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Ransomware is one of the most vicious cyber threats out there right now. A dangerous form of malware, it encrypts files and holds them hostage in exchange for payment. Luckily for you, there are plenty of ransomware decryption tools that you can use to get access to your files without needing to pay the ransom. 

If your network gets infected with ransomware, follow the mitigation steps below and use this list with over 200 ransomware decryption tools.

Steps to Recover Your Data:

Step 1: Do not pay the ransom because there is no guarantee that the ransomware creators will give you access to your data.

Step 2: Find any available backups you have, and consider keeping your data backups in secure, off-site locations.

Step 3: If there are no backups, you have to try decrypting the data locked by ransomware using these ransomware decryptors.

Navigate through these links to learn more.

How to Identify Your Ransomware Infection

There are a few ways to identify what type of ransomware you have been infected with to find the right ransomware decryption tool.

The first way is to look at the extension of the encrypted files. This will usually be something like .locked, .encrypt, or. ransom. If you see one of these extensions, you will likely be infected with ransomware.

Another way to identify the type of ransomware is to look at the ransom note. Again, this will give you a clue as to which type of ransomware you are dealing with.

Oftentimes, the ransom note provides details about the type of ransomware your files have been encrypted with, but it can happen that you don’t have this information at hand.

Readers have asked us to include a list of ransomware extensions and their associated malware families. Updates to this list are available on our blog page.

If you find yourself looking for a ransomware decryption tool, two options could help you out:

  1. Crypto Sheriff from No More Ransom
  2. ID Ransomware from MalwareHunter Team

How to Decrypt Encrypted Files without Paying the Ransom

If you’re infected with ransomware, there are a few tips you can use to make sure you get back on track quickly. As soon as you detect a ransomware infection, you must act fast.

First, note that only some tools can fix what every variant does. In addition, the tools are designed for a specific type of ransomware, so it’s up to you to identify what ransomware variant caused your infection. Once identified, the right tool will be able to decrypt your files.

Second, before sterilizing and decrypting your system and files, make sure to remove the original file or the ransomware itself. Otherwise, the data will still be encrypted again once you finish the recovery process.

Most decryptors can unlock a variety of ransomware, including WannaCry, Petya, NotPetya, TeslaCrypt, DarkSide, REvil, Alcatraz Locker, Apocalypse, BadBlock, Bart, BTCWare, EncrypTile, and Globe.

Unfortunately, ransomware developers quickly push the latest updates and patches to make their malware harder to decrypt. This arms race is why most decryptors don’t come with guarantees because they have to update and adapt theirs.

Below we’ll list some free ransomware decryption tools that will help you unlock your encrypted files.

The Growing List of Ransomware Decryption Tools


There are currently many free ransomware decryption tools for some of the most common types. However, the list below is incomplete and will probably never be as more ransomware decryption tools emerge as we speak. So it would help if you documented research as well. Safely decrypting your data can be nerve-wracking, so try to be as thorough as possible.

If you’ve got a suggestion for us or something’s missing from the list, we’ll be happy to hear from you. Just submit your requests, and we’ll get back to you with an answer as to whether or not it will be included in our blog post.

Some of the ransomware decryption tools mentioned below are easy to use, while others require a bit more tech knowledge to decipher. If you don’t have technical skills, you can always ask for help on one of these malware removal forums, which feature tons of information and helpful communities.

Below we’ll show you the top 10 ransomware decryption tools, each with a specific description:

1. 777 ransomware decrypting tool

If you find yourself in a situation where your files have been encrypted and renamed to *.777, don’t panic! We have the solution you need to regain control over your valuable data. The 777 decrypter tool is explicitly designed to tackle these encryption challenges head-on.

This tool is meticulously crafted to unravel even the most complex encryption algorithms, providing you with a ray of hope to recover your cherished files. The process is straightforward, but selecting the appropriate version of the malware from the options tab is essential to ensure seamless functionality.

2. 7even-HONE$T decrypting tool

When 7ev3n-HONE$T encrypts your data, it will rename your files with the.R5A extension to consecutive numbers. For example, the files in a folder might be called 1.R5A, 2.R5A, 3.R5A, and so on. 7ev3n-HONE$T will add the encrypted file’s name to the C: UsersPublicfiles file.  

Once your data has been encrypted, it will connect to the Command & Control server and upload a variety of facts and statistics. The data sent includes:

  • Your given bitcoin address.
  • The total number of encrypted files.
  • The number of each sort of file extension.
  • Your unique ID.

Use this decrypter if your files have been encrypted and renamed *.777. For the decrypter to function effectively, it may be required to pick the correct malware version on the settings tab.

3. 8lock8 ransomware decrypting tool explanations

A new ransomware variant based on HiddenTear has been discovered, encrypting files with AES-256 and appending “.8lock8” to encrypted files, for example, “file.jpg.8lock8.” The file “READ_IT.txt” is added to the desktop and the root of each accessed drive. Encrypting files requires traversing all drive letters. The good news is that this malware can be unlocked.

To decrypt, first, obtain the key with my HiddenTear Bruteforcer. This requires a PNG file that has been encrypted (*.png.8lock8); the smaller the file, the better. Load the encrypted PNG file, then click the “EightLockEight” button at the bottom. Then, press the “Start Bruteforce” button.

4. 7ev3n decrypting tool

7ev3n ransomware infiltrates PCs through malicious e-mail attachments, peer-to-peer networks, and bogus software upgrades. Following system infection, 7ev3n encrypts computer files and appends the.r5a (or.r4a) extension to compromised files. A pop-up notification with encryption information is presented when files are successfully encrypted.

A ransom is requested in exchange for a private key that can be used to decrypt the files. If the ransom is not paid within the specified time range, the private key is destroyed, and all data are permanently encrypted.

7even-HONE$T ransomware decryptor restores the original file name
retrieves R4A file content if feasible, recovers R5A file content (requires other settings, which are detailed further)

For R5A, You must prepare additional parameters (A or B) depending on the variety that attacked you:

A. The path to the directory where the file was placed when encrypted.
B. A unique ID, as specified in your ransom note.

5. AES_NI Rakhni decryptor tool

Kaspersky Labs developed RakhniDecryptor, a general-purpose ransomware decryptor. Instead of creating a separate decryptor for each ransomware outbreak, they created a single decryptor that can handle a wide range of ransomware families. RakhniDecryptor can now decrypt the following ransomware families:

ransomware decryption tools


To decrypt files, first download RakhniDecryptor.zip and unzip the contents. 

  • Open the extracted files folder.
  • RakhniDecryptor.exe should be launched.
  • If you agree to all of the conditions of the License Agreement, click Accept.
  • Change the parameters by clicking the link. 

6. Alcatraz ransom decryptor tool

Avast Ransomware Decryption Tools includes all 31 accessible Avast ransomware decryptors. The Alcatraz Locker ransomware, which employs AES 256 encryption and Base64 encoding, can be removed using Avast Decryption Tool for Alcatraz Locker.

The “.Alcatraz” extension will be used for encrypted files.
A similar notice occurs after encrypting your data (stored on the user’s desktop in the file “ransomed.html”). All decryptors can be found here.

