Copenhagen – September 4th, 2020 – Heimdal™ Security (HEIMDAL™) announced today its vision for the company’s strategy for 2021, some major developments they are working on, and an outline of the cybersecurity market.

Hand in hand with their fervent growth in revenue and number of customers, HEIMDAL™ has expanded its research and development teams quite a lot, especially since the company focused heavily on innovation since its founding. Setting out with extra attention paid to threatscape trends and working today on the developments the cybersecurity industry will need tomorrow, it was only to be expected for HEIMDAL™ Security to grow as it did, with an extreme year-over-year growth since its establishment in 2014.

The HEIMDAL™ Market Focus and Drive

The long-term growth goals set by HEIMDAL™ envision the natural evolution of its already emerging position as the market leader in the USA, UK, and DACH markets. The executive team driving the company’s continued scale-up is focusing on achieving a market leader position in terms of market share as well, not only in terms of having the best product offering for the cybersecurity and business needs of the region.

Each of the key regions that are gravitating towards the unique HEIMDAL™ offering comes with exciting news for the company’s journey. New offices are being opened in the USA, in the UK, and in the DACH region, with dozens of new hires already on board and more scheduled to follow. The drive to scale up the team members comes in response to staggering market demand for the HEIMDAL™ solutions. The main struggle is now just to keep up with all of it.

In each of the main regions of focus, the HEIMDAL™ goals and vision will be greater aligned by appointing a key person in each of the strategic executive roles required to coordinate the entire effort. Therefore, HEIMDAL™ is immensely proud to welcome Ralph Renna (new USA Sales Director), Ruth Schofield (new UK Sales Director), Ivana Marisol Silva (new Norway Country Manager), and Christian H. von Hoesslin (Country Manager DACH) to its all-star executive team.

Now as their journey moves forward, HEIMDAL™ looks to the major projects they are developing for 2021 and their growth strategy for the medium-term future. Since the cybersecurity market overall has gravitated towards the same trends that have long been part of HEIMDAL™’s offering, it’s mostly a matter of consolidation.

DNS Security Continues to Be The HEIMDAL™ Cornerstone

HEIMDAL™ is already the market leader in DNS security solutions in terms of product features and capabilities, so naturally promoting and expanding DarkLayer GUARD, their flagship DNS security solution will continue to play a heavy part in the next year at HEIMDAL™.

The DarkLayer GUARD solution is already benefiting from an intensive program of neural network training which has already passed tests with flying colors, with our intelligent Predictive DNS just being released. This will improve the already top-of-the-line technology and elevate it to new heights. As malicious actors are refining their tactics, so must the intelligence of defensive systems.

Greater Focus on More Complex Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Already since the beginning of 2020, a greater focus is being driven within the company’s efforts for improving the AI and ML power behind their smart detection technologies. Heimdal™ is targeting to launch a perfected AI algorithm for the uniquely intelligent E-PDR (Endpoint Prevention, Detection, and Response), the company’s improved EDR suite.

The next product to benefit from the discernable difference made by more complex neural networks trained on a huge variety of intelligence vectors will be the Heimdal™ Email Security. Following in the footsteps of the tremendous success of the Predictive DNS recently launched, Heimdal™ will continue to put clearly defined and well-trained AI systems to good use in their uniquely proactive suite of cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions.

Automated Software Patching and Asset Management Continues to Play a Central Role

Within HEIMDAL™’s unique offering, automated software patching will continue to be of the utmost importance. Sadly, companies who are not automating updates are still likely to become targets for vulnerability exploits, especially as the organization grows.

HEIMDAL™ is already very strong in the niche of automated software patching and asset management, due to the flawless speed and ease of operation of all installs and updates, regardless of endpoint location. Nevertheless, the automated software patching and inventory management solutions will continue to be improved. HEIMDAL™ is expanding the product engine to incorporate even more seamless integrations with new apps and platforms, IPXE support and other key partnerships that will make any patching and installation issues a thing of the past.

Heimdal™ Privileged Access Management Will Continue to Benefit from a Strong Focus as Well

The same can be said of Privileged Access Management (PAM), a relatively new addition to the company’s strong product lineup but a field in which HEIMDAL™ is already making a tremendous difference for companies who adopted the solution. The focus on their uniquely positioned PAM product will continue to feed the product into remaining the best choice in the niche.

At the moment, HEIMDAL™’s PAM solution is the only one on the market that provides such a centralized and unified view into all endpoint activity, traces logs for a full audit trail, and automatically de-escalates admin rights on infection. In addition, the innovative PAM center allows admins to set intelligent rules whitelisting and blacklisting apps and activities for users with escalated rights. This effectively makes it not just the easiest to deploy and use, but also the PAM solution which offers the highest degree of security against insider threat, data leaks, and so on.

With the continued focus of HEIMDAL™ experts and developers on improving the product even further, HEIMDAL™’s PAM solution will acquire even more capabilities and unique advantages until the end of 2021.

Threat Analytics and Forensics Ready to Go to Market in 2021

HEIMDAL™ is already making headlines as having the most varied product offering, all neatly tucked into a unified dashboard that provides a unique level of flexibility, visibility, and scalability. In 2021, this will get even better as the company is committed to bringing an even higher degree of advanced threat analytics to customers, within its new and improved dashboard to be launched soon. This will be integrated into the same unified HEIMDAL™ dashboard customers are already very content with, enabling them to see in real-time the subtlest indicators of attempted attacks (including vectors obtained through complex TTPC or Threat-to-Process-Correlation), as well as full threat forensics.

Looking Towards a Bright New Future

With all these confirmed developments and research projects, HEIMDAL™ already has an ambitious and impressive journey ahead for 2021. Most likely, a few other developments will be announced along the way as HEIMDAL™ continues its astonishing growth and innovation streak, effectively taking the cybersecurity world by storm.


Congratulations on such growth. It’s impressive and the scope of operations is already quite wide – to be expanding further is enviable.

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