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Over 50,000 people’s personal information was compromised as a result of a cyberattack on Revolut. After a Revolut employee fell for a phishing scam last Sunday night, the app-based transactions startup experienced a data breach.

An unauthorized third party gained access to some of their details, including contact and transaction information, during the incident, which affected 50,144 users. Card information, pin numbers, and passwords were not collected.

The breach was disclosed by the data protection authority in Lithuania, where Revolut holds a banking license, and this is how the event came to light. Later, Revolut acknowledged being the victim of a “very targeted cyberattack,” but noted that no revenue had been lost.

In an emailed statement to its impacted customers, posted on Reddit by an impacted user, Revolut declared:

We recently received a highly-targeted cyberattack from an unauthorized third party that may have gained access to some of your information for a short period of time.


A small fraction (0.16%) of their customers’ information was accessed by an unauthorized third party, according to the statement.

We have contacted the impacted individuals by email with further information regarding the types of data that may have been exposed. […] We take incidents such as these incredibly seriously, and we would like to sincerely apologise to any customers who have been affected by this incident as the safety of our customers and their data is our top priority at Revolut.


The financial technology company is currently conducting a further investigation into this cyberattack. Revolut has also said that it is getting in touch with clients whose private information was compromised. In order to reduce future cyberattacks, the company has warned the consumers and stated that it will not call, send SMS or messages, or ask for login information as a result of the event. The VDAI has also asked the general public to be vigilant and aware of these online fraudsters.

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