7. Alma ransomware decryption tool

Alma Locker is a dangerous malware that encrypts files with AES-128 encryption. The name of each encrypted file is appended with six random characters by this virus (for example, “sample.jpg” may be renamed “sample.jpg.tqadgm”). As a result, determining whether files are encrypted is simple.

Following successful encryption, Alma Locker creates two ransom-demand files titled “Unlock_files_(6 random characters).html” and “Unlock_files_(6 random characters).txt” and saves them to the desktop as well as each folder containing the encrypted files.

Both files contain text informing victims about the highly similar encryption. Victims are given a private ID and many Tor network connections to download Alma Locker’s decryptor. These files also provide links to Alma Locker’s websites offering payment instructions.

Here’s an example of a message asking users to contact the Alma Locker ransomware developers in order to decrypt their affected data:

ransomware decryption tools


Download your files/apps from reputable sources (official download websites) and use a direct download link – third-party download tools frequently include malicious applications. It is also critical to use a legitimate anti-virus/anti-spyware suite.

Remember that cyber criminals frequently use software bugs/flaws to enter systems, so make sure your installed apps are up to date. We also strongly advise you to keep regular backups of your data. Caution is the cornerstone of computer security.

8. Al-Namrood decrypting tool

Al-Namrood is a variant of the Apocalypse ransomware. It is typically used to attack servers that have remote desktop services enabled.

Encrypted files are renamed *.unavailable or *.disappeared, and a ransom letter with the name * is written for each file.Read_Me.Txt. The ransomware instructs the victim to contact “decryptioncompany@inbox.ru” or “fabianwosar@inbox.ru.”

Here’s an example:

ransomware decryption tool


The decrypter requires your ID to decrypt your files. The ID can be changed under the “Options” tab. By default, the decrypter will set the ID to the system’s ID on which it is running. However, if it is not the same machine where the malware infection and encryption occurred, provide the ID specified in the ransom note.

9. Amnesia ransom decryptor tool

Amnesia is a ransomware tool built in Delphi that encrypts your files with the AES-256 encryption technique. Encrypted files are renamed *.amnesia, and a ransom note with the title “HOW TO RECOVER ENCRYPTED FILES.TXT” instructs you to contact “s1an1er111@protonmail.com.” It is located on your desktop.

The following text appears on the ransom note:


You will need an encrypted file and an unencrypted version to utilize the decryptor. Drag and drop the encrypted and unencrypted files into the decrypter executable to launch the decrypter.

10. Anabelle ransom decryptor tool

ANNABELLE is a ransomware-type malware found by Bart that infiltrates the system and encrypts most saved files. During encryption, this malware appends the “.ANNABELLE” extension to filenames (for example, “sample.jpg” becomes “sample.jpg.ANNABELLE”).

Using files becomes difficult beyond this point. According to research findings, after successfully encrypting files, ANNABELLE undertakes a variety of duties to corrupt the system and, after rebooting, locks the entire screen.

Here’s an example of ANNABELLE ransomware-encrypted files:

anabelle ransomware decryption tool


You can decrypt your files with the Bitdefender Anabelle decryptor program. We strongly advise you to also pick “Backup files” before beginning the decryption process, in case something goes wrong during decrypting. Then press the “Scan” button. Here’s a step-by-step guide for decrypting Anabelle ransomware.

Ransomware Families Vs. Ransomware Decryption Tools

As you may have noticed, some of these ransomware decryptors work for multiple ransomware families, while certain strains have more than one solution (although this is rarely the case).

From a practical perspective, some decryptors are easy to use, but some require technical know-how. So as much as we’d want this process to be more straightforward, it doesn’t always happen.

No matter how much work and time researchers put into reverse engineering cryptoware, the truth is that we’ll never have a solution to all of these infections. It would take an army of cybersecurity specialists working around the clock to get something like this done.

Seven Best Ransomware Decryption Tools to Use

So now that we have a thorough list of ransomware decryption tools, we’ve narrowed it down to seven of the finest. Each one of them will get an in-depth review of their features.

1. No More Ransomware Project

The software’s primary goal is to protect users against ransomware attacks. It has over 100 encryption keys, which serve as defense mechanisms, so it’s effective at detecting and eliminating the many different kinds of files that may be encrypted. 

Experts from law enforcement agencies and cybersecurity companies have come together to eradicate ransomware. In fact, this project has become a valuable resource for anyone affected by ransomware.

Key features: 

  • It includes decryption keys for more than one hundred ransomware types discovered just in the last year.
  • There are detailed instructions for decrypting files that have been encrypted by ransomware.
  • It informs users about ransomware infections and the countermeasures available to them.
  • New ransomware decryption keys are regularly added to the website and regularly updated.
  • Includes a special box for reporting criminal activity, including ransomware.
  • The service is available in over 25 different languages.

2. Trend Micro Ransomware File Decryptor

It’s a relatively new software designed to prevent malware from getting into your system. Additionally, the ransomware decryption tool can operate on systems that have been infected and assist you in successfully unlocking a file that Virus has locked.

In addition, Trend Micro Ransom File Decryptor is an easy-to-use program that is light on data usage. Despite all this, Trend Micro has helped to win against ransomware in the past. Its decrypting tool will keep you safe and won’t impact your phone’s performance.

Key features:

  • Each decryption utility has been combined into a single application.
  • It includes decryption keys for more than 25 different types of ransomware.
  • Trend Micro’s website contains information that can help determine the type of ransomware.
  • New ransomware signatures will be added to the tool as it receives updates as new threats emerge.
  • Trend Micro has a dedicated support line for victims of ransomware.

3. Emsisoft Ransomware Decryption Tool

It is widely considered to be among the best ransomware decryption programs that can be installed on Windows. A vital tool like this has never failed to restore access to files encrypted by major ransomware like Apocalypse, Xorist, Stampado, and BadBlock.

Key features:

  • Emsisoft provides over sixty decryption tools to combat a wide range of ransomware strains.
  • Analyzing the encrypted file helps to determine the type of ransomware present.
  • It provides step-by-step instructions for decrypting ransomware-encrypted files and recovering your data.
  • Existing decryption tools are frequently updated with new functionality.

4. McAfee Ransomware Recover

McAfee Ransomware Recover is another excellent decryption tool that you can use to recover your encrypted files. Files, software, databases, and other files affected by ransomware can be retrieved with the help of McAfee Ransomware Recover. 

In addition, regular updates are made available for the tool that contains additional decrypting keys so you can always have access to them.

Key features:

  • In the field of computer security, McAfee is something of a warhorse. For example, they are actively developing decryption tools in response to the constant emergence of new ransomware attacks.
  • McAfee Ransomware Recover, also known as Mr2, is a highly sophisticated decryption software.
  • It can unlock a user’s files, apps, databases, and applets, among other things.
  • Their decryption architecture may be modified and improved upon by anyone in the security community, and it is publicly available.
  • It provides extensive information on ransomware.

5. AVG Ransomware Decryption Tool

AVG Ransomware Decryption Tools can be a good option for ransomware that encrypts files using different algorithms. On the other hand, it can only decode files encrypted by Apocalypse, Bart, Crypt888, Legion, or TeslaCrypt.

