When I started working in the cyber security sector, I brought along my knowledge and experience with marketing, PR and startups.

But in order to really make the most of them, I had to learn about cyber security and REALLY get to know the field.

So I designed a mission for myself:

To find the best cyber security course for beginners that was out there!

The thing is, I had no idea how difficult that would be!

You’d think that, with all the millions of results that Google provides for every search, it would be easy to find the starting point I needed! But that’s not exactly the case…

Finding the perfect cyber security training is difficult because of 3 reasons:

1. Quality courses for beginners are rare!

There are just not enough cyber security courses for beginners out there! When you want to learn in a very organized manner (like I wanted), you need more than articles and shallow information.

2. Technical lingo is difficult to assimilate without context.

If you can’t speak “cybersec”, you’ll have a difficult time getting stuff done.

I felt that from day one when I started out in this field.

So it took me quite some time to find the right course that would offer context and good examples that could make the professional jargon stick.

3. Delivering information without ACTING on it is USELESS!

This is a very common mistake I’ve seen while doing my research.

If the course isn’t designed to make you ACT ON IT, you’ll just browse through the information and be left with close to nothing in the end.

That’s why we had to do homework in school. That’s why I do my best to practice what I preach on this blog.

Because I want you to save you the hassle I went through, I decided to put together the list below.

online training

What you can expect to find in this list of cyber security courses:

  • Free or paid cyber security training resources delivered online
  • Training options for both beginners and advanced professionals
  • General and specific training possibilities, and link to help you search for a particular subject you may be interested in.

I don’t claim I’ve put together an exhaustive list, so I welcome any recommendations and additions you may find useful.

By combining our experiences, I believe we can arrive to a list that can be used along the road and passed along to those who’d like to SAVE TIME and EFFORT while trying to enhance their knowledge.

So let’s see what cyber security training options are out there and what you can complete online!

Navigate the list:




Do you have the time, but no money to invest in training yet?

I’m sure many of you are in this situation, which is why I’d like to suggest some FREE options when it comes to learning about cyber security:

Cyber Security for Beginners

After giving it much thought and consideration, we decided to take a step towards sharing our experience and knowledge with others seeking applicable advice. We’re not claiming to be experts, but working in the cyber security field certainly gives you access to information which other people may not get to as easily.

So we organized an online course that would help people get the basic of cyber security through actionable advice. To us, the applicability of this course was essential, which is why we condensed the information in 20 step-by-step lessons that will teach you how to secure your online world.

The course is free and it’s delivered via email. You’ll get a new, helpful lesson each 2 days. You can register right away (it’ll only take a minute – literally)!

Cyber Security for Small Business Owners

If you’re a small business owner, we have something created especially for you. This course has two parts: in the first part, you’ll learn the basics of cyber security from a personal standpoint. Once you’ve nailed down the fundamentals, the second part of the course will teach you how to ensure the must-have safeguards for your business. This includes protecting your clients’ data and adapting to the EU Data Protection Regulation, if your business is located in the EU.

This course is developed by the Heimdal Security team in partnership with the London Digital Security Centre (LDSC).


Introduction to cyber security – I’ve taken this course myself, and it’s probably one of the best out there! The content is well structured, the assignments are easy to do and you’ll really get substantial knowledge from it.

Cyber Security: Safety at Home, Online, in Life also looks very appealing. The course is 3 weeks long and promises to offer a guided, practical introduction into cyber security for personal use.


This is a great platform to look for learning resources!

Here are some of the courses you can find on there:
Cyber Security
Cyber Criminals Want Your Information: Stop Them Cold!
Security Awareness Campaigns (Lite)

If you’re looking for something specific, you can filter the courses on Udemy by applying several filters:

  • By price
  • By language
  • By instructional level
  • By features.

This way, you’ll get exactly what you need, without losing hours on end browsing through the courses listed on the platform!

udemy cyber security courses

Canvas Network

Try to see if Introduction to Cybersecurity is right for you.


Cyber Security 101 and Cyber Security 201 could be a great way to start your career path in the field. The courses are free, of course, and you can learn whenever you can.

If you want to learn more about the LEAP platform, which is not as widely known as other MOOC platforms, I encourage you to do so.

