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Mihaela is a digital content creator for Heimdal® and the proud owner of an old soul and a curious mind. Passionate to learn and discover more about cybersecurity, she will gladly share her latest finds with you.

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Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

International Diplomats Targeted by Russian Hacking Group APT29

Malicious Car Listings Discovered Targeting Diplomats in Ukraine.

Access Management | INTERMEDIATE READ

Top Data Breaches in 2023: Alarming Incidents Impacting Companies

A Recap of Data Breaches in the First Half of 2023.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

RedEnergy Stealer Ransomware: A New Threat Targeting Critical Infrastructure

RedEnergy Stealer Fits into the Hybrid Stealer-as-a-Ransomware Threat Category.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

SMUGX Campaign Targets European Entities

European Organizations Targeted in SMUGX Campaign Utilizing HTML Smuggling Technique.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

Ransomware Attackers Dump Students' Data Online After School Hacks

By Releasing Compromised Data Publicly, Attackers Follow Through on Their Threats.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

Cybersecurity Faces Challenges as DDoS Attacks Surge

Digital Infrastructure at Risk: Here Is All You Need to Know.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

8Base Ransomware Emerges from the Shadows

The Spike in 8Base Ransomware Activity Threatens U.S. and Brazilian Companies.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

North Korean APT37 Exploits New FadeStealer Malware

RedEyes Group Deploys New Malware for Wiretapping and Information Theft.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

Threat Actors Claim International Finance Corporation (IFC) Attack

Russian-Aligned Hacktivist and Anonymous Sudan Target Major Financial Institution.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

RedClouds APT Deploys RDStealer Against Remote Desktop

New Cyberespionage Campaign Exploits Remote Desktop Protocol Clients to Steal Data.

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