Key features:

  • The antivirus software’s user interface is streamlined and uncomplicated, including all automatic features that save you time.
  • It protects its users from threats that can be downloaded as well as links that may be malicious.
  • It is possible to perform a remote computer scan using AVG Antivirus on your mobile device.

6. 360 Ransomware

You can remove ransomware from your PC without having to pay the ransom by using a tool developed by the folks at 360 Ransomware Decryption Tool. This was created to help people remove Petya; however, it can also retrieve the decryption key for other types of ransomware.

Key features:

  • A single piece of software comes packaged with several different decryption keys.
  • It offers decryption services for a wide range of new specialized ransomware.
  • Their website contains several useful ransomware resources.
  • It’s a ransomware removal program that’s simple to operate.

7. Quick Heal – Free Ransomware Decryption Tool

Once you authorize your computer to be scanned, Quickheal can eradicate the infection quickly and efficiently while keeping your documents safe as ransom.

Quickheal has software that boots to scan for infected files and removes them before the Operating System kicks in. The software is supposed to be installed on a flash drive and then booted off. If it detects ransomware, Quickheal will remove it automatically.

Key features:

  • A single tool bundled with multiple decryption keys.
  • It provides decryption for some of the more unusual ransomware out there.
  • Their website contains valuable ransomware information.
  • It’s a simple ransomware removal tool.

How to Avoid Ransomware in the Future

One of the most efficient ways to prevent the threat of ransomware from wreaking havoc and locking your sensitive data is to remain vigilant and be proactive.

In fact, we strongly recommend you to apply these basic and simple steps we outlined in the anti-ransomware security plan, that can help you prevent this type of cyber attack.

Safely keeping copies of vital information offline and equipping your company with cyber-insurance should be included in your enterprise’s cybersecurity strategy. Even if cybercriminals get access to your computers and infect them with ransomware, you can wipe the system clean and restore your latest backup. Of course, this won’t solve the double extortion ransomware situation but at least you can restore your systems to a working state. So, please, do not postpone the process of doing a secure backup of your data.

As new types of ransomware emerge, researchers decrypt some strains, but others get new variants, and it may look like a cat and mouse game, in which proactivity is vital. Paying the ransom never guarantees you actually get your data back, as it might still end up for sale on the Dark Web.

Therefore, prevention remains the best medicine as always.

How Heimdal can Protect your Business from Ransomware

Heimdal offers a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity products that cover various aspects of cyber protection, such as endpoint security, network security, email security, access management, patch management, threat hunting, and more. A flexible and comprehensive method for modern cybersecurity that can work as independent modules to improve and fortify your current security configuration or combined in an XDR platform.

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Check out our YouTube video series that delves deep into ransomware fundamentals, providing invaluable insights into the inner workings of these malicious threats and covering everything from prevention strategies to understanding encryption algorithms.

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Hello Andra Zaharia,

Can you help me please?
I need to decrypt some files in my pc with this extension: .encrpt3d

Kind regards,
Thank you

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Can one help how to decryption of extention .pcqq

Hi we’ve been attacked by rejg virus ransomware and as per emisoft, the variant is stop/djvu. We failed to decrypt the files with this error ” no key for new variant, this ID appears to be an online ID , decryption is impossible.

does anyone decrypt WRUI virus extension

can you guys decrypt files with the extension .wrui?

I am having so much trouble 🙁

Can anyone help me to decrypt this extensioin ?

Have been recently infected with the .URNB variant. Could someone have idea on its decryption tool? Your assistance is very much appreciated. Thank you.

I need help with .agho please ): !!!

Nice blog thanks for sharing needful information.

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my usb disk infected with RIBD pls help me.

need software to decrypt Trojan.Ransomcrypt.F and/or Troj/Ransom-ACP jpg files

Thank you

How to decrypt .plam? All my files are encrypted with PLAM. Photos extensions became JPG.PLAM and my PDF files as well became PDF.PLAM.
Everything my videos as well. Any idea what is the solution?

Thank you in advance

My PC find new Ransomware Virus attac his extansion is “.Read_me_STAR”
My data has lost.
Please guid me.

hi, my important files are encrypted by qlkm extension and I have STOP DJVU decrypt tool but that’s says it’s impossible due online ID being used for encryption? what are my choices now? should I pay the ransom as files are very important for me ? any help much appreciated?

Information has become king, seems the black hats are getting owned from the white hat profiteers.

hello I’m Daniel and i’m infected by the virus .IGDM anyone can help me please?thanks in advance

my files encrypted by STOP djvu
online key
the hack prevent malewarebyte for being installed and the emsisoft decryptor for it cant do any thing so
any help?
and can I escape this madness by formating C and get a new windows version?

I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own blog and was wondering what all is needed to get setup? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny? I’m not very internet savvy so I’m not 100 positive. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

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All my data attacked by (LockBit) Ransomware , Is there any solution for this ransomware? Please help me .

Hi Guys,

My files got Hit with id[A25A7432-2275].[checkcheck07@qq.com].Adame
If any of you know which one of these descriptors work would appreciate your help.


I think this is a real great blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Want more. Sharonda Hahl

My file is infected with .ReadInstructions

how to recover my files

i need .igdm randsome ware decryption tool

Yes i need tow

Hi i need a decryption tool for .remk. thx

did u find any tools i need .qmkl

What can I do for .lisp files.
Which tool should I use?

MOHAMMEDAYAZ MOHAMMEDSHARIF SHAIKH on November 30, 2020 at 9:14 pm

I want to take files infected by .vvoa ransomware.

Kindly help.

Please I need a decrypter for a .carus file extension

Hi i need a decryption tool for .sglh ransomware key is not offline but online, please help me out please.

did your problem resolved if yes than how?

Mohammad Abrar Bhat on November 24, 2020 at 5:19 pm

Have you find any way out. I too am having same problem

hey man, any update on how to recover the files…

Hi everyone, just need help about this randsomeware :

Please help me about this.

any decryptor for .vvoa file

Hi, have you found a solution to this yet? i’m having similar problems with the .vvoa encryption

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Hi dear my all file extension has been encrypted like
AGHO virus attack. Kindly send me DECRYPTION TOOLS to fix it.

hi there my pc has infected with unknown virus.
it changed file name to .readme.xls
example :
original file name : ABC.Docx
Infected file name is : ABC.Docx.readme.xls
hacker left a file name called Myfiles.txt
here is that what he left

All your files are encrypted
to purchase an unique decryptor use e-mail filessupport@cock.li
or create ticket here: https://yip.su/2QstD5