The Daily Security Tip

While this is not a course per se, it’s a fun and easy way to grow your online security know-how. The way it works is you sign up using your email address to get a security tip every day, for a full year, for free. The tips are actionable and include plenty of examples of how to tweak your security and privacy settings online to better protect yourself and your data. And they’re short, so you can spend 2-3 minutes/day doing something to improve your Internet security.

An offer you can’t refuse, eh? 🙂

If you have some budget for your training, you can consider the PAID options below:


Introduction to Cyber Security and Be Safe – Cyber and Physical Security For Everyone are two courses that make a very good first impression. If you’re looking to invest some money in your future career (maybe) or in your passion for online safety, these are two very good options.

Concise Courses

Interested in diving into a specific area of the information security industry? Maybe this Malware Awareness Training is an option you will find useful.

And if you want to explore more options, Check the other courses offered by Concise!


If you didn’t start from scratch, like I did, and you want to become more proficient at certain cyber security specialties, the recommendations bellow might help.

FREE online training courses for cyber security professionals:

ISIS Laboratory

This course was developed from the materials of NYU Poly’s old Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Analysis course.

MIT Open Courseware

Network and Computer Security and Computer Systems Security are both great options to consider for advancing your professional knowledge at no cost.

These training options include beginner, intermediate and advanced classes and they’re all FREE of charge! Subjects range from Android forensics to secure coding and vulnerability assessment.

Khan Academy

Intro to Cryptography is a great way to learn about code breaking and how cryptographic methods work.

Rapid 7

Metasploit Unleashed is an ethical hacking training course that will help you dip your toes in the waters of penetration testing for free. And you’ll also be able to make a charitable donation for a good cause, should you feel like it.

Cyber Security is an amazing resource of free online cyber security courses for professionals of various levels and experiences. You’ll be able to learn about social engineering, computer forensics, ethical hacking and more, just by investing your time and energy.


Coursera offers plenty of options, being one of the biggest MOOC platforms in the world. You can start with any of the courses we picked below, but you should also explore the course list according to your interest. Don’t forget to use the handy filters: categories, language, if it’s eligible for certifications or specializations and if the course is on demand.

Designing and Executing Information Security Strategies
Hardware Security
Software Security
Usable Security
Internet History, Technology, and Security
Information Security and Risk Management in Context
Malicious Software and its Underground Economy: Two Sides to Every Story
Cybersecurity and Its Ten Domains


A good selection of free courses for more advanced cyber security security professionals includes:

Build Your Own Cyber Lab at Home
CCNA Security 2015 Free Video Boot Camp: CCP And More
Cyber Security For Beginners. Avoid Business Data Breaches
Cyber Security: Build a Secure, Resilient Company
Introduction to Cyber Security
How to Get a Job in Cyber Security

Georgia Tech College of Computing

Introduction to information security is presented as “a graduate-level introductory course in information security,” so you should be prepared for a structured way to learn a lot about the fundamental elements of information security.

Looking to get more info about this particular program? You can find it right here.

SANS Cyber Access

By taking this course, you’ll be able to explore the three fundamental areas of information security: Operating Systems, Networking and Systems Administration. You’ll consolidate both your skills and knowledge, so you can start whenever you’re ready.


An introduction to information security requires that you’re quite advanced in your knowledge of cyber security. The course focuses on the importance of cyber security in a business context, while also emphasizing its impact on the organization. Very useful for those who want to grow and reach higher ranks in their company’s cyber security department.

Concise Courses

Do any of the course titles below inspire you to learn something new?

Magic Quadrant Strategy and Tactics/ Gartner Analyst
Defeat Advanced Malware
How To Catch A Phish
How To Protect Your Website From Bot Attacks!

Want more training options? Concise Courses has them!

There will be one million cyber security job openings in 2016what will do about this opportunity?

If you’re a cyber security professional, you’ll certainly agree with me when I say that:

Investing in your continuous development is ESSENTIAL!

So if you’re already set on spending some money (wisely) on a great training program, I have made a list for you as well:

PAID online training courses for cyber security professionals:

Carnegie Mellon University, Software Engineering Institute, CERT Division

They list 3 major categories of course and you can find them all listed on this page:

  • Incident Handling
  • Network & Software Security
  • Risk Assessment & Insider Threat.

CERT is a major institution when it comes to cyber security training, so you can fully rely on their resources to help you achieve your professional development goals!

