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CISA and FBI Reveal Known Androxgh0st Malware IoCs and TTPs

CISA Recommends Patching as Top Prevention Measure Against Cyberattacks.

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New JaskaGO Malware Stealer Threatens Windows and MacOS Operating Systems

The Infostealer Is Part of a Growing Trend That Uses the Golang Programming Language

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Lazarus Hackers Exploit 2-Year-Old Log4j Vulnerability to Deploy New RAT Malware

Organizations Still Vulnerable to CVE-2021-44228 Because of Poor Patch Management.

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Mac Systems Under Threat: ClearFake Campaign Deploys Atomic Stealer Malware

Hackers Use Forged Browser Update Notifications to Infect MacOS Devices.

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Women Political Leaders Summit Targeted with Backdoor Malware

The Malicious Actors Set Up a Website that Resembled the Original.

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DarkGate Malware Spread via PDF Files Through Microsoft Teams and Skype

The Malware Is Being Distributed in Networks Around the World.

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Balada Injector Malware Hits More Than 17,000 WordPress Sites

Threat Actors Exploit Known Vulnerabilities for Linux Backdoor Injection.

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New Malware-as-a-Service Gains Traction Among Cybercriminals

Its Capabilities Include Payload Execution, Keylogging, Remote Command Execution and More.

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SapphireStealer: A New Open-Source Information Stealer Malware to Look Out For

Heavily Modified Versions of the Malware Used by Threat Actors Throughout the World.

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Notorious QakBot Malware Dismantled: $8.6M Seized and 700K Computers Freed

FBI and CISA Collaborate to Counter QakBot Malware Threat.

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DreamBus Malware Exploits Unpatched RocketMQ Servers

Critical Remote Code Execution Flaw Turns Devices Vulnerable to Infection.


Ransomware Vs. Malware: What’s The Difference?

Exploring Two Sides of The Cyber Threat Coin.

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