If you are concerned about your online security (and you should be), it’s essential to know which are the best cybersecurity blogs that could help you stay informed about the most recent trends in the threat landscape.

The question then arises: Where can you find the best security blogs to learn and to gain more knowledge in the cybersecurity field? What security experts to follow so you can stay abreast of changes in this industry and how to better protect your digital assets? How can you make the difference between the real experts and the false ones?

That’s why we want to help and we’ve put together this list with all the cybersecurity blogs and websites that are worth following.

We’re aware that it isn’t perfect and will never be, so we’ll continue to keep this list updated as much as we can. There are probably so many other security blogs and experts that we have not included. More and more are launching every day.

From small, independent researchers and experts, to the big names: security vendors, media giants, organizations, or cybersecurity communities and organizations. The main criteria were: how much can we benefit from their insights and knowledge.

Therefore, if you need best practices, how-to articles, online safety research, or the latest security news and insights from researchers, start with this guide. Feel free to bookmark our article and access the following blogs/websites whenever you feel it’s necessary.


1. Krebs on Security

Brian Krebs is the man behind Krebs on Security. Being hacked in 2001, he starts to be personally interested in online security. He’s one of the well-known names in today’s security landscape. Krebs covers topics from the latest threats, privacy breaches, and cyber-criminals, as well as major security news and alerts. He’s also a book author.

2. Schneier on Security

Another cybersecurity blog that is worth reading on a daily basis is the one belonging to Bruce Schneier which is an internationally renowned security technologist, called a “security guru” by The Economist. He wrote books, hundreds of articles, essays, and security papers on cybersecurity. At the same time, he is a known figure in the media.

The press recognizes him as an important voice for online security, not only for his knowledge on the matter but also because of how he expresses his opinions.

3. Tao Security

Tao Security blog is run by Richard Bejtlich, Principal Security Strategist at Corelight. He was previously Chief Security Strategist at FireEye, and Mandiant’s Cheif Security Officer when FireEye acquired Mandiant. Richard began his digital security career as a military intelligence officer in 1997 at the Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team (AFCERT), Air Force Information Warfare Center (AFIWC), and Air Intelligence Agency (AIA). He is also a graduate of Harvard University and the United States Air Force Academy. His fourth book is “The Practice of Network Security Monitoring“.

4. Graham Cluley

Graham Cluley is one of the most known independent computer security analysts and public speakers. He’s been working in the industry since the early ‘90s. Started as a programmer, writing the first-ever version of Dr. Solomon’s Anti-Virus Toolkit for Windows.

5. Troy Hunt

Troy Hunt is an Australian Microsoft Regional Director and Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Developer Security. He travels the world speaking at events and giving training and advice to tech security professionals. He’s also an author of many top-rating courses on web security.

You surely heard about his project Have I Been Pwned?”, a free service that tells you if you’ve been compromised in a data breach.

6. Daniel Miessler

Daniel Miessler is a well-known cybersecurity expert and writer with 20 years in information security. His blog includes a collection of technical knowledge, industry insights, and opinions shared by Daniel on various topics. We recommend adding his blog to your reading list for valuable insights and also following him on Twitter.

7. Security Affairs

Security Affairs is a security blog written by Pierluigi Paganini, an ethical hacker, researcher, security evangelist, and analyst. On his blog, among the articles on security, you’ll also find regular interviews with hackers, useful cybersecurity. In 2016, this blog was awarded as Best European Personal Security Blog.

8. Architect Security 

This cybersecurity blog belongs to April C. Wright who is a speaker, teacher, community leader, and hacker with more than 25 years of experience in the information security industry. She teaches others how to use simple actions that can lead to a better and safer place.

9. Dark Reading

Dark Reading is a widely-read cybersecurity website that addresses professionals from the IT industry, security researchers, and technology specialists. They use their experience and knowledge to provide articles, recommendations, news, and information on the IT cybersecurity landscape.

