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Threat-hunting has proven to be the most efficient, field-proven countermeasure against cyber threats. Action items based on intelligence gathered via (automatic) threat-hunting tools can aid your effort in drafting up in-depth defense strategies and battle cards to fit numerous threat scenarios. In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the best SIEM tools out there. So, if you were thinking about a security upgrade or planning on changing your existing SIEM, this is the place for you. Enjoy!

Top 10 SIEM Tools List

Let’s get this show on the road.

IBM Security QRadar SIEM

Security QRadar by IBM is a centralized Security Information and Event Management tool that allows you to quickly analyze, investigate, and detect any type of cybersecurity threat. Powered by UBA (User Behavior and Analytics) and Artificial Intelligence, QRadar can process security-related information from a multitude of sources including endpoint, application, open- and closed-source vulnerability databases, cloud, user, application, threat intelligence, and container in order to precisely pinpoint anomalous network, user, or app activity. Other features include automatic parsing and log normalization, multiple deployment scenarios, exfiltration events correlation, OT and IoT security, and more.


  • Covers multiple data sources.
  • High scalability factor.
  • Automatic flagging of compromised devices.
  • Advanced reporting features that include graphical representations of detected threats.
  • Can be integrated with most types of endpoints.


  • Upgrading the product to a higher version takes a lot of time.
  • Various log management and display issues.
  • No task cloning feature.


LogRhythm NextGen

LogRhythm’s NextGen solution is the perfect blend between SOC and SIEM, capable of covering both on-prem and remote needs. The solution leverages powerful security analytics, offering your security team a bird-eye-view of the entire ecosystem. LogRhythm is modularized, allowing you to select the features that best suit your business needs. To name a few, we have log management, a module that will aid in investigating incidents or troubleshooting machine-related issues, UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics) for picking up anomalous activity, SIEM for active threat monitoring, and SOAR for streamlining your security workflows and conducting joint investigations.


  • Intuitive dashboard.
  • Personalized alerts.
  • Advanced log management features such as log ingestion.
  • Advanced reporting features backed by visuals.


  • Lacks AI.
  • Modules are difficult to deploy.
  • Limited cloud support.


AlienVault Unified Security Management

Unified Security Management by AlienVault is a platform-based SIEM solution that covers compliance management, threat detection, mitigation, and incident response. Its features include asset discovery for passive and active network identification, host and network IDS, SIEM, UBA, integration with IAM tools, log and event normalization, and data correlation.


  • Powerful assets management features.
  • Multi-mode threat intelligence.
  • Advanced vulnerability scanner.


  • Steep learning curve for the dashboard.
  • Alarms may be difficult to set up.

ArcSight ESM Software

ArcSight ESM Software is a security solution that mixes SIEM and SOAR capabilities. Features-wise, this solution includes multi-system integration, increased scalability for even monitoring, real-time threat detection, advanced log management, and compliance management.


  • Log standardization via CEF.
  • Clustering.
  • Works in tandem with any EPP.


  • Storage cannot be expanded.
  • Increased loading time on complex queries.


EventTracker SIEM Tool

Netsurion’s EvenTracker SIEM Tool is an advanced, enterprise-centric event log monitoring and management solution that can help you instantly gather data from legacy systems, applications, databases, all types of Windows-running machines, networking devices, and SNMP. EventTracker’s Features include cross-platform support, user tracking, event correlation, multiple filtering modes, real-time alert, and a centralized data warehouse.


  • Responsive alerts.
  • Improved search features (i.e., Elastisearch).
  • Can monitor multiple environments.


  • Post-upgrade data querying issues.
  • Minor UI/UX issues.


NetWitness Evolved SIEM

Evolved SIEM by NetWitness is unified threat detection and response solution that covers every type of digital environment. The solution also boasts SOC and SOAR capabilities, fulfilling various security- and non-security-related functions from asset management to compliance and log management.


  • Multiple integration options.
  • Log parsing.
  • Advanced reporting.
  • Packet collection and analysis.


  • Can be challenging to set up.
  • Steep learning curve.
  • Threat feeds need to be manually updated.


Juniper Networks Secure Analytics

Secure Analytics by Juniper Networks is an appliance-based SIEM solution. The product can collect event data from multiple sources, correlate events, process flows, and analyze incidents. Despite being a non-software SIEM, Secure Analytics is easy to install, having “out-of-the-box setup wizards”. Other features include compliance monitoring, event processing, and removing duplicate flows.


  • Increased network visibility.
  • Easy setup.
  • High scalability.


  • Data collection requires additional storage.
  • Dashboard has a steep learning curve.


Extreme Networks SIEM Tool

SIEM by Extreme Networks is a threat analysis and incident response tool that can aid you to flag incoming attacks, increasing compliance, detecting network and endpoint vulnerabilities, and drafting reports for regulatory compliance, network optimization, or security purposes. Its components include a SIEM base appliance, a flow anomaly process, an event processor, network behavioral flow sensors, a virtual flow collector, and a console manager.


  • Increased integration factor.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Advanced alarm system.


  • No dashboard.
  • Challenging to learn.


Huntsman Enterprise SIEM Tool

Enterprise SIEM Tool Huntsman Security is a platform-based SIEM-SOC tool that is capable of providing the user with real-time visibility over security assets, investigating attacks and responding to threats. Features-wise, this solution includes log management, compliance with MITRE ATT & CK, high processing speeds, and rapid threat resolution.


  • Cross-platform integration.
  • Native API.
  • Can be used both on-prem and in the cloud.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows and Linux.


  • Pricing.

HelpSystems Event Manager

The last item on today’s list is the Event Manager by HelpSystems, a SIEM tool that allows you to identify threats in real-time, perform IAM or PAM actions to contain threats, streamline your incident response flow, and address vulnerabilities. Its features include data enrichment, out-of-the-box security, compliance reporting, and normalization of data flows.


  • Simplifies compliance flow.
  • Enhances overall security.
  • Powerful integration features.


  • Pricing.
  • Unpolished GUI.
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This wraps up the article on SIEM tools. Before I scoot, there’s just one more thing that I would like to add. Bear in mind that there’s no such thing as a one-to-fit-all solution. For instance, if your company’s running a log management solution, it would be illogical to have it replaced with a SIEM or SOAR. Instead, you can add either of those to your solution in order to construct a better security architecture.

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