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Recent Ransomware Attacks

A List of Companies Affected by Ransomware [Updated 2023]

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SECURITY ALERT: Danish Customers Targeted by Active PostNord DK Phishing Campaign [UPDATED 15.06.2023]

APT Behind Newly Detected Phishing Campaign Tied to Worldwide Cyberattacks

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Here are the Top Online Scams You Need to Avoid Today

Learn how cybercriminals use diffrent online scamming methods to trick you

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Heimdal™ Proactively Protects Its Customers Against Microsoft Exchange Server Exploit

Tens of Thousands of Organizations Hit by Microsoft Exchange Server Exploit. Heimdal™ Takes Proactive Stance to Push Automatic Update and Protect All Customers

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How to Avoid Being a Victim of Scam Phone Calls

And why these actionable security measures will help you stay safe

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Security Alert: Malware Hides in Script Injection, Bypassing AV Detection

In which delivers RAT to infect various blogs and websites

Advanced malware researches | QUICK READ

Security Alert: Danish E-Shoppers Targeted by Another Wave of Nets.eu Phishing Campaign

Yet another phishing campaign poses as a reputable payments processor Nets.eu


Fmovies, uTorrent and Other Common Ways to Get Infected with Malware

With online piracy, the risk of a malware infection rises quickly

Advanced malware researches | INTERMEDIATE READ

What Is Cryptojacking And How To Avoid This Attack

Find out what blockchain is, why criminals want Monero coins and how to keep safe from cryptojacking

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