10. CIO

CIO is the place where you find news, information technology articles, insights, and analysis on major data breaches and online threats that put your online security at risk. Covering multiple aspects of the world wide web, it provides in-depth, content-rich information for IT professionals and regular users.

11. CSO Online

CSO focuses on offering users the latest information and best practices in both technology and business, loss prevention, cybercriminal threats, and software vulnerabilities, malware and data breaches, and many other useful tips and advice about cybersecurity.

12. PCMag’s Security Watch

Known for his direct and witty style, Neil Rubenking is PC Magazine’s Lead Analyst. He’s the man you have to listen if you search for technical advice on the main security solutions, from firewalls, antivirus, and antispam products to full security suites. You’ll also read in this cybersecurity blog detailed reports and sharp analysis of security programs, which should place him on your follow “cybersecurity blogs” list if you look for this type of information. He has also written several books.

13. Paul’s Security Weekly

This security blog was founded by Paul Asadoorian and brings you a wide range of topics from security news, useful technical articles, research studies to valuable information on hacking and cybercrime through different channels, from blog posts, videos to podcasts.

14. Forbes

This is one of the leading media companies in the online environment and provides strong analysis, reliable tools, real-time reports for cybersecurity news, and information on the latest online vulnerabilities.

15. SC Magazine

SC Magazine comes in the IT environment with technical information and data analysis to fight the present online security threats. Their site provides testing results for email security, mobile devices, cloud, and web security.

16. PCMag

Probably one of the most popular tech sites in the software industry, PC Mag offers readers lots of reviews and studies on the latest products for online security. For an objective analysis of a particular product you may be interested in, don’t forget to search for the dedicated article on this website.

17. The Hacker News

It is one of the biggest information security blogs and we recommend following it for the latest resources about hacking, technology, and security.

18. Security Week 

It’s one of those information security blogs you need to follow to stay informed about the latest security news, insights and analysis. You’ll also read opinions and insights from IT security experts around the world.

19. Ars Technica

Probably one of the oldest and top publications on technology. Its editorial mission is to be “technically savvy, up-to-date and more fun” than what was popular at the moment when it was founded.

20. Softpedia

Softpedia is a popular destination for software downloads but also covers tech topics and news. It was founded in 2001 by SoftNews NET SRL, a Romanian company.

21. The Last Watchdog 

It is one of those security blogs founded by the Pulitzer-winning journalist Byron V. Acohido which is a respected cybersecurity influencer, and The Last Watchdog is considered to be one of the top cybersecurity blogs. You’ll find personal opinions on cybersecurity, Q&A, useful podcasts, or videos.

22. Wired

One of the classical American online magazines reporting on technology and its role in culture, economy, and politics, Wired approaches various topics on online privacy, cybercriminal threats, systems security, and the latest security alerts.

23. Motherboard Vice

Vice’s Motherboard is an online magazine dedicated to technology, science, and humans. Lots of the data breaches in the past years were firstly announced by Motherboard and you should follow it.

24. Mashable

Mashable is a global media company, founded in 2005. They aim to be the leading media company for the Connected Generation and the voice of digital culture. We recommend following their cybersecurity category to read about all the latest news related to this field.

25. Techcrunch

TechCrunch is another leading media company focused on technology and breaking tech news, founded in the same year as Mashable and owned by AOL.

26. IT Pro Portal

It Pro Portal is one of the first tech websites from the UK, launched in 1999, and has grown to become one of the UK’s leading resources on technology information. Here you’ll find tech products reviews, market analysis, cybersecurity news, and many more.

27. Privacy Paradox from Lawfare

When law meets privacy – this is how we’d sum up “Privacy Paradox”, the subsection of The Lawfare Blog. Its authors take an unorthodox look at the law and policy of contemporary privacy.

28. The Register

The Register is another top online tech publication, with more than 9 million monthly unique visitors. You’ll find here independent news, views, and reviews on the latest in the IT industry and its security section brings the latest news from the industry.

29. TechRepublic

TechRepublic provides large resources for the online industry, such as blog articles, forums, technical papers, and security data. All the valuable information available on this cybersecurity blog will help IT professionals and technology leaders to come with the best decisions on their business processes. There are also useful resources such as white papers, eBooks, tools, and more.

