Endpoint Security Endpoint Security

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Experience an elevated level of EDR with our cutting-edge solution. Our comprehensive platform offers unparalleled prevention, advanced threat-hunting, and efficient remediation capabilities. Empower yourself to swiftly and seamlessly counter even the most sophisticated malware attacks.

Key Benefits

Elevate Your Company’s Endpoint Detection & Response Stance with Heimdal

Heimdal Endpoint Detection and Response is a powerful security tool that actively monitors, analyzes, and responds to threats in real-time. With advanced detection algorithms and proactive incident response capabilities, it provides robust protection for your enterprise endpoints, ensuring timely threat mitigation and minimizing potential damage.

A Holistic Security

Experience a layered and integrated approach that combines the strengths of all its components, leveraging intelligence across modules to fortify your entire ecosystem. With one unified model, you can effectively hunt, prevent, detect, and respond to threats.

Complete Endpoint

Unlike traditional cybersecurity measures, a unified EDR approach provides unparalleled endpoint visibility, allowing for rapid response in the face of threats. Experience the exceptional capabilities of our suite with proactive prevention, advanced threat hunting, and efficient remediation.


Discover and neutralize all exploits without the need for separate threat-hunting solutions or manual analysis. Seal vulnerabilities and safeguard your digital landscape with unparalleled efficiency – powered by groundbreaking technology that ensures uninterrupted prevention.

Key Features

Enhance Your Endpoint Security Through
an Integrated Approach

Efficient Threat Tracking & Analysis Efficient Threat Tracking & Analysis

Efficient Threat Tracking & Analysis

Gain comprehensive visibility into endpoint activity through sophisticated data analytics. Swiftly respond to incidents by correlating your data with actionable Threat Intelligence.

Benefit from proactive Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) and improved Indicators of Attack (IOAs), empowering you with a unique EDR capability to mitigate even concealed or unknown malware. Strengthen your defenses and stay ahead of evolving threats.

Advanced Attack Prevention Advanced Attack Prevention

Advanced Attack Prevention

Our cutting-edge EDR software goes above and beyond traditional security solutions, ensuring robust protection against complex cyber threats. Experience the power of machine learning and AI-driven intelligence, delivering unmatched proactive protection for your endpoints.

Our EDR software safeguards your network against an array of threats, including advanced ransomware, insider threats, admin rights abuse, APTs, software exploits, brute force attacks, DNS and DoH vulnerabilities, phishing and social engineering, and any other known or unknown threats.

Advanced Attack Prevention Advanced Attack Prevention
One Agent, Six Solutions One Agent, Six Solutions

One Agent, Six Solutions

Streamline your security operations with our EDR system, encompassing a comprehensive suite of technologies in a single, lightweight agent. Experience hassle-free deployment that won’t impact system performance, saving you valuable time.

Enjoy the benefits of fully integrated endpoint protection, incorporating a range of next-gen security solutions, all within a fully unified solution that safeguards against all attack vectors.

Secure your enterprise endpoints on all fronts with Heimdal EDR.

Heimdal Endpoint Detection and Response grants you access to all the essential cybersecurity layers your business needs to protect itself against both known and unknown online and insider threats.

The package combines the most advanced threat-hunting technologies in existence: Next-Gen Antivirus, Privileged Access Management, Application Control, Ransomware Encryption Protection, Patch & Asset Management, and DNS Security.

All working together seamlessly from one agent and one unified platform.



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Email Security Email Fraud Prevention



Unified Endpoint Management

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Teis Awards 2024 Best Vulnerability Management Solution Runner Up Heimdal Security
Computing Security Excellence Awards 2023 - Risk Management Award Winner
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One Platform,
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