89 18 E2 57 C0 A1 31 82 3D 8A 90 6E F8 28 D7 E4
87 B6 3D EF F7 84 45 C0 07 37 1E 41 59 00 73 13
73 83 80 C0 1B E7 85 A6 54 02 35 16 5D D3 27 07
DE 4A 09 73 36 E9 5D 25 85 18 28 00 7F 79 EA 8F
A1 DA 84 DD 24 28 6B FF 6F 3D A0 07 36 77 5A 3B
E0 CA 2A 03 73 7E C5 6C 91 3C 8C 0D DB 02 0C 72
0E C7 3B D6 15 D3 9A A8 D5 A4 16 40 D3 4F DF F0
20 34 E8 C9 7A 44 0B 4B 9E 57 F6 67 1A E2 40 3F
62 3B 6E 8C 00 C5 B8 D7 B3 34 55 2C 34 40 92 AE
83 AA C6 E1 2E A3 4D 27 AA 48 A9 0D EF E4 C9 C3
B8 9C 5B F9 E6 7E A5 94 27 98 B7 80 9A 94 8E 1B
41 39 0A 49 66 AC E8 7D 90 F2 23 AA 7B DE 1E 24
84 CB BD 15 70 EB 6B 88 D7 E4 C3 D2 66 08 0D 61
3B 3D EB 59 9D E5 85 10 02 B0 62 70 E3 72 BD 2A
45 4A 7D D1 C9 2B 9B 37 51 AB 85 2D 7C 63 1E C8
AC 5A B8 6E 15 D4 CA 6B 9D 1C 68 43 6B 08 92 5D
2B 60 E5

please let me know which virus is this.
ive googled for it and asked in so many firms but no use i hope you guys will help me out.
thank you.

i get a similar one to this idk wich ransomware this is
my files encrypted to .xls files

Hi,i have been attacked with ransomware .meka & I have infected file with a copy non infected…can this help to decrypt other files

Kindly help i Have tried to discrypt my files with no resuilts
Notice: this ID appears to be an online ID, decryption is impossible

Oh my goodness! Amazing article dude! Thanks, However I am going through difficulties with your RSS. I don’t understand the reason why I can’t subscribe to it. Is there anybody else getting identical RSS problems? Anyone that knows the answer will you kindly respond? Thanx!!

Hi team,
In My Personal computer, some of my files are encrypted hacker. All files are converted into .geno format I want to decrypt them without giving money to hacker. Which tool can I use to decrypt it.. Please help me.

Hi, have you found a solution to this yet? i’m having similar problems with the .geno encryption

plz help me how to dycrypt my files.all data format changed to KODC format. plz if some one have free dycrypt so tell me

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Any tools to decrypt npph extension online key ransom-ware ?? Please Help ME……..


i anyone please help me
my system attack .lyli ransomware
after attack iam fromated os(c:) drive
but d drive and other drive files all are change to .lyli files
how decrypt my files.
please help me.

My Extention – bboo how to remove it

Hi, i have geneve ransomware with extention nimai for all picture and note DECRYPT.HTML HELPPPP PLSS
its new and i need information of decryoptor free of pay…

Very good information. Lucky me I came across your blog by chance (stumbleupon). I’ve book-marked it for later!

I have a private key. I need a generic application like decrypt.exe used by some ransomers in which to apply this key to attempt file recovery. Appreciate any info.

you have private key for which variant ?

Bonjour qlq1 a une solution pour REvil / Sodinokibi
Merci d’avance!!!!

is there .vari ransomware tool available?

hi. is there any decryption software for .CRABSLKT extension ????
all of my files has been incrypted by this extinsion 2 years ago but i cant find any solution for it even yet 🙁

i need a decrypt tool which can easily decrypt .MASS ransomware affected files all my files have been converted with .mass ransomware affected files.

need help can you help me send a .Nile Decryptor tool thank you

hi my all file encrypt .nile plz help how to decrypt

Muhammad Mansoor Lodhi on August 4, 2020 at 9:10 pm

my all data hack please help me

Hi, all my files affected with ZIDA extension ransomware . can you please help on this

Required .pgp file decryption tool

Hi please iam a student and i lost all my files they were encrypted with extension .CBeBDbcCbE can someone please help me

Please help me to decrypt .NPPP files :/

I am infected with ZIDA extension. Please help

I am affected my computer file Please .repl decryption tool

repl extation file

attacked with randsomeware. all files are encrypted with .bacdbccddb extension. what to do? plz help me

is there a tool available for Balaclava (DavesSmith) Ransomware all files have the .MICHAEL extension

any help would be greatly appreciated

wireless automation on July 17, 2020 at 5:29 pm

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A few months ago, my files were infected with ransomware, and with it all my files were lost. Please help if you can, knowing that the type that affected my files is of the type:

Hello, my personal ID is 0203a7d6a8sdaYpk9ba5VBeIbMvoAvdidYcJ8DJ1S2JBaJQFO8jbp but I have no idea what to do with it. I have the STOP Djvu decrypter, and I don’t know where to insert the ID
Can someone please help?

0214OIQuhkjdlbEN0v7tdeUIBdDoVF9g30DTuWYTQ3kFWvG2iiR0 this id my id
need .remk ransomeware decyrpt tool online id

read instructions ransomware software decrypt
i Want plz help me

i think there is no decryptor for .NORVAS ransomeware
the messages i got are
[-] No key for ID: Uig31Hixxc5bejvqNRRzTwW9I8pWges9qcoFXixG (.norvas )

.maas plesse help

Robiul will you find any solution or not

What can I do for .maas type of attack? Is there any solution for the same?

no, I think not

Our free ransomware decryption tools can help decrypt files encrypted by the following forms of ransomware. Just click a name to see the signs of infection and get our free fix.

i want to decrip.wari

my external HDD as effected ransom-ware
Its showing .PEZI
you can suggest any tool for this
Please replay.

is there any tool for decode ‘ZITA’ extension that has protected with online key method
Please Help

my files were encrypted 6 weeks before. please help me to decrypt those encrypted files

I am attacked by MOBA ransomware and I am not able to decrypt my files back. i tried all possible ways to do. Please help me if anyone finds any solution on this.


same problem here


solution for decryption how i recover my data ?.

.kkll ransomware is hit on my laptop

dencrypted extencion .reha

No key for New Variant online ID: 34qUMHwN7sOzjf5IIj32FmZD3mz75YyAh9iLDg2Y
.kavg ransomware plz help

hiii. new virus called ( Zwer ) Ransomware ..attack on my pc .and all file are encrypted.and they msz in my pc. and ask for Money .plz help me .What can i do .
regards ………….

No key for New Variant online ID: jV3ZJgticCgqPOBXpUyDyk96tDNM5ZL2FapVitZH
Notice: this ID appears to be an online ID, decryption is impossible

how to decrypt ramson extension ( .eject )
plz help me

hi , I get attacked by ransomware called itself corona virus; anti virus can’t recognised it ; now all files has encrypted by this name : corona virus
many texts has appear that saying pay to get back your data but I don’t want to pay a thief

do you have any solution ? I reinstall windows and change my email password but I’m so afraid even to starting windows how I know virus is gone ? is coming back? do you have any solution to get back my files?
do you think I must delete all files or they don’t have virus ?I know what site and files hacked me do you think this is helpful?
Please help me so desperate and confused

you are not alone
only possible ways i found is..
pay(negotiate on won risk becasue there is no guarantee that they will give you your thing ),wait for net technology,try using decryption tools (hardly works in online case).

not working on .MPAL infected file

MSG is as below:
No key for New Variant online ID: 0Tnv3XUbWegkLzdhwcfPN5v5owDBnAjpaR3voGt7
Notice: this ID appears to be an online ID, decryption is impossible

pls. help to resolve the issue.

