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Security experts, researchers, and cyber enthusiasts abound on Twitter, eager to share their ideas, news, and research on information security, industry best practices, and the most recent dangers.

If you’re using Twitter and want to stay on top of the biggest cybersecurity news out there, you may be asking which are the best accounts you can possibly follow. To keep you informed, we’ve created a list and divided this article into 4 parts.

These people are oftentimes thought leaders in the realm of cybersecurity and have deep connections to insiders in the industry so they are often the first to break the news on certain stories.

The categories with the highest entries. Each magazine and news website has different editorial policies. Some only post in-house content, while others are willing to share and retweet stories from other publications. Regardless, almost all of the names we’ve included are well known and respected within the industry.

These companies are at the forefront of the fight against cybercrime and malware. As a result, they are almost always the first to learn of a new threat. On top of that, they can offer in-depth analysis of online threats and practical security advice.

These accounts mostly provide niche knowledge that is too specialized to present for the other Twitter accounts above. This might include in-depth technical and code analysis of malware and also extensive legal aspects of certain cybersecurity.

So, here are the best 50 cybersecurity Twitter accounts you should follow:

Cybersecurity specialists and journalists

1.         Bruce Schneier

The Economist has labeled Bruce Schneier as a security guru, and for good reason. He’s has published books and countless articles, essays and academic papers in the field of cybersecurity. A must-follow for anyone interested in online security.

2.         Mikko Hypponen

Mikko Hypponen is a prolific writer and researcher in the online security field. During his long career, Mikko has written for The New York Times, Wired, Scientific American, and also held lectures at top universities such as Stanford and Cambridge. His Twitter account is of equally high caliber and links to new types of scams as well as news stories and practical advice.

3.         Brian Krebs

Brian Krebs is one of the industry’s top names. For nearly 15 years he wrote for the Washington Post as a security reporter, after which he went alone and but continued focusing on online security. Most of his tweets link back to his excellent blog, there’s no shortage of links to other major news stories.

4.         Neil Rubenking

Neil Rubenking is the main review for security products over at PCMag. His expertise and insight are extensive, and his Twitter account is a great way to stay on top of in-depth antivirus reviews and analyses.

5.         Dan Goodin at Ars Technica

Dan Goodin is the Security Editor at Ars Technica, a leading news website about IT and technology. His Twitter description reads “The world isn’t run by weapons anymore or energy or money. It’s run by little ones and zeros, little bits of data.”

6.         Graham Cluley

Graham Cluley is one of the most well-known and trusted security experts out there. After a rich and long career in, Graham moved into blogging and writing about cybersecurity trends and important news.

7.   Catalin Cimpanu

Security news writer for The Record Media, Catalin’s tweets often explain the inner workings of the latest scam, malware, or other types of cybersecurity trends. At the same time, he tweets about the new events in the online security field.

8.         Peter Kruse

Peter Kruse is the eCrime specialist at CSISS Security Group and a leading online security expert. He is often the first to break the news about major sources of malware or new cyber threats, so it’s a good idea to follow him for updates on the latest evolutions in cybersecurity.

9.           Eugene Kaspersky

Eugene Kaspersky, the founder of the cybersecurity company bearing his name, is one leading figure in the field of online security. He most often tweets about new cyber threats, but on occasion writes his own opinions and views on the state of cybersecurity.

10.  Troy Hunt

Troy Hunt is a Microsoft executive charged with product security and creator of www.haveibeenpwned.com . It’s safe to say he is an authority figure when it comes to online security. His Twitter account is similarly diverse and filled with useful content.

11.  Swift on Security

What do you get when you combine Taylor Swift with cybersecurity?

A unicorn angel Taylor Swift of course:

Swift on Security combines humor and practical online security advice in a fun and engaging Twitter account. Do follow if you like your cybersecurity peppered with random babbling.

12.   Debra Baker

Debra Baker has an account filled with hot infosec news and also posts a regular podcast filled with security insights. Her 20 years of experience in IT security and Cisco expertise make her a valuable educational resource.

13.   Jayson Street

A cybersecurity specialist that helps educate users, businesses, and employees alike on cybersecurity know-how. Jayson has a rich career behind, and a wealthier knowledge base which he shares with others, including on Twitter.