SANS Institute

They also offer Online Security Training, so do check it out, because they’re as trustworthy as CERT in the field. You can take the course in various forms, from on-demand to live or through self study, whichever fits your way or learning best.


We have to mention them again, because on Coursera you’ll find an entire specialization dedicated to Cybersecurity Fundamentals, which will help you earn the following knowledge and abilities:

  • Usable Security
  • Software Security
  • Cryptography
  • Hardware Security

The specialization is created and taught by professors and specialists from the University of Maryland, College Park, and also by industry specialists.

cybersecurity fundamentals coursera

Canvas Network

Information Security and Risk Management: An Overview will help you become more aware of the legal implications of managing cyber security in organizations. Study topics include:

  • Information security strategies and individual privacy
  • Legal security implications
  • Medical health record confidentiality and integrity
  • Cutting-edge technologies.

Learning Tree

From “Cyber Security for Management and the Boardroom” to “Cyber Security: Accessibility and Quality“, LearningTree offers a wide range of courses for infosec professionals.

You should take your time to read the course descriptions thoroughly before starting a course and see where they fit in your career path.

Stanford University

You can pick your favorite from various courses offered by this prestigious educational institution:

Mind you that these courses require advanced skills and knowledge to complete.

Security Tube

Security training online courses provides at least two interesting subjects to study:


Here you’ll find some very technical and very specific courses, such as:

These courses boast using real-world scenarios which will help you try your hand at situations that you can come across in your professional practice.

The Virus Doctor

Advanced Techniques for Virus Removal is a great course for those involved in the business of computer repairs and assistance. As technology evolves, more people will need help with identifying malware infections and mitigating their impact, so this course could help you improve your business.

Infosec Institute

As the name says, the Infosec Institute focuses on helping cyber security and IT professionals keep the extra-fast pace of the field they work in.

The list of live courses if very appealing, as you can see from the sample below:

  • Information Security
  • Information Assurance
  • IT Audit
  • Microsoft
  • Cisco
  • 8570.1
  • CompTIA
  • Secure Coding
  • Linux
  • Project Management
  • ITIL.


I really hope that this list of cyber security online courses gives you a good starting point to finding exactly what you need to improve your knowledge and skills!

I could’ve certainly used it when I was doing my research.

Should you have any recommendations, please send them in a comment below and I’ll be happy to add them to the list!

In case you’re also looking for online courses, as well as certification options, I have a resource that you may find useful as well: this list of the Best Information Security Certifications for 2016 put together by Ed Tittel!

And if you’re new to MOOC (massive open online courses), then this article about Coursera, Udacity and edX will help you get a better picture of how you can explore them to your benefit.

*This article was initially published in May 2015 and it was updated in May 2016.


thanks very much
alot of huge interesting information
but, can u help me about web security, I want to be a web security … but I just really want a steps and how to experience
can u help me??

Hello Roah and thank you for your kind words, we are happy to know it was useful for you. We don’t offer specific guidance for this, but we recommend trying these free educational security resources to learn more about cyber security. Thank you!

Andra, this is a great list. You might want to also check out Experfy’s courses. Experfy is a Harvard-based consulting and training marketplace. The training platform focus is on courses for emerging tech, taught by industry professionals and thought leaders. Here is the IoT cyber security course –

Hello and thank you so much for your feedback! Thanks for letting us know about these courses.

Great Post!

It’s really important to know about the cyber security courses to control security violations. I have also found one platform which offers you different courses related to security and much more
you can check it here, hope it will be helpful for you!

Hey Andra Zaharia,

Thanks for the informative post dear 🙂

You have shared the list of cyber security online courses really this is very useful and I want to say something that you should add Koenig Solutions training center in your list.

Norton is the best antivirus.So Norton Antivirus install and protect your system. installing & downloading please do call and solve your issues.

Great Post
Thanks a lot it helped me a lot
I am also going to share it to my friends and over my social media.
Also, is a great platform to find and share the best tutorials and they have a specific page for Information security and hacking

This might be useful to your readers:


You were asking for recommendations on courses. If you’d like a review copy of Cyber Security for small business, please let me know and I can arrange. I think it fits well with what you’ve covered here. It’s very much aimed at beginners – though it is specific (for small business, as opposed to home users).