Please can anybody to help me. My laptop affected by following ransomeware. Please help.

Don’t worry, you can return all your files!
All your files like photos, databases, documents and other important are encrypted with strongest encryption and unique key.
The only method of recovering files is to purchase decrypt tool and unique key for you.
This software will decrypt all your encrypted files.
What guarantees you have?
You can send one of your encrypted file from your PC and we decrypt it for free.
But we can decrypt only 1 file for free. File must not contain valuable information.
You can get and look video overview decrypt tool:
Price of private key and decrypt software is $980.
Discount 50% available if you contact us first 72 hours, that’s price for you is $490.
Please note that you’ll never restore your data without payment.
Check your e-mail “Spam” or “Junk” folder if you don’t get answer more than 6 hours.

To get this software you need write on our e-mail:

Reserve e-mail address to contact us:

Your personal ID:

Md. Ahasan Ahamed on July 8, 2020 at 12:48 pm

the same problem…..you can decrypt your data?

the same problem
if you find any solution on decrypt data tell me,

All my files in my laptop were encrypted by (.lezp) extension . It is not my laptop it’s my relation’s laptop they were kept all there children photos and videos in this laptop all were encrypted i can’t do anything please help me mam/sir.

I kindly ask you to solve this problem by giving a decryption tool all my files are in online key format.I want the decryption tool as soon as possible.PLEASE!!!

HI. Have you already decrypted your files? May i know how you were able to retrieve those files? I do have the same problem.

for type .Hese

Letter Head_3.eps.kvag – for this which one to use to decrypt file

my files are infected with sqpc extension. eg:- art.jpg.sqpc

help me, decrypting tool .mpal???


Don’t worry, you can return all your files!
All your files like photos, databases, documents and other important are encrypted with strongest encryption and unique key.
The only method of recovering files is to purchase decrypt tool and unique key for you.
This software will decrypt all your encrypted files.
What guarantees you have?
You can send one of your encrypted file from your PC and we decrypt it for free.
But we can decrypt only 1 file for free. File must not contain valuable information.
You can get and look video overview decrypt tool:
Price of private key and decrypt software is $980.
Discount 50% available if you contact us first 72 hours, that’s price for you is $490.
Please note that you’ll never restore your data without payment.
Check your e-mail “Spam” or “Junk” folder if you don’t get answer more than 6 hours.

To get this software you need write on our e-mail:

Reserve e-mail address to contact us:

Your personal ID:

how can decrypt my data was infected .lokas ransomware, could you please tell me know HOWTO solve this issue. thanks a lot

truke ransomware ????? please

qwew Virus Soluction Please Help Me

My laptop got affected .HELP extention ransomware
how do i recover my files

did you find decryptor tool for .help extention???????

Same here. have you found a solution?

I need decryption tool form type =domn ransom please

My computer infected by virus had extension domn can you help me please

Kindly help me to get rid of .HEARD file as i am not able to acess my data

My Pc is infected with extension .ncov can not find solution anywhere please help .
addition to file
anyone knows solution

I have the same problem.
Does anyone have a solution?

Mohammed Abdul Ahad on May 6, 2020 at 12:01 pm

Same here.. anyone have any solution ??

rizki kurniawan on May 29, 2020 at 9:08 pm

i have same problem, but my folder sharing (CIFS/SMB) in OS open source (freenas) is attack.
please any one have solution?

my pc infected by lalo extension how to solve ?please get solution

My system files are encrypted by .mado extension. Can anyone give me solution for decryption

my computer file was affected by .lalo extension what I do please help me

My pc affected by .lalo virus how will I decrypt my file

I Want To Know Which Decryptor Is Useful for .DOMN virus

Rooe File extension, online id?

my computer file was affected by .jope extension .. it shows online ID kindly help now

please mail me i can help you

Sir my pc also affected with the same extension Please help me

Even my files are encrypted with .jope extension. Kindly help recover those files. @Nilesh, are your files recovered ?

Dear Sir
my external SDD infected by MADO. extension I was successfully removed the virus and made format to my laptop then I know that the type of cryption was offline type (recoverable) I used the specific tool to recover my files but I didn’t get any result , Please is there any new tool has been generated , thank you.

How we decrypt .mado file

i have same problem bro…

i also having same problum

I need help decrypting files encrypted by virus to .mado. I have trying emsisoft decryptor for while with no solutions. If there is any solution as to how to retrieve my data, or even better decrypt them, it would be really helpful.

Edvalson Xavier on April 1, 2020 at 8:43 pm

Please, Any dycrypter for SNTG Santagman@criptext.com

hi, there.. i was encrypted by NPSK Ransomware virus, nearly i removed it from my pc but there is big problem..it corrupt my files and encrypt them with NPSK extension..and i used STOP DIJIVU Decryption program from Emisoft and it said that my ID is seem to be online ID and it is impossible to be Decrypted….is there a solution now???

My files has been affected by unknown ranomware. following is the name of jpg file.

Can anybody pease identify the ransomware and provide the solution.


My too, any help?

i have problem with .npsk ramsoware and until now i cant find the way to back my files working againg and remove the .npsk extension

anybody have solution?

mine too, have you found a way yet?

mine too, have you find any way or any solution yet?

Hi, great blog.
i have problema with .lockbit. Any tool discovery for that?

Hello Carlos i have the same ransomwaere, did you find the solution?

Same here. Any solution for lockbit?

same here
Found solution ?

.lokd virus

Amjad Hussain Mirza on March 19, 2020 at 10:31 am

Hi I am looking for .REMK VIRUS to remove and decrypt it. If anyone can help please.

Hi, my files has been encrypted on 15th March’20, i’m able to delete the malware but unable to find suitable tool to decrypt my files, can someone please help.
Strain- .help
Ransomware- Probos
File format- FileName.png.id[A63E37F6-XXXX].[helprecover@foxmail.com].help

Thanks in Advance!

I am also having the same problem.

I have the same problem…everything is the same exept the number after “id”

Hello All,
need help, I found ransomware with name .roroe at my file,
can you share troubleshot for fixing this problem.
thanks for help.

i have a .bboo extension any decryption tools
tried emisoft but no hope .

all in know it is a offline decryption as the key ends with t1

how can i decrypt a a .kodc file that ha an online ID?

I also infected by this .kodc, did you already manage decrypting your files?

do you find any decryption tool for kodc online id

My files are encrypted by .bboo virus ..
can anyone need help?.

my friend system is infected wity bboo virus any help

HI. Which tool is for .Rezm ransomware?
Is there any solution to decrypt this kind?

I also have the same problem : (((

which tool is for .topi malware plz any one help me out thanks in advance

hi every one.. is there any Decrypting software for .CRABSLKT extension ???

I have a .MOSK rensomeware from the Stop DJvu family
got infected November 2019 May u please assist me

same problem during the same time. Its a waste of time. We wont get our files decrypted.

Any tools discovered for .deal

I have the same problem : (((

my all files are encrypted in .bboo extension . what decryption tools should i have to use?

