Copenhagen, September 15th, 2022 – Heimdal® has just added two new, market-redefining features to its core DNS security with DNS over HTTPS (DoH), and Hybrid DNS. The former has been integrated into the Threat Prevention Endpoint product, while the latter can now be found in the Threat Prevention Network.

Through this coveted product update, Heimdal® becomes the world’s first vendor to support true DNS over HTTPS filtering that goes beyond the traditional method rerouting of DNS packages.

Both of these groundbreaking capabilities are now available with the launch of the Heimdal® Release Candidate dashboard and agent version 3.2.0 earlier this week. These exciting latest additions will augment organizational security, user privacy, and IT administrator experience like never before. Here is everything you need to know about them.

DNS over HTTPS (DoH) in Heimdal® Threat Prevention Endpoint

By integrating DoH into the Threat Prevention Endpoint, Heimdal® effectively allows organizations to be one step ahead of the curve and achieve a safer and more private manner of navigating the Internet. The functionality encrypts domain name system traffic by passing all DNS queries through a Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure encrypted session.

DNS over HTTPS is here to mitigate the risk of DNS spoofing and Man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks in your IT environment, ensuring that the session between the browser and the DNS server is encrypted. This further prevents malicious actors or third parties from altering the resolution request results, thus thwarting their attempts to redirect the end user’s browser toward an infected website.

As a result, user privacy within your organization will be increased at no cost to system performance, saving organizations valuable resources in the process. DoH is the Heimdal® solution to the ever-increasing threat of spoofing and MitM attacks, delivered to you with ease through a straightforward product update.

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Antivirus is no longer enough to keep an organization’s systems secure.

Heimdal® DNS Security Solution

Is our next gen proactive DNS-Layer security that stops unknown threats before they reach your endpoints.
  • Machine learning powered scans for all incoming online traffic;
  • Stops data breaches before sensitive info can be exposed to the outside;
  • Advanced DNS, HTTP and HTTPS filtering for all your endpoints;
  • Protection against data leakage, APTs, ransomware and exploits;
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Hybrid DNS in Heimdal® Threat Prevention Network

A revolutionary solution, the new Hybrid DNS module included in the Threat Prevention Network solution allows customers to secure DNS traffic in their internal networks. This is made possible by state-of-the-art filtering capabilities added onto your own local DNS server, rather than forwarding the DNS queries to Heimdal’s TPN resolvers.

This represents a major metamorphosis in regards to how traditional DNS filtering has been used so far in cybersecurity and can be considered a true milestone in the industry, setting a new benchmark in the proactive threat prevention game.

This feature will bring the advantage of using a DNS forwarder of the customer’s choice, plus the ability to have a dynamic IP on the local DNS resolver, making our solution a perfect fit for on-prem or cloud-based DNS environments alike.

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Your perimeter network is vulnerable to sophisticated attacks.

Heimdal® Network DNS Security

Is the next-generation network protection and response solution that will keep your systems safe.
  • No need to deploy it on your endpoints;
  • Protects any entry point into the organization, including BYODs;
  • Stops even hidden threats using AI and your network traffic log;
  • Complete DNS, HTTP and HTTPs protection, HIPS and HIDS;
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About Heimdal®

Heimdal® is an industry leading cybersecurity provider established in 2014 in Copenhagen, currently spanning offices across the world. With spectacular year-over-year growth and an impressive ahead-of-the-curve approach to threatscape trends, Heimdal is the go-to solution for unified, intelligent cybersecurity made easy. In March 2020, Heimdal was acquired by Marlin Equity Partners, fueling its networks of growth and distribution even further.

Contact Information

Alina Georgiana Petcu
Product Marketing Manager

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