30. Zero Day

The Zero Day security blog is important for all the people part of the IT industry. This information security blog belongs to ZDNet and you should follow it to stay on top of the latest security analysis, software vulnerabilities, malware attacks, and network threats.

31. The Guardian Information Security Hub

Known for its quality articles on world news, Guardian also provides a section dedicated to information security for both companies and individuals. To stay up-to-date with the most recent articles and news on cybersecurity, make sure you follow this cybersecurity blog.

32. Help Net Security

Help Net Security is a popular independent site, focused on information security since 1998. You’ll find here the latest information and articles related to the IT industry, including experts’ opinions on the hottest topics, reviews, security events, and many more.

33. Techworld Security

Techworld is an industry leader in business technology publishing, published by IDG (International Data Group). The Security section is dedicated to analyzing the latest malware threats and zero-day exploits, including analysis and tutorials. You can find here other important topics and subjects, such as security articles, how-to documents, or software reviews.

34. IT Security Guru

It is a site for the cybersecurity community which offers daily and breaking IT security news, with opinions and analysis of this industry.

35. Network Computing

The content of the Network Computing cybersecurity blog focuses on cloud technology and enterprise infrastructure systems. Its published articles cover security solutions on how to deliver applications and services for an increasingly large threat environment in the business world, news, and expert advice.

36. Infosecurity Magazine

With more than 10 years of experience, Infosecurity Magazine is an online magazine that covers not only security articles on popular topics but is also focused on security strategy and valuable insights for the online industry. You should follow it for its educational approach.

37. SANS Institute AppSec Blog

SANS Software Security provides training, certification, research, and community initiatives that help IT specialists build secure applications.

38. Peerlyst

Peerlyst is a community where cybersecurity professionals gather to discuss hot topics and exchange opinions on key subjects. As part of the community’s mission, the team is “working with people like you to help transcend the fragmented security market and create transparency”.

39. Europol 

While it’s not actually a cybersecurity blog, it is worth following and reading the newsroom section from the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation (EUROPOL) and staying up to date with the latest press releases, news articles, blog entries, videos, and other content.

40. Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) 

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is the leading nonprofit organization defending civil liberties in the digital world which was founded in 1999. Its work is mainly focused on ensuring that rights and freedoms are enhanced and protected as our use of technology grows. You should read their information security blog for its high-quality content, comprehensive analysis, educational guides, and more.

41. Virus Bulletin

The Virus Bulletin blog is a must-read online source of reference for anyone concerned with computer security and the online threat landscape. It covers the latest threats, new developments, and techniques in the security landscape, opinions from well-known members of the industry, and more.

42. StaySafeOnline

This security blog is powered by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) organization and is a reliable online source that provides valuable information on how you can stay safe online, how to keep your business secure, and many other useful tips and insights on privacy.

43. Security Boulevard

It is the home of the Security Bloggers Network (SBN) and an online community where you can find plenty of useful resources from fresh cybersecurity news, threats, and data breaches to webinars, a library of security-related resources, and many other educational resources.

44. Bleeping Computer

Another fantastic resource is Bleeping Computer, a technical support website, and a self-education tool. Do read their cybersecurity guides, forums, tutorials, and more.

45. IT Security

Here’s another useful information security resource where you can read about cybersecurity news, insights, and experts’ opinions on topics related to the cybersecurity landscape.

46. GBHackers on Security

It is another great online resource where you can read about the latest hacking news, cybersecurity, technology updates, ransomware, or malware. There’s also a place where you can find useful online courses and other interesting infosec resources.

47. BetaNews

Here’s another leading source of technology news and analysis you can follow to stay up to date with everything happening in cybersecurity.

48. ThreatPost

Threatpost is an independent news site where you can read a plethora of cybersecurity news and analysis to stay informed and safe, including useful videos, feature reports, and many more.