Hi any one help me to decrypt Repp file

slam is any tool for Btos…..extension

Hi Team,

Do you know how to recover files which are encrytped with .id-92733654.[cyberunion@tuta.io].CU.

Many thanks

my own is infected by .topi
please what i do?

Anyone any experience with .good ransomware? pay/not pay, any decryptor?


Anyone have informations about ransomware .tro?

I need help.


My Files changed to .MERL Virus Do you have any encryption tool to open that file Please Help

Hello, i have restore my file id[28E8170A-2609].[decryptfiles@qq.com].Devon extension, can anyone help, many thanks


have you find any solutions ?

Any one have a solution on this .Devon ransomware yet?

if anyone has found this case and what is the solution
S-97_PPN.NSFP_WPJ.07_KP.0603_2019.pdf.id [A08FF2EC-2609]. [Decryptfiles@qq.com] .Devon

Any solution to decrypt .devon files?

Hello, i have restore my file witd .redl extension, can anyone help, many thanks


I’ve got all my files encrypted by RYUK ransomware. What tools i will use to decrypt my files.


do you have mogranos ransomeware decryptor
i badly need it

my laptop seems to be infected with .nbes
any one know to decrypt the file s with that

I’m also looking a decrypt tool for .nbes, do you have found something?

my computer alose infected with this virus and .nbes added to all file so really all file are locked, i will be appreciated if you find solution write here

Anyone have .righ ransomware dryption tool. Plz share me link

i have also same .righ problem

Bonjour Mahmoud SVP avez-vous une solution pour 6z4ag087-readme.txt

We’ve got the “Oypl7T1i9” extension in all files. have seen this before?!

I have:
Any available tools for this version?
It encrypted our exchange databases and backups as well as all data share files.
send to

Any luck? I have something similar.

is there any decryption tool for .coot ransomware

do you have .mbed decryption tool? i badly need it

i also need any one plz help us

.mbed ransomware decrypt tool i need please

Is there any decryptor available for files with .mbed extension?

.peet ransomware decrypt tool i need please, hepl me,

Can anyone help me how i can decrypt my file back, a ransomware with the extension .kodg this virus as encrypt all my files 🙁

yess bro.. Im also victim of the same. .kodg ramsomware.. on the edge of being ruin… if u’ve got the solution plz help me..

pradeep kumar bebarta on November 14, 2019 at 6:43 pm

Does any body have LOKF deryptor to restore the cad and office file????????

Inderjeet Jairwan on July 19, 2020 at 8:04 am

suffering from same…… please help if u find any solution on this…:(

Hello, a virus has changed the extension of all my files in .combo. What are the recommended decryption tools?

our comment is awaiting moderation.

I’am Saad. My PC got infected with .meka extension and it’s certainly a DJVU ransomware .
ID : 0178Asd374y5iuhldvOm6H0Ur1kZMyqDAT5JGSJ3cwFiJtkehEm0OcYZD

Can you please tell me if I can recover my files?

should i keep my file for recovery in future or delete?

Many thanks.

Hello my friend
And I have the same stretch meka
Did you find a solution for your files?

I nned help! My computer was infected by ransonware that change (and lock) que files to .reco.
Is a variation of STOP djvu? Is there any decryptor available? Thanks.

stop djvu attacked my system with .boot extension pls anybody with a decryptor

Please, i have been infected with a ransomware, all my files are blocked. It has added a lot of random extensions “pfydO, 73zY, TSt9cH and a lot…” I have tried to know which ransomware i have been infected, with the programs ID Ransomware and Crypto Sheriff but withoiut success. Please any help would be appreciated.

Please , all my fles are blocked. the extensions are a lot “9cFv, pfydO, SD5jsEb, TSt9cH ….”. I tried to know the ransomware with the programs cryptosheriff and idransomware , but without success. Pleas help me

Do you have any decryption tool for banta ransomware?

Madhusudan Acharya on October 17, 2019 at 4:21 pm

My computer got infected by ransomware and all my computer files have added extension of .nesa. Please help me.
My personal ID: 0166hTlGeRsXFxXo68LJwNnSGaLNpor0xORU1Ox5t2fuAZNMega

Dear all
My net work drive is Infected by Money file Ransomware Vi rouse.
please need help.

What can I do for .com files.
is there a solution?

I have recently started a website, the information you provide on this site has helped me greatly. Thank you for all of your time & work.

File type= .KUUB
please dycrypt file

hi my laptop got infected by .nesa RANSOMWARE all my files extension converted into .nesa extension so plzz help me to come out from this .

Help me please
My files encrypted with .money or .noos files
Please help

Can u publish a Tool for.banks ransomeware which is the latest variant of .Phobos ransomeware. We are getting lots of inquiries for data recovery due to this ransomeware.

Can u Provide a Tool for.banks ransomeware the latest variant of Phobos. We are getting lots of inquiries for data recovery due to .banks ransomeware

What can I do for .gero files.
how to find decrypt tool?


I Am Infected with ransomware having extension .banks is there any idea about encrypt data?

Hi, somebody can help me? My laptop was infected by virus unknown to me. All jpg and mp4 files are now encrypted with extension 98cd2. Is there na tool to decrypt infected files? Thanks in advance.

.domn crypted my files :(…

I am affected with karl Please karl decryption tool

same here 🙁

any help against kvag ransom virues ?????? please

Decrytor for .domn extension

Need Me too 🙁

i need too

I also need

please post the personal id

What can I do for .seto
Which tool should I use?

My computer has been hacked and all files encrypted with Phobos malware. Is there a decryption tool available? I prefer not having to pay the criminals for the key…

chandra prakash Kedia on September 15, 2019 at 7:44 pm

can anyone help me meds and kvag ransomware my system is infected with this ransomware created by stop djvu

i have the same problem bro…
my system is infected with stop djvu too
notify me on my email adderss if you have ANY usable solutions.PLS
email id : siddiqkaithodu007@gmail.com

My lap got infected with an extreme variant of STOP ransomware called. seto.
please help me decrypt my files. Any decryptor?
Note that .seto requires an online-private key.


My pc is infected with the “STOP (Djvu) ” ramsonware. All my files are with the extention ” hese ” . Is there an decryptor for it ?

HI Dear
did u got any solution. Same problem with my laptop. I am still searching for solution to recover my files

My PC infected with .moka virus on 10 September 2019. Any Solutions to decrypt and recover files?

me too contact me on whatsApp 3212274117

My files are encrpted with .MEDS !!
Please let me know if there’s a way to decrypt them, I know that we need two keys to decrypt the files and one of them is private for each user, and the only way to get it is by paying for the criminals, but do you think this matter can be solved if we don’t pay?

My computer is infected with .meds rensomware please suggest me a good decryption tool help needed

mee tooo bro

Any decryptor for .MOKA ransomware? Got infected yesterday.

MY system infected by .gero ransom please provide me solution

.gero and .seto file decrypter tool need please help

my PC also infected by .SETO ransomware. please suggest some decrypter

seto file decrypter tool please, if you can, please tell mee

Please help me
my hdd is affceted ransome TODAR and ADAME file extention….
please give me decrypt tool

Need a Decrypt tool for .PIDON Ransomware

any document file turn into this variant “id-A06A8452.[3442516480@qq.com].pdf” wich as pdf formated, any tool for that?…thanks..

