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10 Million JD Sports Customers Had Their Data Exposed in a Data Breach

Hackers Stole Important Information Putting Clients at Risk.

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MailChimp Suffers Data Breach Due to Social Engineering Attack

Hackers Gained Access to Data of 133 Customers.

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Data Leaks: How An HR Platform Left Employees' Private Data Exposed

Millions of Employees and Job Candidates Affected by HR Company myrocket.co Data Breach.

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British Schools Have Their Data Leaked by Vice Society Ransomware Gang

Highly Confidential Documents from 14 Schools Have Been Leaked Online.

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Cricket Platform Exposed over 100k Customer Data Entries

Cricketsocial.com Exposed a Database Containing Emails, Phone Numbers and Admin Plaintext Passwords.

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200 Million Twitter Profiles Database Giveaway on Hacker Forum

Cyber Researchers Claim Data Is Part of the Lot Leaked Due to 2021 Twitter API Vulnerability Exploit.

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Threat Actors Use Stolen Bank Data for BitRAT Malware Campaign

418,777 Customer Data Files Are Used as Lure for Email Phishing.

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Ransomware Gang Clones Website to Leak Stolen Data

This New Method Could Become a Trend Among Threat Actors.

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Facebook to Pay $725 Million to Settle Lawsuit Over Data Leak

Facebook to Pay Millions in Data Scandal Settlement with Cambridge Analytica.

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Sports Betting Company BetMGM Suffered a Data Breach

The Breach Allegedly Exposed the Data of 1.5 Million Customers.

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Threat Actors Hacked LastPass’ Cloud Storage and Stole Customers` Data

Company Claims Data Is Safe Due to Encryption and Zero Knowledge Architecture.

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New Uber Data Breach Exposes Information on 77,000 Employees

Threat Actors Used a Recent Breach on Teqtivity IT Asset Tracking Solution to Steal the Data.

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