49. Google Online Security Blog

We couldn’t miss this one from our list! We are surrounded by Google products and services every day, from their search engine to web browser, so it’s normal to include their cybersecurity blog here. It is more than a reliable information security blog; it’s also a reference point on online security and privacy we need to acknowledge. Here you can also read the latest news and insights on how to keep users safe.

50. Microsoft Secure Blog

Starting from January 2018, this is the place where you’ll find all the blogs from Microsoft. Here you’ll find technical information for Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and Windows, alongside product updates, cybersecurity guidance, industry trends, and more. You’ll also read great cybersecurity stories from the global team of Windows Defender researchers, engineers, and experts.

51. Sensors Tech Forum

Another information security blog you should add to your list is Sensors Tech Forum, which is both an online security blog and a forum. Here you can read daily PC security news, ransomware, and virus removal guides. The Sensors Tech team publishes useful guides that could help users get through the removal process of malware.

52. Elie Bursztein’s Blog

Elie works at Google and leads the company’s anti-abuse research team, focused on protecting users against cybercriminal activities and Internet threats. His personal blog focuses on trending topics in cybersecurity such as Artificial Intelligence, network security, account security, and many more that could help users learn how to stay safe online. We recommend checking out his blog for useful articles.

53. G2 Learning Hub

G2’s blog touches on topics as diverse as Sales, Marketing, Design, or Research, to name a few. We added it to our list since you don’t want to miss their articles focused on Cybersecurity and Technology written by Aaron Walker, Senior Research Specialist. By following this highly engaging educational resource, you can explore the industry’s latest trends, learn more about security buzzwords, and discover great tools and software.

54. Heimdal™ Security Blog

Heimdal™ is a leading European provider of cloud-based cybersecurity solutions. The company offers a multi-layered security suite that combines threat prevention, patch and asset management, endpoint rights management, and antivirus and mail security which together secure customers against cyberattacks and keep critical information and intellectual property safe.

Heimdal™’s security blog is your go-to source for action-ready cybersecurity advice. Packed with the latest cybersecurity news about threat actors, industry developments, cyberattacks, data breaches, as well as comprehensive articles, and free educational resources that anyone can apply, our award-winning blog will teach you how to strengthen the security within your organization. Here you can expect to find updates, product announcements and press releases, partnership announcements, and all things Heimdal™-related.


Since the security and privacy landscape is changing constantly, so must we. That’s why we’re asking you to help us improve this article.

Let us know what other blogs we should add to this list and what you think about the current ones.

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Hello there! Many thanks for your feedback and kind words! Happy to know this blog can provide useful and actionable security tips throughout our articles.

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Great collection of tech sites providing essential information.

Hi there! Thanks for the feedback! If you have other recommendations we can add to the list, do not hesitate to let us know. Thank you!

Where is https://danielmiessler.com/ it is one of the best top 10 at least top 20

Hello, Thomas! Many thanks for your feedback! Indeed, Daniel Miesller is one of the best and experienced cybersecurity professionals out there. We are following his work. I will update this article and include his blog too. We somehow missed it!:-) Thanks again for your thoughts and have a great year ahead!

i liked the course, everything is just simple and direct to the point . Currently looking for comments that have content which is related to my site.

Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us, nowadays so many people suffer through Internet security-related issues this blog is really helpful to them.

Hello Rupesh! Many thanks for your kind words and feedback! Glad to know our blog is a valuable resource.

Here’s one aimed at infosec professionals: blog.NoticeBored.com We cover a wide range of information risk and security topics, security metrics, governance and compliance and ISO27k stuff.

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Extremally helpful article, thank you for putting in the time! I would suggest to everyone, that they should read some blogs about VPN’s and why it’s very important to use them daily. Personal favourite – NordVPN!

I liked this article. It captures what most people should do.

If you are super concerned about security, you can use a specialized OS like Qubes OS. There is a learning curve, but if you use it correctly, you are pretty well protected.

