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Ransomware Encryption Protection

Our proprietary anti-ransomware encryption solution is a revolutionary 100% signature-free product that protects your devices against malicious encryption attempts initiated during ransomware attacks. Secure your endpoints and network against even the most advanced ransomware encryption attempts, in real-time, all the time.

Eliminate the threat of ransomware for good

Ransomware Encryption Protection makes it possible, with unparalleled mitigation powers and stunning accuracy.

Key Benefits

Protect Your Enterprise Assets Against Ransomware Encryption Attempts

Heimdal’s Ransomware Encryption Protection module empowers you to defend your entire digital estate against one of the most dangerous cyber-threats of the decade.

We employ outstanding technology to solve outstanding problems. Ransomware Encryption Protection is the only practical approach to malicious encryption associated with ransomware attacks. Prevent and protect, not just mitigate, both in the cloud & on-prem.


Ransomware Encryption Protection is the most efficient first line of defense against total data loss and exfiltration. Take control to be one step ahead hackers and adapt to counter any type of ransomware attack, whether fileless or file-based.

Complementary to
Any Antivirus

Our state-of-the-art anti-ransomware solution is universally compatible with any antivirus, offering your network enhanced detection capabilities. Achieve the means to deal with even the most sophisticated attack with ease, all within one product that complements any infrastructure.


Reporting has never been a simpler task – thanks to Heimdal’s unified endpoint management approach. Use the comfort of our seamless dashboard to review the full details of a malicious encryption incident and generate stunningly accurate reports.

Key Features

Maintain the Integrity of your Digital Assets and Effectively Combat Ransomware

With Heimdal’s groundbreaking anti-ransomware encryption module.


Minimal Detection Gap

Heimdal’s anti-ransomware software has the lowest detection gap on the market, on account of our advanced threat intelligence pool, which allows us to study malicious behavior in a safe environment. Say goodbye to false-positives and increase the accuracy of your defenses and reporting in one swift move.


Cutting-Edge Ransomware Hunting & Investigation

Become a ransomware hunter or investigator with Ransomware Encryption Protection. Review incident details such as timestamps, tree diagrams with process callbacks, PowerShell scripts, computed MD5 hash, enumeration of read or write operations performed during encryption attempts, command-line arguments, malicious process signatures, and many more.

patch asset management

Increased Efficiency Against Unknown Threats

Ransomware Encryption Protection’s impeccable threat intelligence makes it deadly effective even against unknown or unclassified ransomware. No file dependency means that the solution can quickly work out the threat and eliminate it before it has a chance to start encrypting your files, further augmenting your infrastructure with a nearly impenetrable layer of defense.


Real-time Encryption Protection for Cloud Workspaces

Our solution dynamically monitors all file modifications, extension alterations, and read/write operations in real-time. Designed to be completely signature and attack path independent, it guarantees instantaneous detection of even the newest ransomware variants. Compatible with a wide array of platforms - be it your Microsoft, Amazon or Citrix cloud workspace, our solution seamlessly integrates with OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams, ensuring that your cloud operations are continually safeguarded against evolving threats.


Empower any security antivirus with Ransomware Encryption Protection

Heimdal Ransomware Encryption Protection extends the functionality of the traditional antivirus, becoming a solution capable of preventing and protecting your endpoints against any type of ransomware attack.

Try it with our own Next-Gen Antivirus, Firewall & MDM, or create your own bespoke setup. All working together seamlessly from one agent and one unified platform.




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