Application Control

The simplest way to control application executions

Application management solution for whitelisting and blocking of running applications. Customize live sessions, log everything on the go, and prevent users from running malicious software.

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Prevent any unauthorized application execution.

Effortless IT management.

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Multiple ways to allow or block apps

App Control allows users to allow or block application execution in more than one way: file path, publisher, certificate, vendor name, software name, MD5, and more. The choice is yours.

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Automatic approval or denial flow

Accelerate your application approval or denial flow for system files with default ruling. Create or modify flows for individual users or AD groups.

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Dual Modes Operation

Layers upon layers of granularity. Application Control operates in both active and passive mode. Take control of your user’s session or sit back, and let App Control weave its magic.


Unique Solutions for Advanced Problems

Combining App Control with Access Governance

Full-throttle your session application execution with additional access governance features by combining your App Control module with Privileged Access Management. App Control over PAM, allows for highly customizable admin sessions, giving you weapons you need to protect sensitive memory areas, hinder lateral movement inside your network, and safeguard your business assets.


Extended audit trail

Explore new reporting features. App Control’s reporting module can help you gain additional insight into your elevated user session – applications opened, processes elevated per session, parent processes called, services requested, and more. Streamline your app/approval denial flow with historic executions, a feature that allows you to customize future elevated sessions by analyzing past sessions.



App and process manipulation are usually done through a remote access tool. Get rid of the middleman and leap straight into the action. Use Application Control’s passive mode for live, rule-based, monitoring or define the rules yourself. Every byte of collected info is fed directly to your dashboard, where you can review the session’s details, further adjust user interactions parameters, request logs, and more!


Productivity Overhaul

Say ‘goodbye’ to obsolete, endpoint-based tools with complicated licensing options and scalability issues. Application Control will ensure that your flows are enforced throughout the entire organization, giving you peace of mind and time to focus on other vital, organizational areas.


Empower Any Security Software

Remove permanent rights and give access to application execution, when users need it. Application control also supports a full audit trail of Allowed Executions, Blocked Executions and Passive Mode monitored executions.

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Vulnerability Management (Prevent)

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Next-Gen Antivirus (Detect)

4 advanced malware detection layers complemented by Firewall controls and MDM allows effortless remediation of all known threats and scales up into a complete EPDR solution with the DNS security module.

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Ransomware Encryption Protection (Detect)

COMBO: A signatureless encryption protection technology that kills and stops any ransomware encryption outbreaks, universally compatible with any antivirus but achieving what traditional antivirus is uncapable of.

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Privilege Access Management (Comply)

Manage user permissions easily, prevent insider threat and strengthen your endpoint security with truly innovative access governance and the only solution to de-escalate on threat detection.

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Application Control (Comply)

COMBO: A revolutionary and easy to use application control solution that enables white and blacklisting of any execution, and is the only app control that unifies with PAM.

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Security (Defend)

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Email Fraud Prevention (Defend)

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Remote Desktop Control (Support)

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Filtering (Prevent)

Securing Global Industry Leaders

Acknowledging that change is the essence of staying on top, Heimdal® empowered its customers with the cyber-protection tool they need to shift the focus from tightened cybersecurity to ease of mind. Supporting and responding to industry leaders’ needs since 2014.


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One Unified Dashboard To Rule Them All.

The centralized dashboard unlocks the full potential of your threat-hunting engine and cyber-stance. Crisp graphics, intuitive controls, ready-to-download security status reports, ROI outlooks, mitigated threats, CVEs, and more conveniently stacked into a responsive and unified dashboard.

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