Mis archivos se han infectado con .guesswho alguna solucion?

.xlsx and .pdf files turned into .jse files all same size. No ransome note.

Any thoughts on which decryption tool to use?

My computer has affected ransom-ware
Its showing .Adair
you can suggest any tool for this
Please replay.

Now , can you resolved or decryption files.
If you have any tools for decrypt file please send to me.
I have same problem on October 08 , 2019.

Help me please.

My system is also infected with .adair extension , have you got any solution on this forum ? your help will do a lot for me .

Our System has been encrypted by an phobos ransomware ending with .ADAIR. The got access via RDP to a server.
Is there a possibility to decrypt .adair files?

As Above, So Below on August 30, 2019 at 8:06 pm

My all files were encrypted by .pedro extension virus. It were 400 Gigs of data, I tried a lot, spend a week on Internet to recover my files but no luck.What I did wrong to those hackers…nothing but they did much wrong to me. I Wish their brain go blank and go coma!
Afterthat they will realise how it will feel to be BLANK!

Hi. Please Help me I Need a dycrypter for Dharma (.cezar Family)

Any Updates about Dharma (.cezar Family)? Today our server infected by Dharma (.cezar Family) 🙁

Have you tried with free decrypter from Kaspersky?

Any decryptors for .Harma?

I am with a srv2012 infect with Id: 16440A43-2299 from britt.looper@aol.com, can someone help me.

KALEMA FRANCIS RICKY on August 28, 2019 at 12:27 pm

All my computer files are infected with hese virus,
they have hese file extensions.
what tool can i use?

mine too….

mine too. plz reply if you have found any solution.

mine to . It’s a variant of the “STOP Djvu ” ransomware. Hope to find a decryptor for it.

my external HDD And VHD Hyper V servers as effected ransom-ware
Its showing .INFECTED
you can suggest any tool for this
Please replay.

.cetori virus. Any one can help to decrypt

me to has been infected with the same virus
if you find a solution
please help me

Any Decrypt tool for [raynorzlol@tutanota.com].Adame

Currently files are encrypted

hello, my files are encripted with .Adame
what can i do? i already know a way to install a programm without becomming infected. use a cd or dvd where to you burn the program
can someone please help me

@yoram even i am infected by the same Ransomware ADAME which is from the family PHOBOS

Did you find any solution how to decrypt .adame files?


Please HELP!!

My computer got infected with STOP(djvu) Ransomware, all of the files encrypted with .ceroti
Which decryption tool is good for me please HELP.

My files has been locked by .pedro ransomware. Is there a decrytion tool available

Alba need help here bcauze i have attack with ransomware .nasoh, how i do to fix that?

Mis archivos se han infectado con .guesswho alguna solucion?

Hi Ioana Rijnetu,

My system Affected in .Sarut ext. total files Encrypt. please provide any solution. iam struggle above 5 months. please please help me.

Hi, can you help me to recover my data, all files are encrypted and have extended extension *.nusar.

And data is very important.

yes, please photo and vidio 1 file my email send

.besub descrytion tool

please help!!! I was also infected with ransomware with extension “.BRUCEF” type of files. I want to decrypt all my files as soon as possible.

Hello my system infected by ransomware and it converted almost every file into (.bopador) extension. Can u pls suggest me decryptive tool to decrypt this extension.

my pc is infected by prandel ransomware. i didn’t find any solution . any one can help me ?????

my external HDD as effected ransom-ware
Its showing .heroset
you can suggest any tool for this
Please replay.

There isn’t one for now. Trust me I search every day for a solution with no success.

Any decrypter tool for …lapoi or …vlxcpzuztw ???

Dear all,
My computer is Infected with NELASOD ransomware virus 3 days back. is there any decryption tool for .neloasod, please help. suggest any tools available for the same.

mine also same virus did u get any solution for this plss contet me also brother

anyone here got .nelasod infection?

All my computer files have been infected HEARD virus .all my files Encrypted
Please help me to resolve the problem.
Thank you.

hello dear
all my work files are encrypted by a .cezor file extension and no file is opening.
plx tell me about the tool to decrypt my file back

do you find any solution? I also have the same virus issue please help

Dear All,

My PC has infected ransomeware so all files have been encrypted with name id[80EB97AB-1096].[lockhelp@qq.com].acute
can you please help me to decrypt some files on this case

Thank you,

hello, i need decrypt for .darus file and .lapoi file please….

.HERAD Extension File Ransom Virus

All my computer files have been infected and the .heard extension has been added to all files.
Please help to resolve the problem.
Thank you.

do you knw how to deceypt herad file

how to decryption .cezor extention files for example image and extention files .exe and all type files is encryption

I was hit too

We want to decrypt acute files !
Please help

Is there any decryptor available for files with .acute extension?

need decryptor for *.godes

try quick heal decrypt tool

please help me with .cezor decryption tool.

PLZ PLZ PLZ Anybody please help my file encrypted with .LOKAS ransomware
plase help its very urgent.

Is there any decryption for CTB LOCKER aside from the WEB decryption? I have some images I am trying to get fixed

Any decryption do you solution ransomware attack to my pc all files encrypted file recovery software Mr.Dec ransomware Decoding ID CVFjjk4125ahhjjahzj . pls help .

Hi My laptop got affected by .cezor ransom virus, all my data got encrypted
plz help

my also…you have any solution plz help me also

Anyone know Litar Decryptor tool for free?
My file encryption with Litar Ransomware

Need help for .DOCM ransomware.

.besub, any tools to remove this? Please help me

Rajarathinam Selvaraj on July 2, 2019 at 7:29 pm

Your files are now encrypted!

All your files have been encrypted due to a security problem with your PC.

Now you should send us email with your personal ID.
This email will be as confirmation you are ready to pay for decryption key.
You have to pay for decryption in Bitcoins. The price depends on how fast you write to us.
After payment we will send you the decryption tool that will decrypt all your files.

Contact us using this email address ->> harry-help@foxmail.com

If we do not answer you within 48 hours
Write here ->> harry.helps@aol.com

Free decryption as guarantee!
Before paying you can send us up to 1 *.JPG files for free decryption.
The total size of files must be less than 5Mb

* Do not rename encrypted files.
* Do not try to decrypt your data using third party software, it may cause permanent data loss.

———– Your personal ID ————–

HARRY ransomware file encrypted please help me with link

Can you please help me with .fordan extension Please!!!
I can give u a sample file if you want.
I have been looking for it all over the internet and no body has found the solution till now

truke ransomware ????? please help me with link

Great Writing. 🙂

Hi There,

My self Krishna, do you have decrypt tool for reansomware “XHDGENNLWU”, & “Ferosas”

Eg : D.A.Bill of E.Sreenivasa Murthy, dyro.xls.ferosas

if please help me with link

Anything For (.DALLE) Ransomware?

Please help me…

Hi i received ransomware on my server in fact it’s ERP server running SQL data base
all files encrypted with signage end by (.acute) Can you help pls

My files are encrypted by .gerosan ransomware. How to decrypt the files. PLS help

Hi Anjali,

Here is the link to download StopDecrypter for Gerosan. It worked for me.

