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Mihaela is a digital content creator for Heimdal® and the proud owner of an old soul and a curious mind. Passionate to learn and discover more about cybersecurity, she will gladly share her latest finds with you.

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Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

Cyber Alert: Global Campaign Targets LinkedIn Accounts

LinkedIn Hacks Spark Concerns of Extortion and Data Breaches.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

Raccoon Stealer 2.3.0 Malware - A Stealthier Comeback

After 6 Months, the MaaS Is Back and Upgraded.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

Rhysida Ransomware: The Rise of a New Threat for Healthcare Organizations

RaaS Sparks Concerns Amidst Surge in Healthcare Attacks.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

The Aftermath: Dallas Ransomware Attack- 26K Residents Affected

Massive Data Breach Exposed Personal Information of Over 26,000 Texans.

Cybersecurity Basics | QUICK READ

Enhancing Cybersecurity with Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)

Safeguarding Against Online Threats with RBI.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

Mallox Ransomware Witnessing Alarming Surge in Activity

Ransomware Group Exploits Weak MS-SQL Servers.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

Critical Zyxel Firewall Vulnerability Exploited in DDOS Attacks

Attackers Gain Unauthorized Control Over the Vulnerable Systems.

Cybersecurity Basics | QUICK READ

The Crucial Role of Cyber Essentials in the UK Public Sector

Empowering UK Public Sector with Cyber Essentials.

Access Management | INTERMEDIATE READ

Micro-Segmentation: Strengthening Network Security Through Granular Control

Exploring Micro-Segmentation and Its Role in Zero Trust (ZT) Strategy.

Cybersecurity News | QUICK READ

Zoom Vulnerabilities Allow Attackers to Escalate Privileges

Users Advised to Upgrade Their Software Version Now!

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