We are NIST Compliant!

Heimdal®'s services, products, and solutions are perfectly aligned with NIST’s requirements, offering support for critical infrastructure blueprinting, management, and creation.

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What is NIST?

The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s framework is a milestone in the research and development of critical enterprise and governmental infrastructure. Whereas MITRE focuses on attack stage and surfaces, NIST, through its framework, highlights the importance of risk-based management, complementary cybersecurity, software lifecycle management, incident handling & management, and resource management

NIST’s framework is supported by five major pillars that encompass the access controls, policies, rules, and regulation necessary to protect your company’s assets, mitigate attacks, and remain in communication with your partners and clients: Recover, Identify, Protect, Detect, and Respond.

Heimdal® offers around-the-clock IR support, technical counseling for improving your cybersecurity posture and obtaining a higher compliance level.

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Explore Heimdal® and NIST

Take a moment and tour our service. See how they stack up against NIST’s requirements.

Identify (ID)





Asset Management (ID.AM)

Business Environment (ID.BE)

Governance (ID.GV)

Risk Assessment (ID.RA)

Risk Management Strategy (ID.RM)







CM-8 System Component Inventory

CM-8(1) System Component Inventory | Updates During Installation and Removal

CM-8(2) System Component Inventory | Automated Maintenance

CM-8(3) System Component Inventory | Automated Unauthorized Component Detection

CM-8(4) System Component Inventory | Accountability Information

CM-8(6) System Component Inventory | Assessed Configurations and Approved Deviations

CM-8(7) System Component Inventory | Centralized Repository

CM-8(8) System Component Inventory | Automated Location Tracking

CM-8(9) System Component Inventory | Assignment of Components to Systems

CM-8(5) System Component Inventory | No Duplicate Accounting of Components

PM-5 System Inventory

PM-5(1) System Inventory | Inventory of Personally Identifiable Information

Combine or blend our solutions for the best value cyber-defense.

Reinforce your protection against zero-day threats, persistent malware, ransomware, worms, and debilitating attacks that could endanger the future of your company.

Heimdal® Unified Threat Platform

Individually as products or together as a suite, Heimdal® gives you unmatched flexibility in tailoring your cybersecurity defenses and scaling up any existing setup.

Unified Thread Platform Image Unified Thread Platform Image
Vulnerability Management Icon

Vulnerability Management (Prevent)

Automated patch and asset management that enables you to deploy and update any Microsoft, 3rd party and proprietary software, from anywhere in the world and according to any schedule, with a full CVE/CVSS audit trail and flawless data compliance.

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Next-Gen Antivirus Icon

Next-Gen Antivirus (Detect)

4 advanced malware detection layers complemented by Firewall controls and MDM allows effortless remediation of all known threats and scales up into a complete EPDR solution with the DNS security module.

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Ransomware Encryption Protection Icon

Ransomware Encryption Protection (Detect)

A signatureless encryption protection technology that kills and stops any ransomware encryption outbreaks, universally compatible with any antivirus but achieving what traditional antivirus is uncapable of.

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Privilege Access Management Icon

Privilege Access Management (Comply)

Manage user permissions easily, prevent insider threat and strengthen your endpoint security with truly innovative access governance and the only solution to de-escalate on threat detection.

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Application Control Icon

Application Control (Comply)

A revolutionary and easy to use application control solution that enables white and blacklisting of any execution, and is the only app control that unifies with PAM.

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Email Security Icon

Security (Defend)

A highly efficient all-in-one email security and spam filter solution that detects email-delivered malware, stops spam and filters malicious URLs and phishing attempts in a simple integration.

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Email Fraud Prevention Icon

Email Fraud Prevention (Defend)

An innovative communications protection solution that prevents email fraud and business email compromise, monitoring over 125 vectors such as Phraseology, IBAN/Account numbers, Attachment modification, Link execution and Man-in-the-email detection.

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Remote Desktop Control Icon

Remote Desktop Control (Support)

Support your users anywhere in the world with a powerful remote connection solution with multi-factor authentication, attended and unattended access options, video recording and a full audit trail.

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DNS Filtering Icon

Filtering (Prevent)

World’s most technologically advanced DNS security product, powered by predictive AI, enables ideal defenses against any unknown threat. Compatible with any other security solution.

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