Privileged Access Management Privileged Access Management

Privilege Elevation and Delegation Management (PEDM)

Enhance security, streamline privilege management, and ensure regulatory compliance with our award-winning and autopilot ready PEDM solution. Elevate your organization’s security posture and embrace the power of Zero Trust security today.

Unlock Elevated Privileges Safely: Streamline Access, Enhance Security with Heimdal PEDM

Key Benefits

Elevate Your Privilege Management Journey with Heimdal PEDM

Heimdal’s Privilege Elevation and Delegation Management solution provides unparalleled control and flexibility for IT professionals, system administrators, and security teams in managing user privileges within their organization. Seamlessly elevate and delegate privileges based on user roles, ensuring that authorized individuals have the necessary access while minimizing the risk of privilege abuse.

Zero Trust

Easily adopt a Zero Trust model by granting users and applications only the essential permissions they need. By doing so, IT and system admins can significantly decrease the risk of unauthorized access and effectively minimize potential attack surfaces.

Unified Access

Achieve meticulous control over user privileges, empowering security specialists to efficiently escalate and de-escalate user and application rights from a single platform. With the ability to define flexible user group policies, manage local admin rights, and more, you can effectively enforce robust security measures.

Ensure Uninterrupted Compliance

Demonstrate compliance with regulatory and information security standards, such as Cyber Essentials, GDPR, NIST, and more, through comprehensive reporting and auditing capabilities. This empowers administrators to showcase privileged access activities and generate necessary audit trails, ensuring adherence to relevant regulations.

Key Features

Harness Unparalleled Security with Heimdal Privilege Elevation & Delegation Management


Total Privilege Management

Our solution empowers you to define and manage role-based access controls and delegation policies with ease. You can delegate specific privileges to users or groups based on their job responsibilities, streamlining access management while upholding stringent security standards. Approve or deny requests directly from the intuitive dashboard or on the go, right from your mobile device. Stay informed with session tracking, prevent elevation for system files, revoke user admin rights in real-time, set escalation periods, and automatically terminate system processes after session expiration.


Just-in-Time Secured Privilege Access

Implement just-in-time access controls with Heimdal, granting temporarily elevated privileges to users only when necessary. This proactive approach effectively mitigates the risk of prolonged exposure to privileged access and significantly reduces the attack surface, including vulnerabilities in widely targeted Microsoft 365 operating systems and more.


Unparalleled Reporting & Compliance

Experience unmatched reporting capabilities with our solution, enabling you to generate comprehensive reports, track privileged access/session activities, and effortlessly demonstrate compliance with international or regional regulatory requirements. This ensures that your organization meets stringent compliance standards and can seamlessly undergo audits.


Seamless Integration

Take your access management to the next level by seamlessly integrating Heimdal solution with our Endpoint and DNS solutions. This integration enables you to effectively contain threats, prevent lateral spread, and strengthen your overall security posture. Additionally, elevate your Privilege Access Management by integrating Heimdal Application Control for advanced software management or seamlessly incorporate your preferred tools, such as ServiceNow, for enhanced efficiency and control.


Product Add-on

Application Control

Heimdal’s Application Control is a powerful component of our comprehensive Privilege Access Management solution. With Application Control, you gain granular control and increased security over the execution environment of your applications. This helps IT Admins prevent the execution of untrusted code and reduces the risk of malware infections.


Empower your organization’s security with Heimdal Privilege Elevation and Delegation Management

Take charge of access privileges, minimize vulnerabilities, and fortify your defenses. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your security – choose Heimdal and unlock a new level of privileged access control.



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