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MSMQ Vulnerability Allows Hackers to Takeover Microsoft Servers

All Versions from Windows Server 2008 to Windows 10 Are Vulnerable.

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The V3B Phishing Kit Affects Customers of 54 European Banks

Banks From Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, and France Are Only a Few of the Affected Ones.

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7,000 LockBit Keys Recovered by the FBI!

Ransomware Victims Encouraged to Reach Out.

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Operation Endgame, The Largest Ever Operation Against Botnets

The Law Enforcement Agencies Seized over 100 servers and 2,000 Domains Used to Deliver Malware.

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Zyxel Patches EOL NAS Devices Against Three Critical Flaws

Users Should Apply Patches to Avoid Command Injection and Remote Code Execution.

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Synnovis Ransomware Attack Disrupts NHS London Hospitals' Activity

King’s College Hospital and Evelina London Children’s Hospital Are Among the Impacted Unities.

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Hugging Face Spaces Platform Breached, Authentication Tokens Stolen

The Platform Has Been Stepping Up Security Over the Last Few Days.

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Ticketmaster Breached? Data of Over 500 Million Customers For Sale

The Stolen Database Contains Financial and Personal Information.

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Sav-Rx Data Breach Exposes Sensitive Information of Over 2.8 Million People

The Company Did Not Reveal Whether the Attackers Used File-encryption.

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Check Point VPNs under Attack. Vendor releases Hotfix for CVE-2024-24919

Using Password-Only Authentication on Old Local VPN Accounts Puts Networks at Risk.

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Researchers Uncover Fake Antivirus Sites Spreading Malware

The Malicious Files Have Infostealing and Espionage Capabilities.

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