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Hello there and thank you for your feedback, we really appreciated. Our blog is mainly focused on learning our readers (and readers) how to better protect themselves and their digital assets from online threats. Throughout our practical guides, free educational courses, or security alerts found on the blog, we try to educate and make users be aware of all those imminent threats. If you want to protect your enterprise from cyber attacks, prevent data leakage and compromise, you can have a look and try our security products: https://heimdalsecurity.com/en/. Thanks!

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Many thanks for your kind words, Steve! Happy to know you find this guide useful! Will give it a try, thanks!

Great list – though I’m partial to our Vircom blog (https://www.vircom.com/blog/) – targets a good mix of the SMB owner and the techie. We try to make complex ideas on email security a bit more basic.

Hi Ioana,

It’s not exactly a blog, but I write a weekly newsletter with a round-up of last week’s security news. I’d completely understand if it’s a bit too much like your own roundup, but just in case 🙂


Thanks for a great resource!

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Hello! Alex, thank you so much for your kind words! I am also still learning because I work for almost one year in cybersecurity :-). However, my suggestion would be to look for educational resources with actionable tips to apply. I think you’d enjoy our free online course for beginners: https://cybersecuritycourse.co/ (more resources can be found here: https://heimdalsecurity.com/security-education-resources ) and to read as much as possible about this industry and even get a certification in this field. This course is really useful, and you can get in touch with other people interested in cyber security: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/introduction-to-cyber-security ) Hope this helps and wish you good luck in your career :-). Let me know if I can help with anything else!

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Hello, Tim! Many thanks for your great feedback! If you want to learn more about cybersecurity, I recommend signing up for our online course “Cybersecurity for beginners” here: https://cybersecuritycourse.co/ You will receive a new lesson every 2 days with practical tips and actionable advice. Also, here is our list of free educational resources to dive into this topic: https://heimdalsecurity.com/security-education-resources

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Hello and thank you so much for your kind words! Happy to know you found useful information in the article. Thanks for reading our blog and please let us know if there’s any topic you’d be interested in writing about.

Excellent list you’ve got here Ioana! I’ve recently started using SecurityDredge myself. It’s a nice aggregation of pertinent articles for the security community, maybe you could check it out? http://securitydredge.com/

Hi Andrew! Thank you so much for your kind words! I will review this blog and consider including it in our list. Thanks!

Hello Ioana,

Thank you for collating this list, I’ve bookmarked quite a few of these. Could you also please review https://blogs.seqrite.com/ and perhaps add it to the list.


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Hi, Chris! Many thanks for your feedback! I’m really happy to know you find useful information on our blog. If you want to learn more about cybersecurity and gain knowledge, I also recommend having a look at our free educational resources: https://heimdalsecurity.com/security-education-resources

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Many thanks for your feedback! Totally agreed with you, education in this field is essential and having a proactive attitude also helps to keep our systems protected.

Hi Ioana, a great list! Many thanks. Some of my favorite blogs have made the cut. Could your spare some time evaluating blogs.quickheal.com and consider it adding to the list? Thanks in advance!

Hello, Rajiv, and thank you for reaching out! I took a look at the blog and included in our list of cybersecurity blogs and websites. I’ve updated the article! Thanks!


I have read the list of best cybersecurity sites, I would also appreciate if you can add
http://securedyou.com/ to the list because it also offers security how-to and guides on how to secure different platforms and services.

Hello and thank you for your kind words! We’ll evaluate the blog and see if we can include it on our list. Thanks!

Following al this BS for going on the internet? Are you crazy? if we want to do that, that’s all we do all day read and blabla. I’m here on Xp with good security. Surf and buy over the whole world and I have my security checks and hacks in order and no problems so far. It is totally insane with all of this. Get a life people and learn first the basics and that is no Windows 10 crapware, knowing your pc in and out (is easy with Xp because it is more simple than all that new windows crap but W7 is also very good and follow also blogs like ghacks and howtogeek because you have nothing of security if you do not know what it does under the hood and that is basic lesson number one. Know you pc and than you get some free goodies progs from NoVirusThanks, a good AV with Emsisoft, Crystal Security, an anti-Ransom, keyscrambler, a good password manager and no, no important pw’s in the browser but secure on your HD, like password depot, good backup with Acronis for cloning the SSD drive in 10 minutes with the backup drive offline after cloning, OpenDNS for surfing and separate browsers for paying online, bank transfers and online browsers. The best is the good old Firefox (not the new one) with the ghacks safety prefs and this with the necessary add-ons for safety but that is a long list here and every browser has is own safety settings. And that’s is al you need to do and not to read all this. Read all the goods here from the past until now and get a life afterwards…

