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New PowerDrop Malware Discovered Targeting U.S. Aerospace Industry

The PowerShell-Based Malware Collects Information from Victim Networks.

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SpinOk Malware, Discovered in 193 Apps with Over 451M Installs

The Malware Was Found in a New Batch of Android Apps on Google Play.

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New QBot Malware Campaign Exploits WordPad for Infection

Phishing, DLL Hijacking and Lateral Movement, Among the Attack Techniques.

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CosmicEnergy: The New Russian-Linked Malware Targets Industrial System

The Malware Is Said to Be Linked to Rostelecom-Solar.

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The Royal Gang Is Developing Its Own Malware Loader

The Group Uses Strategies Proven Successful by Other Ransomware Groups.

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Lemon Gang Pre-Infects 9 Million Android Devices With Malware

The Threat Actors Use the Guerrilla Malware for Multiple Illicit Activities.

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Operation MEDUSA Brings Down ‘Snake’ - Russia’s Cyberespionage Malware

Sophisticated Malware Network Controlled by Russia’s Federal Security Service Disrupted by U.S. Agencies.

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Warning! New DDoS Botnet Malware Exploits Critical Ruckus RCE Vulnerability

AndoryuBot Puts Unpatched Wi-Fi Access Points at Risk.

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New Decoy Dog Malware Toolkit Targets Enterprise Networks

The Toolkit Includes Pupy RAT, a Unique DNS Signature, DNS Beaconing and More.

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New LOBSHOT Malware Deployed Via Google Ads

New Malvertising Campaign Discovered.

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The Incidence of EvilExtractor Malware Rises Across Europe and the U.S.

EvilExtractor Masivelly Deployed Through a Phishing Campaign.

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APT28 Russian Hackers Inject Routers with Jaguar Tooth Custom Malware

The Malware Exfiltrates Information and Provides Unauthenticated Access to the Device.

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New ”Domino” Malware Strain Targets Corporate Networks

FIN7 and Ex-Conti Threat Groups Join Forces to Steal Credentials Stored in Browsers and Cryptocurrency Wallets

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