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CISA Urges Sisense Customers to Reset Credentials and Report Suspicious Activity

CISA Calls for Increased Vigilance and Immediate Action from Sisense Users Following a Significant Data Compromise.

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92,000 D-Link NAS Devices Vulnerable to Remote Code Execution

Users Urged to Remove or Replace EOL D-Link NAS Models Now.

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Warning! Rust Standard Library Flaw Enables Windows Command Injection Attacks

Security Specialists Point to Windows Function as Root Cause.

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Powerhost's ESXi Servers Encrypted with New SEXi Ransomware

The Malicious Group Demands $140 Million Ransom.

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Jackson County, Missouri, Closes Offices Because of Ransomware Attack

The Attack Didn’t Impact the April 2nd Elections .

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New Version of the Vultur Android Banking Trojan Spoofs Security App

The Malware Improved Its Detection Evasion Technique and Remote Control Capabilities.

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NHS Dumfries and Galloway Breached by INC Ransom

The Threat Actors Released a ‘Proof Pack’ of Data to Back Up Their Ransomware Claims.

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Patch Now: CISA Adds New Microsoft SharePoint Server Vulnerability on its Catalog

CVE-2023-24955 Allows an Attacker with Site Owner Privileges to Run Arbitrary Code.

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U.S. Announces $10 Million Reward for Leads on Blackcat Ransomware Group

The US State Department Is Seeking Information on the Group Behind the Attack on UnitedHealthcare.

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NIST's National Vulnerability Database Put CVE Enrichment on Hold

More Than 2500 Vulnerabilities Lack Critical Information.

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