Cybersecurity magazines and news websites

1.         InfoSecurity magazine

InfoSecurity is a cybersecurity magazine that focuses mostly on businesses, offering them practical advice and heads-up warnings about new and trending cyber threats. A must-follow Twitter feed if you have a business and want to keep it secure.

2.         Tripwire

Tripwire is a company that provides cybersecurity solutions for companies and businesses. Their blog and Twitter accounts draw from their extensive expertise and provide practical advice and tips for their readers.

3.         Security Affairs / Pierluigi Paganini

Pierluigi Paganini is the founder of Security Affairs, a blog/news website that covers a very array of security subjects, such as social networks, hacktivists, and cyber warfare. The Security Affairs Twitter feed distinguishes itself for meaty content and very little fluff.

4.         Eweek

As far as tech magazines go, eWeek is an ancient one, going back all the way to 1984. Nominally, they are tech and IT websites, but frequently write, and tweet, about cybersecurity.

5.           Threatpost

Threatpost is Kaspersky Lab’s CyberSec news service and casts a very wide net over the subjects it writes about. Its Twitter feed focuses mostly on news, commentary, and analysis. Articles and tweets about practical cybersecurity advice and not as frequent.

6.         The Hacker News

Not to be confused with Y Combinators Hacker News, The Hacker News is a popular cybersec news website that covers just about everything and anything security-related. They normally tweet their own content but keep a diverse profile and link to other major news stories as well.

7.         Hackread

HackRead is a news platform that writes about cybercrime, privacy, surveillance, and hacking news. Its Twitter feed is similarly diverse in scope and depth.

8.         BetaNews

BetaNews writes about all subjects tech and IT, but with a pronounced emphasis on topics that concern a user’s security and privacy. Their Twitter account mostly tweets their own content and the occasional deal on some of their books (print and electronic form).

9.         Ghacks

Ghacks is a technology and IT magazine headquartered in Germany. Cybersecurity is only a section of their interest so not all of their Tweets will be security-related. However, they do delve into news stories about more technical subjects, which might be useful in some way for cybersec readers.

10.     ITWire

ITWire is one of Australia’s leading IT and technology magazines. Their news articles and tweets frequently cover cybersecurity and consumer privacy subjects, but with an Australian overview. A recommended Twitter account for Aussies the world over.

11.  CSO Online

CSO Online is a leading online platform on cybersecurity, with extensive analysis and research on the various online threats that constantly emerge. Their Twitter account mostly shares and distributes their own excellent content.

12.  CIO.com

CIO specializes in news and analysis for techies, IT professionals, and executives. As such, it has high standards for its content, which is also reflected on its Twitter account. Do keep in mind that it’s more tech rather than cybersec-oriented.

13.  Security Week

Security Week is a well-known news website in the industry, and distinguishes itself for its more technical approach and also smart editorials and opinion pieces. Its Twitter account is frequently on the front lines of the newest cyber threats.

14.  Security weekly by Paul Asadoorian

Security weekly by Paul Asadoorian is a smart and informative video blog online security, news, analysis, and practical advice. If you’re the type that prefers to watch a video, then Security Weekly is the Twitter account you should follow.


15.  Dark Reading

Dark Reading, with its suggestive name, is an online security site written by cybersec experts and aimed at other such experts. Just as its website, the Twitter account is thorough, in-depth, and thoughtful in its approach.

16.    SC Magazine

An online security magazine covering news and events and trends in the cybersecurity field.

17.  HelpNet Security

HelpNet security distinguishes itself from other cybersec websites with its extensive contributor base, from a wide array of industries. Its articles offer new perspectives on cyber threats and advice, giving the reader a more complete view of an issue.

18.  Motherboard

The mother site of all things tech. Yes, the pun was terrible but this shouldn’t make you think less of Motherboard, one of the biggest websites on the Internet for technology, science and IT matters. Their Twitter account largely mirrors their website content, so the majority of tweets won’t be about cybersecurity.

19.   The Register

The Register is a technology and IT website with some of the most unconventional articles headlines on the Internet. We’re serious about this. Their Twitter account is in the same vein. Their content however is on point, and high quality so you get the best of both worlds.

20.   FedScoop

FedScoop is a magazine/news website that tackles the relationship between the US government and cybersecurity and technology. A useful Twitter account to follow if you want to keep up with numerous developments coming out of the US.

