HEIMDAL® FREESoftware Updater for Windows PCs

Stop worrying about your updates and free up time for other things. Heimdal Free updates your exposed applications automatically and eliminates vulnerabilities used in cyberattacks.

Free software updater for:

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Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7

32 & 64 Bit

How Heimdal Free Works

Heimdal® Free comes with a software manager that can monitor and auto-update your vulnerable software to the latest version, so you don’t have to do it manually.

Just check which applications you want to monitor or auto-update and that’s it. Heimdal® Free scans for software updates every 2h and applies them the moment they’re available.

The update process is automatic and silent, which means you’ll never be interrupted from your work or entertainment sessions. This applies even on limited user accounts and you can check the installed updates in the “View History” tab anytime you want.

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Top 3 Reasons to Use Heimdal®’s Software Updater

Closes vulnerabilities.

Outdated software includes many security holes that cybercriminals can exploit in their attacks. Vulnerable applications represent a high security risk and can expose you to cyber threats. According to US CERT, keeping your software updated blocks 85%* of web attack angles used by malicious hackers.

Heimdal® Free keeps your browsers, utilities, and other apps up to date and prevents your software from getting infected with malware.

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Frees up time.

Heimdal® Free will install updates fast and safely, saving you time and energy. You don’t have to download and run an installer to update your apps, it all happens automatically and silently in the background. No more manual software updates. Set it on auto-update and that’s it.

With Heimdal® Free you can also install new software with one click. Choose from a list of over 120 most used Windows applications and install them safely, easily, and quickly!

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Enterprise technology delivered to home users.

The core technology of the Heimdal® Free software updater derives from our enterprise patch management product. The patches are downloaded directly from the official servers and we conduct several tests before we release the updates.

We’ll always provide the latest versions available, bundleware free. The entire process takes under 4 hours from the official release until the updates reach your computer.

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Key Features of Heimdal®’s Software Updater

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Updates over 120 third-party applications (most vulnerable software).

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Very simple to use, set it and forget it.

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Fully automated mode.

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Skip updates for any application you choose.

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Fully tested, repackaged & ad-free updates.

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Silent software updates in the background.

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No reboots required after updates are applied.

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Install any of the listed software with 1-click, directly from the Heimdal® application.

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Software Updater for Windows PCs.

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