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Choosing the best patch management software boils down to what your organization needs.

Consider how complex your IT setup is and how much you’re willing to spend.

To kickstart your search, here are the nine best patch management software & tools and software you can check out.

Key Points

  • Best Patch Management Software & Tools.
  • Benefits of Using Dedicated Patch Management Tools.
  • The Ultimate List for Patch Management Software Features.
  • How can companies benefit from Heimdal® Patch & Asset Management?
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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Best Patch Management Software & Tools

Here’s a rundown of the best patch management software and tools.

1. Heimdal®

Heimdal®’s Patch and Asset Management makes meeting Compliance goals, closing known vulnerabilities, deploying updates, and installing software an easy task.

Screenshot from Patch & Asset Management.

This patch management solution is also scalable and fully customizable.

You can deploy patches, cover patching from anywhere in the world, according to your own schedule, and update automatically any Microsoft and Linux OS, 3rd-party, and proprietary software.


  • Vulnerability inventory and CVSS/CVE scores included.
  • Admin managed in-app software center.
  • Un-installation of supported software.
  • Clean, test, and patch in less than 4 hours.
  • Https micro-downloads from Heimdal® CDN with LAN P2P.
  • Scheduling of updates according to the PC clock.



  • Intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Flexible and easy-to-integrate solution.
  • Strong services expertise.
  • Completely automated processes.


For a while, Heimdal did not provide support for MacOS patching. However, things changed starting October 2023, we also covers this area.


Heimdal® Pros


+ Super easy patch management tool that keeps 3rd party SW up to date and therefore minimizes vulnerabilities on your PC. Just set “Keep all updated” and off you go – couldn’t be any easier.

Peer L. 

Heimdal Cons


We had a minor issue with one program that kept failing to update. But the customer support where quick to act on the ticket (within 20 minutes) and help troubleshooting.

Emil D. 


Heimdal offers pricing models that suit businesses both big and small. Whether you’re an emerging startup or an established corporation, we provide budget-friendly options tailored for you.

Our pricing tiers cover a broad range from seat counts of 1 to over 20,000 and servers from 1 to more than 100.

The cost of the license varies based on subscription duration: monthly, annually, for 3 years, or for 5 years.

If you want to see our product at work, check out the 30-day free trial.

2. Ivanti

Ivanti`s patch management solution is an add-on for their Endpoint Management platform.

The product manages devices running Windows, macOS, and Linux and runs on Windows Server.

It integrates and automates prevention, detection, and response methods while focusing on the most significant areas of vulnerability.

Screenshot from Ivanti GUI.

Ivanti Patch for Endpoint Manager finds vulnerabilities in Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and third-party apps like Acrobat Flash/Reader, Java, Web browsers, etc.

Ivanti`s Main Features

  • Patches online and offline for virtual machines.
  • Uses a unique interface to manage software updates.
  • Covers compliance management.
  • Schedule patches.

Ivanti Pros

  • Easy to configure.
  • Easy to generate reports.
  • Good end-user training.

Ivanti Cons

  • Could improve auto scan and inventory management.
  • Some reviewers found the platform hard to learn for a beginner.

Ivanti Pricing 

  • Offers free trial.
  • On-demand pricing.


Ivanti Pros


+ I like to use the queries, reports, database information to build a deployment plan.

Catherine L. 

Ivanti Cons


This platform does not support the Linux operating system.

Ahmad R. 


3. Atera

Atera offers patching for operating systems, software, and hardware drivers.

It’s compatible with third-party applications like Chrome, Zoom, Java, Dropbox, Microsoft Office, and various Adobe tools.

Screenshot from Atera GUI.

System Administrators can establish automated routines for patch installations or updates on a large scale. Choosing not to apply certain patches is also available.

Atera`s Main Features

Atera Pros

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Lightweight and cloud-based.

Atera Cons

  • Lack of phone support.
  • Reviewers said sometimes computers don`t restart after patching.

Atera Pricing

  • Offers a 30-day free trial.
  • Professional, Expert, and Master subscription plans available.