Author: Michael Gillespie – Who helped with the tool

.truke . Anybody here?

Lương Thanh Tùng on June 25, 2019 at 11:24 am

My data as effected ransom-ware
Its showing .n2L3ms
you can suggest any tool for this
Please replay.

Hi Andra my files infected with ransomware .VESAD can help me fix this

Have some tool to decrypt HORON virus

I have a picture infected with 3 viruses in December 2018 and January 2019. please help me. this is the order of pictures jpg.nano.djvuq.GKZEX

all documents are infected with these 3 docx.nano viruses. djvuq. GKZEX please help me urgently if possible.

GANDCRAB is for .GKZEX but it is not working

please help me ,my files encrypt ransomware extension .muslat
can you decrypt tool for ransomware .muslat ?


please guide me which tool will be used for decrypting files having extension ” .VESAD”

nano. djvuq. GKZEX. all encrypted one file

.vesad extension to all file

what i do? Please help

Same here

consult local technician he can back up all your data

i want to help for dycrept radman fill. i have’t any restore point. plz plz help me.


I NEED HELP. My PC all files got infected with .rezuc extension. Which tool/service should I use to decrypt? I have no back up of my data! Please HELP!

Thanks for your valuable time,

i need help.
i was attacked with .mulsat ransomware

Hi Andra, do you have any idea how to decrypt .e6y5473p? Thanks a Lot.

dear all
i need help

Hi Sayed! Please let me know how we can help you. Thanks!

Do you guys have any decryption tool for
.HEROSET ransomeware???

We want to decrypt pdff files !
Please help

please help me. my pc got infected with .conat thing ransom. how could i fix it.


I have been wiped out by ransomware, files have the extension .ltxqy added to file names.
Does anyone have any info on this please as I cannot find any reference, the ransom text reads:
Do not rename the ciphered files
Do not try to decrypt your data of the third-party software, it can cause constant data loss
You do not joke with files

To restore your files visit “http://storedataresback.com” website. This website is safe
If this website is not available use reserve website “http://snatch6brk4nfczg.onion” in a TOR network. This website is safe. For visit of this website it is necessary to install Tor browser (https://www.torproject.org)

Your login: CjeD3IuOayEmtkv
Your password: iVTMsu59woh4Nkc
Your BTC address: 1DMtUCEkD7zfJrdn7b33cApZpTdmKiRd5E

If all websites are not available write to us on email of delnerepor@protonmail.com

You keep this information in secret

i had attacked by the new virus called heroset please help

Andra Zaharia
my pc got inflected by a ransomware .Rezuc (over 300gig data)
Which tools and decryptor should I use to decrypt , encrypted data
best regards

i have the same issue
identifier show me Crypt0L0cker

please help me urgent

Your positions continually have got a lot of really up to date info. Where do you come up with this? Just saying you are very resourceful. Thanks again

thank you web site admin

Any solutions for .decrypt2019 files? any kind of tools available?

I deeply take joy in heading to this specific website. You contain amazing material that is truly entertaining and also intelligent. I believe you are certainly the pioneer in your sector. I only want you would undoubtedly write more often.

Did someone came across smkrbyd extension? I can find resources online. Thank you.

Hi there! We don’t have details about this, but I think it would be a good idea o have a look here: https://id-ransomware.malwarehunterteam.com/ and upload your eecrypted files and find out more about this type of ransomware. Hope this helps. Thanks and stay safe!

I have some question about ransomware please help me decrypt files .radman extension. Thank you very much.

Hi there! Thank you for reaching out! Sorry to hear you got infected with ransomware! We have no info about any free decryptor available for Radman ransomware, but it might help to have a look at this guide: https://malwaretips.com/blogs/remove-radman/

Hi Andra, do you have any idea how to decrypt .Ferosas? Thanks a Lot.

Hello Marcos! Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, we have no info about an available decryptor for this type of ransomware. Maybe it helps to check out these guides: https://malwarecomplaints.info/remove-ferosas-file-virus/ and https://www.2-spyware.com/remove-ferosas-ransomware.html Stay safe!

We’ve just been hit by a ransomware that turns our files into .SOW extensions – I see nothing anywhere online about it other than one Youtube video showing how it works. Any ideas? Many thanks!

Hi J! Thank you for reaching out! So sorry to hear you’ve been hit by ransomware. To know more about this type of malware, we suggest uploading your encrypted files here https://id-ransomware.malwarehunterteam.com/ and see if you’ll find a free decryptor available. Thanks!

Thanks Ioana, we’re horrified that it managed to punch through both our filtering system and McAfee VSE antivirus without either of them picking it up. Thankfully we were able to triage the system that had been originally hacked (was running a bluestacks VM which was pushing out all sorts of nasties back to our file servers after hacking our local system administrator password and a low-access domain user password), isolate the affected areas, delete the encrypted data completely and recover those files from backups so ultimately we lost a day’s worth of files at most in non-critical areas of the network. No sign that there was any attempt to steal the data, simply lock it up, so as far as these things go I feel we got off fairly lucky. I will definitely upload one of the affected files to that tool and see if it can identify what hit us, thanks for the response 🙂

Hi Andra ,

Could you please help me to in decryption process for my files infected with norvas (?)
I don’t know what is that but it damaged my word, excel, pdf and jpeg files 🙁

i also receive massage like this :


Don’t worry my friend, you can return all your files!
All your files like photos, databases, documents and other important are encrypted with strongest encryption and unique key.
The only method of recovering files is to purchase decrypt tool and unique key for you.
This software will decrypt all your encrypted files.
What guarantees you have?
You can send one of your encrypted file from your PC and we decrypt it for free.
But we can decrypt only 1 file for free. File must not contain valuable information.
You can get and look video overview decrypt tool:
Price of private key and decrypt software is $980.
Discount 50% available if you contact us first 72 hours, that’s price for you is $490.
Please note that you’ll never restore your data without payment.
Check your e-mail “Spam” or “Junk” folder if you don’t get answer more than 6 hours.

To get this software you need write on our e-mail:

Reserve e-mail address to contact us:

Support Telegram account:

Your personal ID:


same, that is refols ransomware

My files are encrypted into .bufas extension, its a type of STOP ransomware, system images, restore points have been deleted. I cant recover the shallow copies either aand no decryptors exist for this!
Has anybody found a solution?

Hi there! We are sorry to hear you’ve been hit by ransomware. It might help to upload your encrypted files using this tool: https://id-ransomware.malwarehunterteam.com/ and identify which type of ransomware is. Thus, you’ll be able to find out if there’s a decryption tool available for it, so you don’t have to pay the ransom. Actually, we strongly advise everyone not to pay the money hackers require, because there’s no guarantee you’ll get your valuable data back.

thanks for all of your help with our cyber problems. This is a good site to visit if we’re experiencing viruses.

I have .fardon issue on my files… I wonder if you could suggest a way to get my files back


[!] No keys were found for the following IDs:
[*] ID: r1nA7rBrcUrgK5hOklTY65vvxdsIOSrFEt3UtSCe (.dotmap )
need help