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What We Stand For

These are the values that have always driven us forward


Help all organizations and individuals stay safe.


Education comes first.


Innovation should never stop.


Making organizations safer starts from the bottom up.


Drive yourself and others forward.


Allow the human factor into everything.


Listen first, diagnose after.

Our Mission

Simple, next-level cybersecurity protection. Immediately effective. Unified.

In accordance with our values, we aim to make the internet a safer place for all organizations, and for individuals as well.

We know that cybersecurity can become a more and more complicated burden for companies, especially as they become larger.

We aim to provide the latest technologies for cutting edge cybersecurity, in a unified and easy to use package, AND to speak human, as well. Cybersecurity can be complicated enough as it is, which is why we believe our clients should get the best technologies without needing to sacrifice too many man-hours in order to make it all work.

How Heimdal® Was Born & Our Story

It all started with a winning idea.


For the first time ever, a non-US team wins the CTF championship with an innovative idea which revolutionizes DNS security, enhancing any Antivirus solution.


The award-winning technology to filter our DNS-level threats continues to be perfected by a team of outstanding Danish cybersecurity researchers.


Organizations worldwide start to feel the pressure of securing their DNS traffic more and more, making the research towards our innovative DNS security solution even more urgent.


The winning idea of CTF champions is finally incorporated into a product, our Heimdal Corp, drawing from our unique Norse heritage.

Heimdal® begins to have a strong presence in the Nordic countries, through our partner CSIS, but internationally as well.

Heimdal® Security joins Operation Tovar, against Zeus ransomware, effectively contributing to the global take-down operation.

Heimdal® is appraised by the FBI, Europol and the US Department of Justice (DoJ) in its fight against ransomware attacks worldwide.


Technological innovation starts being available to home users as well, catapulting Heimdal® Security into a privileged position with consumers.


We win the Most Educational Security Blog award, rewarding our belief that top-notch cybersecurity education should be free for all.


Heimdal® Security continues to score extra worldwide recognition, by being nominated as the Anti-Ransomware Solution of the Year at the CSA. Our business achieves a spectacular 3000% growth since its founding.

We introduce a new innovative technology to our Thor Foresight and Thor Enterprise products, DarkLayer Guard®. Through its ML & AI-powered algorithms, DarkLayer Guard® goes beyond traditional anti-malware detection capabilities.


We win the title Anti-Malware Solution of the Year at the CSA and continue providing crucial intelligence to law enforcement, aiding their capture of malicious operators.


Heimdal® Security acquires BasicBytes and begins to enhance their pre-existing technologies, effectively developing the best and most functional PAM solution on the market.

We win Anti-Malware Solution of the Year, Anti-Ransomware Solution of the Year and Network Security Solution of the Year at CSA.

Heimdal® Security adds two more exclusive products to its portfolio (MailSentry Email Security and Forseti), previously developed by CSIS.

Heimdal® Security scores a 100% detection rate in Virus Bulletin certification tests and earns an OPSWAT certification as well.


Heimdal® is acquired by Marlin Equity Partners, gaining an even wider network. Even more, distributors are coming onboard to carry the Heimdal® name into the world.

We support and assist businesses and organizations worldwide in dealing with remote work security during the times of the COVID-19 pandemic.


We win AI and Machine Learning Based Security Solution Of The Year at CSA and Cloud Delivered Security Solution Of The Year at NCA.

We add one more product to our portfolio, Remote Desktop.


Doing our best in providing global unified cybersecurity.

Why Heimdal®

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One Unified Suite for Complete Cybersecurity

Every single cybersecurity solution in the Heimdal® suite is designed to seamlessly communicate with each other, as well as integrate with other security products you’re using. This is how we manage to achieve what we hold as the golden standard in cybersecurity today – unification. All our solutions operate under one convenient roof known as the Heimdal® Unified Dashboard, where you get access to all the data you need and have incisive reporting features at your fingertips.

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Solutions for Every Problem

The Heimdal® suite was created with efficiency in mind above all else. This is why our line of products contains a solution for every problem, be it DNS security, vulnerability management, access privileges, the prevention of email-based threats, and more. Discover our cybersecurity solutions and enhance your company’s cybersecurity in all the right places.

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AI-Driven Threat Hunting

Our products are trained to not only detect and respond to threats but actively hunt them as well. In this way, Heimdal® can predict future threats with a stunning 96% accuracy, allowing you to move outside traditional EDR and add prevention to your list of defensive layers. Machine learning coupled with advanced intel and several layers of defense secures your data assets on all fronts, all within one accessible interface.

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Customer-Oriented Approach

Here at Heimdal®, we always put our customers first. Our dedicated support team is always here to answer your queries and assist you with anything you might encounter. On top of this, we strive to always implement your feedback into the new features and products we create. Your cybersecurity needs are what drive the growth of our business.

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Join a community of over 10,000 organizations worldwide that enjoy peace of mind by simplifying and strengthening their security posture.

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Heimdal® named Cloud Delivered Security Solution of the Year at the Network Computing Awards 2021

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