreats on the rise, there is a significant demand for informative and useful cybersecurity resources that help you stay aware, educated, and prepared for any type of cyberattack. On Heimdal's cybersecurity resources page, you'll find dozens of completely free resources you may use for your company or consumers. eBooks, threat reports, industry guides, whitepapers, data sheets, and other resources are available. Check out our collection!

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Cybersecurity e-books 4

e-books: DNS Security for Dummies

This eBook gives a comprehensive role-based security approach and addresses the numerous dangers to the Domain Name Systems (DNS) as cyberattacks increase globally. Read more about DNS systems operate, types of DNS attacks, and examine how DNS filtering can successfully increase network security.

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e-books: The Role of EDR in the Cybersecurity Universe

When Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) entered the cybersecurity scene, it quickly rose to the status of industry standard, becoming a more effective security tool than conventional firewalls and antivirus programs. This eBook will describe the EDR Foundation, EDR Capabilities and Benefits, Endpoint Security Specifics, and Challenges with Standalone EDR Solutions.

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e-books: Privileged Access Management Guide

This e-book is a guide designed to better understand basic Privileged Access Management concepts that will further underline the necessity of a strong PAM solution in today’s corporate context.

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e-books: Patch Management Wireframing Guide

An eBook that examines industry-standard approaches to functional patch management and challenges thereof.

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Cybersecurity reports 1

report: CyberSecurity & Threat Intelligence Report

A review of the cybersecurity landscape that will shed some light on what happened in 2021 and what 2022 might bring.


Cybersecurity case studies 16

case studies: Kaufmann

A mission and a motorbike. That’s how it all started. The mission was clear – to supply quality clothing for men. And the motorbike? Well, what else could it be but a Harley Davidson? And the man riding the bike, the man who started the whole adventure?

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case studies: Osborne Clarke

Osborne Clarke was founded in 1748 in Bristol, England by Jeremiah Osborne. Today, Osborne Clarke has reached international fame. The firm has offices in 13 countries across Europe, Asia, and the US.

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case studies: Danish Wholesale Trading Company

Back in 2016, a collaboration started between this wholesale trader and Heimdal Security. Since then the collaboration has expanded quiet a bit and recently Heimdal had the chance to prove how it continues to deliver value with their security suite. Below you can read a bit more about the experiences of working with Heimdal, directly from the CIO.

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case studies: NRGi

NRGi has a longstanding history as an electricity supplier in Denmark, having been active in the industry for over one century. As a well-established company in its field, chances are you are already familiar with its services, especially if you reside or operate in the country.

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case studies: Techni Team ICT

Techni Team ICT is a computer hardware manufacturer and service provider based in Veenendaal, Netherlands. The company smartly structures, manages and maintains IT environment so clients don't have to worry about automation and system management. In addition, they have a clear vision on entrepreneurship and automation. On the one hand, they set up a stable network environment that guarantees continuity in business processes. On the other hand, they advise on how to improve processes using state-of-the-art technology.

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case studies: Ken Hygiene Systems A/S

Ken Hygiene Systems A/S is an innovative company with over 75 years of experience within the development, production, sales and servicing of disinfecting washers, bedpan washers and laboratory washers as well as dishwashers for industrial kitchens.

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case studies: Waterstones

Founded in 1982 by British businessman and author Tim Waterstone, Waterstones has become a cultural landmark in the United Kingdom over its four decades of existence. It is considered the country’s last surviving national bookshop chain thanks to its successful business strategy that has kept up with the digitalization of the written word.

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case studies: Welnet B.V.

Welnet B.V. is a Dutch regional Managed Service Provider (MSP) who services a wide clientele within the SMB domain. Ever since its inception in 2001, they have been loyal to their core values and translated those into pragmatic and tangible solutions for their customers.

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case studies: JYSK

JYSK is the largest Danish retailer operating internationally, delivering a great Scandinavian offer for everyone within sleeping and living. Although today JYSK is a global business, the company is managed based on its Scandinavian roots. This is reflected in the company culture and in the way they choose to do business.

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case studies: Lyf og Heilsa

A widely recognized name in the industry, Lyf og Heilsa provides personal, safe and professional services. Health and wellness are a specialty of the company and its goal is to increase the quality of life of its customers by offering medicines and other health-related products. The product range takes this into account and meets the strictest requirements of customers.

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case studies: Efla

While exploring various options to make their IT network more secure and easier to manage for admins as well, Efla evaluated multiple solutions and finally settled on products from Heimdal™ Security’s Thor suite.

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case studies: Orbital Technology

Orbital Technology supports emerging companies with highly experienced IT specialists, helping solve the continuous changing landscape and challenges in the technology world. They constantly seek cutting edge, proactive software solutions for organisations with the future in mind.

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case studies: The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a global charitable organization that hardly requires an introduction. With the first branch being founded in 1865 and Denmark & Greenland division following suit a little over a decade later, the help the non-governmental organization has offered and continues to offer those in need speaks for itself.

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case studies: Donegal County Council

Located in Ireland’s northern province of Ulster, Donegal County has a population of over 159,000 inhabitants whose well-being is administered by the Donegal County Council.

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case studies: Heard County

Heard County was founded in 1830 and named after Stephen Heard, a prominent loyalist of the American Revolution. Located in west-central Georgia and bordering Alabama, in the United States, it currently has a population of over 11,000 people.

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case studies: DPD Group

DPD is one of those enterprises that hardly needs an introduction. The parcel transport service has been active since the 1980s, operating under different names before rebranding itself as Dynamic Parcel Distribution (DPD) in 2008.

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Cybersecurity whitepapers 4

whitepapers: Mobile Device Security for Companies with BYOD Policy

A whitepaper aiming to cast some light on the intricacies and cybersecurity challenges posed by Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policies in companies.

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whitepapers: Cybersecurity in Remote Learning: Considerations for Educational Institutions

A thorough exploration of the specific cybersecurity threats that universities and educational institutions are facing and tips on how to effectively combat them.

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whitepapers: Cybersecurity Advice for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs)

An essential guide for all small and medium business owners and employees, detailing obligatory security measures, tips and methods for ensuring digital safety.

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whitepapers: Polymorphic Malware Spawning Pseudo-Operating System Processes

A technical case study focusing on multi-process malware (MPM), what it is and how it circumvents usual cyber-defense detection methods.

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More Cybersecurity Resources

Cybersecurity Course for Beginners

Turn your inbox into a classroom with this self-paced free course designed for everyone and anyone.

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Cybersecurity Course for Small Businesses

Master the basics of cyber security to protect your small business and your client's data. All in 24 step-by-step free lessons!

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The Heimdal Security blog

Our award-winning cyber security blog keeps you up to date on breakthrough security alerts and paves the way to safer digital lives with actionable how-to guides and articles.

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The Daily Security Tip

From our inbox to yours: 365-security to last you for an entire year, dropped at a rate of 1 tip/day!

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The Ultimate Windows 10 Security Guide

All the pointers you need to adjust and tweak your Windows 10 settings in order to boost your cyber security and privacy.

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The Cybersecurity Glossary

Decode all that tech talk in cybersecurity articles so that it makes sense to you. Includes links to in-depth resources!

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Cybersecurity Webinars

Your cybersecurity webinars resource. Free expert advice on how to better secure your organization. Join us live or watch the recordings.

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