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Extended detection and response (XDR) is fast becoming the gold standard for cybersecurity. According to Gartner, 40% of all organizations will have an XDR in place by 2027, rising from just 5% in 2021. 

If your Manager Service Provider (MSP) business is looking to use an XDR, then narrowing down your shortlist can be tough. 451 Research estimates that there are at least 40 XDR providers on the market, so choosing between them is far from easy. 

In this article we compare CrowdStrike vs. Trend Micro, and analyse who offers the better XDR solution

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CrowdStrike vs. Trend Micro – Comparing XDRs

CrowdStrike’s Falcon and Trend Micro’s Vision One are two of the leading XDR solutions on the market. Let’s learn more about each before comparing them. 

What Is CrowdStrike Falcon?

CrowdStrike Falcon is a cloud-native XDR platform. After developing a number of endpoint detection and response tools, the company evolved in the last few years to provide a complete XDR solution.

CrowdStrike Falcon provides MSPs with a single, AI-powered platform to support all their monitoring needs. The company is one of a new generation of cybersecurity providers that focus on identifying suspicious behavior when searching for threats – rather than file signature-based threat detection.

The idea is that, since there are so many new kinds of threats, focusing on file signatures just isn’t that relevant any more. In this paradigm, suspicious behavior is the true mark of cybercrime.

What is Vision One?

Vision One is also a cloud based XDR platform, which Trend Micro launched in 2019. The Japanese-American company’s XDR brings together a huge number of pre-existing Trend Micro tools and apps, plus various new AI-powered features. 

Vision One uses a variety of methods to seek out malicious files or suspicious behavior on your customers’ IT systems and devices, and then alerts you to them in real time. 

Crowdstrike vs. Trend Micro – Core Features of Each XDR

What are the core features of Vision One and CrowdStrike Falcon? Here are some of the main features you get with each. 

CrowdStrike Falcon Core Features

Here are the key features of CrowdStrike Falcon that are most relevant to MSPs:

  • Behavioral detection: CrowdStrike Falcon monitors behavior across your environment. It uses Machine Learning to identify any abnormal activity.
  • Automated response: CrowdStrike Falcon will automatically respond to threats, sandbox them and provide you with detailed insights into the threat. 
  • Lightweight: CrowdStrike Falcon is known for being a very lightweight solution – it does not significantly slow down company servers or endpoints. Instead, most processing is carried out in Falcon’s cloud. 
  • Threat intelligence: MSPs who use Falcon get access to advanced threat intelligence from a highly regarded supplier. 
  • Security posture: Falcon provides identity and threat protection and Zero Trust solutions to help you set your customers’ security posture.

Trend Micro Vision One Core Features

If you’re running an MSP business, then you’ll particularly appreciate these core features of Trend Vision One:

  • Cyber risk management: Vision One gives you very wide attack surface visibility and real time risk assessments for your clients’ environments. 
  • Threat intelligence: You get threat intelligence that’s powered by AI, data scientists, researchers and over 250 million global sensors that keep you up to speed with potential risks. 
  • Security posture: Vision One gives MSPs dozens of tools to monitor users and identity, email, cloud and on-premises infrastructure, devices and apps. 
  • Unified platform: MSPs get a single platform that has an enormous arsenal of tools and security apps to choose from. 


CrowdStrike vs. Trend Micro – XDR Pricing Compared

CrowdStrike Falcon and Trend Micro Vision One have very different pricing structures. Here’s how they compare. 

Pricing Structure of CrowdStrike Falcon

CrowdStrike Falcon provides a variety of pricing tiers. However, if your MSP needs the full XDR solutions, then you will want Falcon Enterprise. This is currently listed at $184.99/device when charged annually. 

There is also a free, 30 day trial available so you can decide if it’s right for your MSP. 

Pricing Structure of Trend Micro’s Vision One

Trend Micro does not publish prices – this is because they follow a unique credit pricing model, where different kinds of endpoints require different numbers of credits. The advantage is that you only pay for what you use.

However, since Vision One credit prices aren’t made available, it can be very difficult to budget. 

Vision One also offers a 30 day free trial. 

CrowdStrike vs. Trend Micro: What Do Users Think?

When deciding between CrowdStrike Falcon and Trend Micro’s Vision One, it’s valuable to read the experiences of other MSPs and IT pros who’ve used both platforms. We’ve compiled opinions and sentiment from several sources across the web. 

CrowdStrike Falcon: Users’ Real Views

Users’ overall views of CrowdStrike are generally very positive. According to Gartner’s Peer Insights platform, the solution gets an impressive overall rating of 4.8/5

Positive reviews on software comparison sites and forums highlight several benefits such as:

CrowdStrike Falcon for Endpoint is a potent cybersecurity tool that improves endpoint security for businesses by providing real-time visibility and reaction, advanced threat information, a lightweight agent, preventative security measures, and professional managed threat hunting services.

User Review from G2

Another users writes in a review posted on the site SoftwareReview:

CrowdStrike provides strong endpoint defense for devices against cyber threats. It also quickly identifies and responds to potential security risks. CrowdStrike platform is on cloud and that’s why it was easy management for monitoring. It also provide a detailed reports for a comprehensive view of security status.

