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Fortify Your Communications with Heimdal’s Secure Email Gateway in the Cloud: Defend Against Phishing, Ransomware, Spam & Advanced Threats

Step up your business protection with Heimdal’s Email Security, your advanced shield against phishing, ransomware, and evolving email-based threats. Working in harmony with your existing systems, our solution enhances your defenses, whether deployed on cloud or on-premises.

Email Security: Shield Your Communications with Heimdal’s Superior Email Security: Your Robust Defense Against Modern Email-Borne Threats

Key Benefits

Heimdal Email Security: The Trusted Ally of CISOs, CIOs & Security Teams for Unparalleled Email Defence

Heimdal Email Security is a robust solution that effectively blocks all email-borne threats. It employs advanced protection mechanisms against phishing and spam, conducts deep attachment scanning using state-of-the-art detection technologies, and adds extra layers of protection to M365 environments.


Trust Heimdal’s Email Security for comprehensive inbound and outbound email protection. We swiftly detect and neutralize threats such as phishing, ransomware, and spam, creating a secure email environment that safeguards your end-users and your organization.

Compliance & Risk

Heimdal’s Email Security facilitates regulatory compliance with its robust encryption and comprehensive scanning processes. Enable your organization to meet its legal obligations and maintain data integrity with ease.

Safeguarding Employees
& Communications

Bolster your users’ digital journey with Heimdal’s Email Security. Our innovative solution protects end-users and organization-wide communications from phishing, malware, ransomware, and spam, ensuring a secure and seamless digital environment.

Key Features

Boost Your Resilience Against the Leading Attack Vector: Secure Your Emails Now with Heimdal


Multifaceted Phishing & Ransomware Protection

Rely on Heimdal's Email Security for comprehensive protection tailored to your remote and on-premises workforce. We meticulously scan every email for impersonation threats (DKIM/SPF, TLS & DMARC), data leak risks, and beyond. Our automatic scanning and blocking of suspicious file attachments provides a secure communication environment, giving you peace of mind and reinforced defenses.


Real-Time Deep Scanning & Inspection

Elevate your email security with Heimdal’s profound scanning and inspection capabilities. We conduct comprehensive forensic scans of email content, enhanced by data logging for administrators, and advanced real-time checks using phrase discovery, Bayesian, and hashed pattern value filtering. Paired with meticulous malware analysis through file scanning, Heimdal delivers an unparalleled layer of defense.

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Enhanced Visibility & Control for IT and Security Administrators

We provide a comprehensive suite of logging and reporting tools designed to meet your security reporting, compliance, and auditing needs. With detailed forensics reports, threat tracing, and audit logs, administrators can gain invaluable insights and maintain full control. Incidents are thoroughly logged and can be reviewed from your Heimdal Unified Dashboard. Plus, with granular policy and end-user management, we equip your team with the tools they need to manage and optimize your organization’s email security.


365-Day Cloud Archiving, Retention & Mailbox Continuity

Elevate your organization's email management with Heimdal Email Security's default capability for 1-year email retention. This pivotal feature guarantees continuous, uninterrupted access to an entire year of email communications, serving as an invaluable tool for compliance, auditing, and preserving historical records. With this upgrade, secure and streamline your email archival process effortlessly.

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Tailor Your Protection or Scale as You Grow

Heimdal Email Security provides two protection modes, empowering you to customize your defenses according to your organization's requirements. Our standard Email Security 365 mode handles your essential needs - from sender checks to attachment/content scanning. For more extensive protection, choose the Email Security Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), which offers advanced sandboxing, safe execution, and in-depth forensic capabilities.

Experience the Future of Secure Communication with Heimdal’s Email Security

Don’t let cyber threats compromise your business. Discover how our state-of-the-art email security solution can fortify your organization’s most crucial communication channel. Request a free trial or reach out to our team for more information today!



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