Atera Pros


+ ATERA is very easy to deploy, and easy to learn to use and configure. The web interface is responsive, and they improve the product very often. Also, the community can ask for new or added features that are reviewed and possibly implemented later.

Jose Angel R. 

Atera Cons


AnyDesk does not always load/connect. I have to fall back to Splashtop every so often. The additional apps/subscriptions are nice (and growing), but management of third-party subscriptions is still not on par with more established distribution platforms.

Randy C. 

4. ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus

ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus is available both in the cloud and on-premises.

It works on Windows, macOS, and Linux devices, and offers support for server and desktop systems, virtual machines, and roaming devices.

Screenshot from ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus.

Patch Manager Plus supports about 850 third-party applications most of which are Windows software.

The software is available in three versions: Free, Professional, and Enterprise.

The Free one can support up to 20 devices and 5 servers.

ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus`s Main Features

  • Offers multi-platform support.
  • Automated third-party patching.
  • Allows administrators to test patches before deployment.
  • Offers vulnerability management.

ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus Pros

  • Easy to manage.
  • Good on reporting.

ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus Cons

  • Reviewers asked for better visibility into failed patches without log-diving.
  • Limited cloud integration options.

ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus Pricing

  • Offers a 30-day free trial.
  • Offers a free version.
  • Cost depends on the subscription plan.
  • On-prem and cloud versions have different prices.


ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus Pros


+ The ability to patch the amount of pcs with ease. Love the ability to review and deny patches simply. Program is very simple which allows me to have other users implement patching if needed.

Caleb E. 

ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus Cons


We miss basic monitoring, like CPU High, Disk Smart, Storage space, that should do the thing for an entry point of monitoring devices.

Peter D. 

5. Kaseya VSA

Kaseya VSA covers patch management for devices and infrastructure.

The solution works on Windows, Mac, and 3rd Party Software.

Screenshot from Kaseya VSA.

Kaseya patch management software enables security teams to keep servers, workstations, and remote computers updated.

It provides a unified way to manage an organization`s software.

Additionally, it allows denying a certain patch or blocking an update for a subset of machines.

Kaseya VSA`s Main Features

  • Real-time visibility of the patching process for on-and-off network devices.
  • Vulnerabilities monitoring.
  • Offers vulnerability management.
  • Automated patch management.

Kaseya VSA Pros

  • Works well for remote monitoring and management.
  • Unified user interface.
  • Good reporting capabilities.

Kaseya VSA Cons

  • Not available for Linux.
  • Navigation is not intuitive enough.

Kaseya VSA Pricing

  • 14-days free trial.
  • Offers a free version.
  • Cost depends on the subscription plan.
  • On-prem and cloud versions have different prices.


Kaseya VSA Pros


+ I like the ability to use the monitoring feature of the software . The user can easily create help desk resolution tickets and track them. The tickets created through the software can be labeled from low to high priority, which helps us set priority for the task needed to be completed first.

Nicholas H. 

Kaseya VSA Cons


We need to uninstall and install the app due to underperformance. support system/staff need to work more on the customer issues and importantly for Macs there is no automated or updated version available.

Naveenkumar M. 

6. ITarian

ITarian provides various IT management and security solutions, including a patch management tool.

The solution allows you to monitor vulnerabilities, and prioritize and automate the patching process.

ITarian also allows remote updating for operating systems.

Screenshot from ITarian's dashboard.

ITarian`s Main Features

  • Patches online and offline virtual machines.
  • Unique platform for software update management.
  • Patch testing available.
  • Checks patch compliance organization-wide.

ITarian Pros

  • Unified console to view assets, patching, software deployment.
  • Reliable Remote-Control application.
  • Free script writing for procedures.

ITarian Cons

  • Should improve technical support.
  • Reduced reporting capabilities.

ITarian Pricing

  • The ITarian Basic version, which only includes PSA, SD, and RC modules, is free for up to 1000 endpoints.
  • Other versions and modules range from $4.50 to $12.50 per endpoint/yearly.
  • Discount rate available for MSPs.