I would have to recommend Web-security.Guru course Attacks and Prevention

Bruce Williams on May 3, 2017 at 5:43 am

Thanks for this overview. I have tried a few courses, taught a few courses and it is the engagement factor which is important. When I teach I transfer a framework across to the student. Some courses are monkey see monkey do, but a framework allows the person to think. Online engagement is hard as if you are in class the trainer can reach into your experience to link the thoughts together. I have found the OWASP framework resonates with students. I love Futurelearn as it has the wisdom of the crowd. This makes a global classroom.

I completely agree, Bruce! It’s the interaction and practice that make the information stick. I also enjoyed the courses on FutureLearn a lot. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Agreed with Andra, these lists are not for professional who are already experienced one like I have more than 7 years of core experience as a Java developer but i always wanted to learn on security stream as well. I got to know about CSSLP course 1 year back from one of my colleagues and i checked it on Udmey as well. But i was checking some modules of CSSLP Training on They posted everything for free. Its just matter of certification, I have been following it since quite long time. Seems good. Sooner or later i will join one certifications.

Thank you, Andra..this is a really good blog

I Know It takes a lot of effort to create a Article like this.
And this article is indeed a good one.
I don’t know you are aware of it or not now Hack2Secure is also delivering certs for IT Security Professionals.
I hope this would be helpful for u

Thank you for the guidance on Infosec Certs

Hi Andra. Thank you for such an informative or helpful post. Really a great read! I was wondering if you or anyone else who may be reading this have come across the webiste It looks good but does cost a fair amount. However, they do claim they provide tutors and online courses as well as practise questions for tests. Do you know anything about them or can you tell if they are good and rightly priced for what they do? I’m a total beginner at all of this and exploring new things.

Thanks so much


Thank you very much for your list.
I would like to add my 2 cents and list some cyber courses from Global Risk Academy that concentrate not only on technical aspects but on creating cyber exposure and cyber risk culture.
1. Understanding Cyber Exposure
2. Advanced Cyber Exposure Management – Identifying Cyber Exposures
3. Advanced Cyber Exposure – Part 2 – Cyber Exposure Program Management

These are all very good recommendations, Boris! Thank you for suggesting them!

IEEE has just released eLearning courses in Cyber Security:These courses are intended for mid/advanced career professionals in IT, computer science, and related fields that are looking to enhance their knowledge and stay current in the field of cyber security.

Thanks a bunch for the suggestion, Louis! I didn’t know about this, so the recommendation is more than welcome.

hello mam
I am Brij I am indian. how can I learn Cyber security course? even I am a one commerce student. I am know only for computer operating and fill some data entry so how I will learn Cyber Security Course? it is possible?

Thanks for the neat information
made it much easier to understand for me
towards a path towards cyber-security

keep up the awesome work

Thanks a ton for this very detailed info and I am so proud of you for your generosity in sharing all that you gathered for the benefit of others like me. I was wonderstuck after an early retirement and was puzzled how to restart. This was a fabulous kick start…

I completely agree with you
Thanks for sharing too much research with us, it helped a lot 🙂
I really appreciate your work 🙂

Glad to hear that Bob!

If anyone is interested

In response to this growing challenge, HM Government, in partnership with SANS Institute, has created the Cyber Retraining Academy. An intensive and immersive ten-week training programme, the Academy aims to encourage and develop potential new cyber security professionals. The programme has been tailored to meet the specific cyber security needs of today’s enterprises and government.

Away a fascinating subject! Thanks for all the Benito’s of your hard research. Putting it to excellent use months later! Thanks, again!

PCI Professional 3.2

I really hope that this list of cyber security online courses gives you a good starting point to finding exactly what you need to improve your knowledge and skills!

Great post and super helpful! I wanted to suggest the program that I went through as an additional program for your list: Maryville University B.S. in Cyber Security ( They had the program broken down into 3 tracks (offensive, defensive, and General) with a great Virtual Lab. They also offer a Master’s course as well. Keep up the great articles and have a great day!


Thanks JD! Suggestions are always welcome!

I am currently making a career change, choosing to go back to school to obtain a Master’s of Science in Cyber Security Management and Policy. With a degree in Organizational Leadership, and background in marketing and communications, I absolutely need some technical lessons. The closest I ever got was when I took a data programming course a few years ago, but decided not to finish. I am extremely thankful for your research and for sharing this information with the public. I look forward to utilizing it and getting my feet wet!