Kz from Belgium

Hello and thank you for your message! We put together this list with all the essential cyber security blogs and websites that could inspire and help our readers stay informed about the most important news in this industry. Also, the guide might be useful to learn more about online safety and how to better secure your devices. You don’t have to read or follow all of them :-), only the ones that could bring valuable information for you. Thanks!

Really?! Windows XP? Old Firefox browser? Closed source password manager like password depot? Not even Keepass? Windows 10 crapware? OMG.
Possibly you’ve already been hacked without you knowing. Ever heard of identity theft? Bots running on your crippled pc? Meltdown? Spectre? Very useful to have your disk imaged without even knowing if your system is clean. We’re not living in the 90’s anymore,

You forgot Steve Gibson’s Security Now! Podcast On Twit.
Great list however. There are a lot of good resources that I did not know about.

Hello, David! Thank you so much for your feedback and for sharing this online resource. We’ll most likely do another article with security podcasts and include this one on the list. Thanks!

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Hello and thank you for your feedback! We really appreciate it.

I like to read them daily. Thanks for introducing me to other websites. http://www.m-asim.com/ is also great tech website which keeps me updated on latest cyber security blogs

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Thanks for this wonderful list, I would like to recommend two newbies in IS Arena from India who have good potential to be among this list very soon.

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Kindly Consider adding GBHackers on Security(gbhackers.com) in the List. Web Application and Network Penetration Testing, Hacking Tutorials and Hacking News, Security investigations With dedicated Cybersecurity Expert Team and help to the community more secure.

I read most of them to update myself with latest security trends. I personally believe US-CERT is most reliable.
Visiting new secblog is my hobby and i came across many new entrants such as IN-CERG.com which is really help for no-vice to pro.
I also follow Hackersnews and gbhackers which i guess look more of news site.
Anyways thanks for your nice article.

Really thanks for your suggestions, these are really helpful. Read http://digitalpixels.co/wordpress-security/ for securing your WordPress website.

If you are interested specifically in data security and information rights management there are a number of interesting blogs at http://www.security2021.com

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I suggest your read my article (I do website Security audits). The article description 3 basic information security rules for owners http://audit4top.com/infosecurity-for-website-owners .

Great List for Cyber Security Blogs.. Thanks for Sharing..

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This is a very helpful resource. I look forward to working my way through this list!

hackcave is also good for security and pentesting news.

I would love my blog to be considered as an addition to this list. Please take a look and see if you find it fitting. Thanks for taking the time. http://blog.cybertraining365.com/

Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll take a look and maybe add it to the list.

Such a good list. I was looking for cyber security blogs. Anyways, anyone who interested in The Fifth International Conference on Cyber Security, Cyber Welfare and Digital Forensic (CyberSec2017)

For those who like the Linux security, may love our (fairly) young blog about this niche: https://linux-audit.com

They’re actually already on the list. 🙂

Thanks for the suggestion! Very useful.

Spencer Heckathorn on August 20, 2016 at 12:07 pm

This is a very helpful resource. I look forward to working my way through this list! Thank you! Spencer betterpchealth.com

Great article Cristina! Here are two more cybersecurity blogs that belong on this list: http://www.cyberisk.biz/blog/ and https://blog.finjan.com/

Thank you! We’ll follow them and add them to our list the next time we update it. 🙂

Florence Catherine on August 14, 2016 at 2:29 pm

Geekstogo has a solid community that provides reliable internet security support.