21. BleepingComputer

The name comes from the emergency signals from a computer when something is wrong with its hardware and can’t boot up properly. As you can imagine, Bleeping Computer is all about PCs and other IT products. Their Twitter account frequently provides cybersecurity-related content, as well as other useful pieces of information.

22.  Network World

Network World focuses on news and developments in communications technology and other tech-related subjects. According to SimilarWeb, it boasts 3.1 million visits a month, so they must surely do something right. Their Twitter account isn’t strictly about cybersec, but there’s no shortage of such content on there.

23.  Computing.co.uk

Few names can be as self-explanatory as Computing is. The website’s main audience is located in the UK, and so it caters to their interests for the most part. However, many of their stories and articles cover subjects outside the British Isles, and good cybersecurity advice is borderless.

Cybersecurity companies and organizations

1.         BitDefender

BitDefender is one of the few security products that is (nearly) a household name. Their Twitter account is largely on point and presents users with a lot of useful information. What’s more, they rarely push their products in the Twitter feed.

2.         MalwareBytes

Malwarebytes has earned a reputation as a provider for malware removal software, such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware or HitmanPro. They also maintain an active and informative social media presence, including Twitter.

3.         Onion ID

Onion ID offers corporate cybersecurity solutions for the cloud and other virtual infrastructure. On top of that they also have an education blog and Twitter feed, mostly oriented towards businesses and professionals.

4.         Moix Security

Moix Security is a company specialized in offering cybersec training, penetration testing, and mobile security assessment. Its Twitter account mostly curates the best and most interesting articles from various sources.

5.         US-CERT

CERT is short for Computer Emergency Readiness Team, and is at the leading edge in the fight against cybercrime and cyber warfare. Their Twitter account is as clean and minimalistic as possible, presenting constant updates on the latest developments with minimal fluff.

6.         Naked security

Naked Security is Sophos’s cybersec blog. For those who aren’t familiar with Sophos, the company has a wide array of products covering numerous security niches. The Twitter account of their blog shares the extensive knowledge they have accumulated over the years.

7.         Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab’s research division is right at the forefront of the fight against cybercrime. Their blog and Twitter are account packed with the latest developments on cybersecurity and provide in-depth research and analysis.

8.         F-secure

A cybersecurity company with a wide array of security products, as well as an excellent research team. Their Twitter often shares breaking developments and deep analyses of malware threats.

9.         Norton

Norton’s Twitter account has a nice touch of personality, since it often posts “fun fact” kind of tweets, alongside their more serious and thoughtful blog pieces.

10.   NCSC UK

Short for National Cyber Security Centre. Although it is based in the UK, and primarily oriented towards UK users, its content is of high quality and can be applied in any country.

Specialized and niched Twitter accounts

1.           Peerlyst

Peerlyst is sort of an online forum for cybersecurity experts, where they share knowledge and advice with each other. As you can imagine, the combined brainpower leads to an extensive knowledge base. The Peerlyst Twitter account mostly curates interesting posts and news on their website.

2.         Cybersecurity , @Cyber

As the name implies, the Twitter account @Cyber is all about online security, in small, 140 character phrases. The vast majority of the tweets offer practical advice, or interesting facts about cybersecurity. A definite must-follow for the security-aware Internet user.

3.           Fieldfisher Privacy

Fieldfisher is a European law firm, and works extensively with privacy rights, data protection, and legal developments in the cybersec field. A useful account to follow for any European reader interested in online security and privacy developments on the Old Continent.

4.          Malware Traffic Analysis

The website http://www.malware-traffic-analysis.net offers a technical overview of the latest malware threats that surfaced on the Internet. For the most part, the Twitter account shares its on-site content. An excellent account to follow for those of you who want deeper, technical insight into the latest malware.

5.         Privacy Focused

As the name implies, Privacy Focused is all about privacy-related news and developments. It’s not exactly a cybersec account, but it does share online security news and content if they concern user privacy.


In our opinion, these are the best cybersecurity Twitter accounts out there, but certainly not the only ones. There’s a lot to write about when it comes to online security, and this will continue into the future as the Internet eats up more and more of our world.

For this reason, if you know about another good cybersecurity Twitter account, please recommend it to us so we might put on our list!

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