User Review from SoftwareReviews

On a subreddit dedicated to sysadmins, a user had to say:

I love it. It’s easy to use, easy to implement, detects what you’d expect it to detect and keeps the false positives down. It gathers data that is very helpful when troubleshooting issues at people’s homes.

User Opinion from Reddit

However, negative CrowdStrike Falcon reviews highlight several issues:

Some users have noted that CrowdStrike Falcon Endpoint Protection might be resource-intensive on the endpoint, which may cause system slow performance problems. Additionally, some users have remarked that it is needed to have extensive training on this platform to fully utilize it.

User Review from G2

Another CrowdStrike user on G2 had to say:

When looking at an incident, it only shows a process tree related to the incident. In order to view the whole panorama of what was going on you need to navigate to investigate host, which consumes more time and is slow to load.

User Review from G2

On Reddit, a user said the following:

Crowdstrike will ONLY take effect if it senses something running. Now this is nothing or it’s a big deal depending on your position. Meaning, if you download a ransomware package and just let it sit on the disk unexecuted, crowd strike WILL NOT remove it. It will leave it there and it will be unaware. Why? Because it only checks on things that are actively running/executed. It does not perform traditional AV whole disk scans.

User Review from Reddit

Trend Micro Vision One: Users’ Real Views

Vision One also gets overall positive reviews among users. According to Gartner’s Peer Insights platform, the solution gets a high overall rating of 4.6/5

Trend Vision One positive reviews on software comparison sites and forums highlight strengths such as:

Workload Security is a fantastic option for hybrid settings due to the variety of OSes on our servers… Wards against malware and vulnerabilities for your physical assets, cloud workloads, and security.

User Review from SoftwareReviews

Another user on G2 said the following:

With Trend Micro Vision One you get a very nice and complete overview of all aspects of your security posture. You can go as detailed as you want and tackle the risks and threats with hands-on advice on how to accomplish.

User Review from G2

On TechRadar, another user praised the software for its app depth:

Trend Vision One has an awesome arsenal of apps for preventing security threats. Deployment on Endpoints is simple and detection is near instant. The sprawling cloud console means you need to follow the mini tutorials and Resource Center to become fully comfortable but the interface is clear and largely intuitive.

TechRadar verdict

On the other hand, users also mention several negative Trend Vision One issues:

I think the reporting could be more specific, for example we cannot have a report with all the vulnerabilities of our assets, it can only be obtained in a csv and that makes it difficult for us to deliver the results.

G2 Review on Vision One

Another user, but this time on Reddit, said that the software has always caused its company’s systems to run slowly.

A user of Vision One from SoftwareReviews said:

It occasionally lags when running routine system checks and some lab tasks. Deep Security encounters difficulties updating policies since management must make changes before the procedure can be transmitted to the server agent.

SoftwareReviews User Opinion

CrowdStrike vs. Trend Micro: Is There An Alternative?

Although CrowdStrike Falcon and Trend Micro Vision One are both effective XDR platforms, you may want to consider alternative platforms too. 

Take Heimdal®. It’s a market leading cybersecurity platform built for the needs of modern MSPs. Our XDR solution is lightweight, fast, easy to use and very affordable.

heimdal XDR solution

From a single, cloud-based dashboard, you get all the same features as Falcon or Vision One, and more:

  • Threat hunting;
  • Automated remediation;
  • Multi layered endpoint detection;
  • Threat tracking scans;
  • Advanced attack prevention;
  • Vulnerability management;
  • Patching;
  • Privileged Access Management;
  • Email security.

And this is not all, to learn more about Heimdal®, visit our product page

What to see what other clients experienced with Heimdal®? Read Heimdal®’s XDR case study. 


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Crowdstrike vs. Trend Micro: Frequently Asked Questions 

Choosing between CrowdStrike Falcon and Trend Micro’s Vision One? We answer your FAQs:. 

Which is better, CrowdStrike Falcon or Vision One? 

CrowdStrike Falcon and Trend Micro Vision One take a different approach to cybersecurity management, so it is difficult to say one is better than the other. However, based on user reviews and Gartner’s EDR Magic Quadrant for 2023, CrowdStrike’s technology is, arguably, a slightly better option.  

Which costs more – Vision One or CrowdStrike Falcon?

Since Trend Micro do not publish their pricing online, it is not possible to definitely say which of the two platforms costs more. If you manage a very high number of endpoints, it seems reasonable to estimate that Vision One’s token-based system would cost more. But, if you just manage a few hundred (or less), Vision One may be less expensive.   

What is the difference between CrowdStrike Falcon and Vision One?

While both solutions offer XDR, they go about it in a slightly different way. CrowdStrike Falcon was a pioneer in focusing on suspicious behavior for detection and response, which was different to the traditional cybersecurity model that focused on identifying risky file types. Vision One now also offers behavior-based security, but is perhaps less advanced in this area than its competitor. 

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