Heimdal Security

Heimdal Security FREE automatically updates your PC and closes security holes.

Heimdal Security PRO closes security holes and protects you actively when online.

1.5 million updates this month

Why should you choose Heimdal?


Safe in all matters

Heimdal prevents all types of hacker attacks; when shopping online, surfing Facebook, online banking, reading e-mails, etc. In all these situations your pc is vulnerable because of non-updated programs. Heimdal fixes that.


No more pop-ups

We all know them. The almost daily pop-ups telling us to update one program, and then another, and another. We tend to ignore them because we're busy, and they are annoying. However, if you do, your pc is wide-open to hackers. Heimdal takes care of all vital updates so you don't have to.

Common sense

Common sense is not enough

Today, over 80 % of all new sites are created with a malicious purpose. And the hackers get better. It is now impossible to see whether a site, link or banner is harmful. Heimdal Pro blocks all the dangerous sites so you don't have to worry about being online.

What does our clients say?

Kenneth Dideriksen, Symbion IT

We had been infected with malware, even though we had antivirus protection. We installed Heimdal and the problem went away. We have no complaints about the product and it solves the security issues to full satisfaction.

Arne Helbrønd, Brother Nordic

Our programs are automatically updated without us needing to worry about it, and we know that Heimdal protects the computer.