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Yesterday evening, at the fifth annual European Security Blogger Awards, our blog won the award for the Most Educational Security Blog!

The great news was announced during the security bloggers meet-up, part of the Infosecurity Europe 2016 event in London. Needless to say that we’re delighted to have received this award.

It’s really a big deal for us, since we’ve been nominated next to legendary cyber security experts. We were thrilled just for the nomination itself, as our blog is only two years old.

It’s been fantastic to get such great feedback from you, our readers who are applying the tips in our security guides or attendees who have taken the Cyber Security for Beginners or Cyber Security for Small Business Owners course.

Cyber security education is what we believe in the most. Our goal is to make online security and privacy simple and accessible to anyone. And we truly believe that this starts with understanding and mastering the basics. But this is by no means a solitary mission.

Therefore, our sincerest THANKS go to you: the people who read this blog, who nominated us and voted for us. Your kind thoughts made our day, over and over again!

We’d like to celebrate this moment with you!

Congratulations to all the other winners as well! Although they make it look easy, we know there’s a lot of hard work behind each blog article and piece of research.

As a community, we all have a lot to learn from sharing as much know-how and good advice as possible. Thanks to everyone for being part of it!

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Andra Zaharia

Security Evangelist

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As a Security Specialist at Heimdal Security, Andra has made it her mission to help users understand how cyber security works and why it’s essential for any Internet user in the world. Using her background in PR and communication, she singles out relevant subjects and extracts actionable market data and key examples to illustrate them.

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