Thanks for the feedback, Florence! They’re mentioned in another article we have that offers resources on tech support in matters of cyber security: https://heimdalsecurity.com//blog/best-internet-malware-forums/

Another good resource for your list is BleepingComputer.com. Though technically not a security blog, they post a lot of great articles on computer security, especially ransomware.

We’re big fans of Bleeping Computer, but we didn’t list it because it’s more a website than a blog. But I think we’ll add it to the list anyway, because it’s truly a fantastic resource.

Thanks for the feedback, John!

Glad to hear it! I only suggested it as I saw the sites listed on 8-21 are not blogs either. Granted bleepcomputer is not quite the same level they are, but I have found them helpful.

Very true. Thanks a bunch!

Antonios Papadimitriou on July 8, 2016 at 8:33 pm

Let’s us all connect and share our quality material the more the stronger the better ? @itantonp1

Antonios Papadimitriou on July 8, 2016 at 8:32 pm

Hi I like this forum also review this it security blog http://www.dotitsec.com and include it on the list above. It’s written by ibm employee and includes tons of good information evaluate the content and let me know as well here 🙂 happy to connect with all of you

Thanks for the suggestion, Antonios. We’ll give it a look!

This is a very helpful and comprehensive list of sites. It is always hard to find this information and to find it all under one roof is great. Not only does Nightowl (www.nightowlsp.com) provide some of the best security products on the market, they provide some of the best technical information for you to base your security needs on.

Hi Aurelain – nice post! Could you also include our resource? We list literally every cybersecurity event and conference happening around the world! Here is it: https://www.concise-courses.com/security/conferences-of-2016/

Thanks Charles! We’ll include your list in this article about cyber security events: https://heimdalsecurity.com/blog/44-relevant-cyber-security-conferences-around-the-world/

Er Mahendra Pingale on April 16, 2016 at 9:09 am

Nice information and Thank You….

That’s very nice. I was looking for some security related blog.

For people interested in Identity and Access Management, you should read this blog: https://evolveum.com/blog

Hey, the blog you have posted here is so nice and helpful to all. And if we talk about the safety of ourself and security of our things then I think <a href="http://www.robucksecurity.com.au“>Robuck Security is the most famous company in Melbourne which provides healthy security services.

Hey, nice list! Great job on that. A blog that recently started and I personally like to read is http://ctijournal.com, which you may consider adding to your list.


Thanks for head’s up, Karl! We’re looking at it as we speak.

These are very awesome list, Thank You for sharing very useful information because I got additional knowledge on internet security

The href=http://maximum-technology.com/> Internet Patrol is also a security blog and direct by the Institute for Spam and Internet Public Policy. Devoted to providing study and explanation on issues relating to public policies and processes concerning to spam, Internet and email.

Thanks bro! This is an awesome list! I do think that you might add Offensive Security’s blog, because it updated frequently with all their cool stuff.


Thanks for sharing, Eli!

thanks bro

Hi Aurelian Neagu, really you have provided the all in one knowledge under one blog. it will be helpful for all who want to know different things regarding technology. specially about the security testing which is very important part now a days.

Hello Aurelin,
It is nice to see that you have presented an awesome list of security blogs to follow which is really appreciable. I always love to read good and useful information about internet security and you have provided me the same.

Thanks 🙂

Aurelian Neagu - Copywriter on March 16, 2015 at 2:12 am

Thank you for the recommendations. We’ll update this article in the future and will make sure to include some other useful security websites.

Very Interesting list , you should also mention my humble portal http://www.darknessgate.com
although it does not offer breaking computer security news but it list major computer security and forensic tools in addition to many useful tutorials.

Thank you so much for the list. I have a Internet security and privacy blog, http://internetsecurity101.net/, that I am always looking for ideas for content for so I really appreciate this comprehensive list. Look forward to reading more of your blog entries.

am fost la prezentarea celor de la BusinessMark.ro pe 10 Octombrie @Howard Johnson si am ramas placut impresionat de prezentarea lui Alin Vlad.
Foarte tare! tineti-o tot asa 😉

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