Hi Georgie! So glad you found this list useful and best of luck with all your plans! I’m sure that your determination and focus will yield great results.

Andra, thank you so much for the useful information provided! However… What if one would like to join a “traditional course” (not on-line?). I noticed that there are many colleges/universities/institutions that provide in class courses but it’s really hard to understand which are the best institutions that provide the best courses. Have you found anything on this subject ? Thank you

Wow it’s very useful post .. but i am a beginner and i don’t know what specifically is a list of courses that must be taken !!
Can you help me please?

Just go through the list and select whatever interests you the most and fits to your professional level.

thanks you
and all the happiess in your life

Very long blog but the very useful, “50+ Useful Cyber Security Online Courses You Should Explore”.

Thanks for reading all the way through!

Thank you Andra,

I ma new to cyber security. just learning my way. your information was great

Glad that it helps, Jimmy! Thank you for the kind feedback.

As always, I appreciate the detail you put in your work. It may entail more research, but including personal or customer ratings (3/5 stars, A+,B) for each site would also help a lot. 🙂

Thanks, Florence! There is a limitation to giving ranking though. We’d have to take all the courses to be able to rate them, and it would still be subjective. So, for the moment, it’s up to everyone who takes one of the courses to share their feedback. That can also be found on the platforms themselves.

I would have to recommend these fine courses too.

I may be slightly bias being the author! 🙂 But they are well very reviewed.

Thanks for the suggestions, Nathan!

They are very welcome and I appreciate the transparency. 🙂

I’ll give them a look and see if we can add them to the list.

you have shared a really helpful information on cyber security online courses. If you have done a certificated cyber security training and have a certificate also then you can easily get a job in any govt or pvt organization. Cyber security sector is on boom these day so be certified, get trained and earn money.

Hi Paula!

I’m glad you found the list useful and I hope you’ll manage to learn exactly what you need to grow your career!

Hi Paula,
Please can you share information on how to get certified and the type of training to take. I have no background in IT, but willing to learn. Thank you.

Thanks Andra, the list is really helpful. Awaiting your opinion on – How to get the right cyber/network security job?

Hi there! I don’t think there is a definitive recipe for this. As with any professional career, I recommend studying and trying out different projects to test your skills and discover what you enjoy doing the most.

This is definitely an idea for another blogpost. We’ll try to write on on this topic, since I know it’s a question that many struggle with.

This post is very helpful. Thanks! I’m going to check them out now!

So glad you found this useful, Tony! (Sorry for the extra-late reply.)

One of the best lists available. However, I would recommend MIT’s “Computer Systems Security” over the course listed here “Network and Computer Security”. The class you have listed here is good, but almost exclusively cryptography-focused. Their other class, “Computer Systems Security,” focuses on more broad topics like mobile phone security, network protocols, sandboxing, and data tracking. It has lecture videos and everything so there’s no reason not to recommend it.

Hi Cody!

Thank you so much for the feedback! We’ll definitely include the course on this list. If there’s any other suggestion that would fit it in here, don’t hesitate to let us know. Thanks again!

Thank you for the recommendations, Cody! I’ve added both courses to the list. If you have any other recommendations, just let me know.

Thank you for the post.. Very Helpful

Andra stay tuned for a very exciting new online offering in the security space that not only delivers the ability to get certified but also delivers college credits towards an associates or bachelor degree….all for under $100

Any news on this? Would be interested in evaluating it to see if it would fit the list.

Check out…$99 gives you access to over 100 security certification courses plus 1100 other IT certification training videos etc.

Very helpful post. Nowadays with the competition and rapid technological
changes students are compelled to achieve the best result. key to success is to
knock on every possible door.. Read also
free online courses
for some more great ideas
on this topic.

Thanks for the suggestion! It’s always great to discover more helpful resources.

Very good addition to round up more skills than just strictly professional ones! Thanks Kumari!

disqus_cllpPuP4AB on June 4, 2015 at 7:38 am

50 certificates without Offensive Security OSCP, OSCE listed?

The list is aimed at beginners, not advanced certifications. I’ll try to dedicate a blogpost to these professional certifications, which, in my humble opinion, are a bit different from what I listed. They deserve a category of their own. But I’ll do my best to complete the picture soon enough!

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