ITarian Pros


+ I like that it is free. Has great patch management. Remote control of Windows and Mac devices. Monitor iOS and Android devices. Monitor Linux devices.

Kameron P. 

ITarian Cons


It can be a bit clunky at times, compared to other RMM’s. Having used Datto’s RMM, ConnectWise, and some of the other big name’s in RMM’s, it’s still in its infancy stage. I wish it had some greater ability to provide details as to why commands fail, etc., but I’m living with that.

Michael H. 

7. Automox

Automox is a cloud-native platform for endpoint management.

It offers a unified solution for IT administrators to automate the hardening and patching of their devices on-prem, in the cloud, or remote.

Screenshot from Automox's Patch All section.

It is one of the patch management solutions that works for automating OS patching on Windows, Mac, and Linux devices.

Automox`s Main Features

  • Third-party software patching.
  • Full policy automation.
  • Automated patching of remote devices.
  • Vulnerability management.

Automox Pros

  • No VPN needed to push software packages.
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Responsive technical support.

Automox Cons

  • Console doesn`t offer detailed reports on all actions.
  • Could improve the authentication module.
  • Requires more integration.

Automox Pricing

  • 15-day free trial available.
  • Prices start from $2/month per device.


Automox Pros


+ Automox deploys not only to Windows & macOS but also to Linux. And it works on our servers as well. And I use the API routinely.

Dale C. 

Automox Cons


Too many pricing tiers. A lack of audit on what users are doing within the console. No version control or audit on worklet or policy changes.

Jack S. 

8. NinjaOne Patch Management

NinjaOne is a cloud platform designed for remote management and monitoring.

Its Patch Management solution allows administrators to handle patching for various OSs and about 135 third-party Windows applications.

Screenshot from NinjaOne's dashboard.

Administrators can use the platform to control patch deployments, set schedules, and establish patching policies for endpoints.

It provides real-time data on patch statuses, helping to identify vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, the system enables the creation and sharing of detailed endpoint compliance reports.

NinjaOne Patch Management`s Main Features

  • Works on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • Automated OS and third-party application patching.
  • Full hardware and software inventories.
  • Remote device management.

NinjaOne Patch Management Pros

  • Intuitive IT management platform.
  • Reduces ticket volumes.
  • Easy to set up.

NinjaOne Patch Management Cons

  • Occasional service disruptions.
  • Some reviewers asked for better report customization.

NinjaOne Patch Management Pricing

  • Offers free trial.
  • Pay-per-device pricing model.


NinjaOne Patch Management Pros


+ NinjaOne has helped our organization get our patch mangement under control, for our Windows desktops and servers. The policies are easy to configure and maintain. Software maintenance is a breeze. The device alerts are a great feature too. I also love the fact that I can see processes and applications that are running on my network machines in real time. I have a much better handle on how our machines are running, which is really important for a small IT team. I log into it daily to see if and where any tweaks are needed for our system.

Neil M. 

NinjaOne Patch Management Cons


The main improvement I would like to see is support for SCIM provisioning with Azure. Also it would be nice to have SAML with Azure and multi tenancy support. This means our customers can’t use SSO with their own Azure tenant.

Julian T.

9. Avira Software Updater

Avira Software Updater is a patch management solution that covers updates for over 150 frequently used applications.

They monitor updates for Chrome, Firefox, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, and CCleaner, among others.

Although Avira doesn’t specify all supported applications, it streamlines the update process by scanning your system for outdated software.

Screenshot from the dashboard of Avira's Software Updater Pro.

The tool can scan for outdated drivers too, but I advise you to avoid this feature.

Driver updates rarely bring substantial security benefits that are not already covered by Windows.

On the other hand, incorrect driver updates can destabilize the way your PC works.

As a rule, it`s better to let Windows handle driver updates.

Avira Software Updater`s Main Features

  • Scans third-party software for updates.
  • Automated patching.
  • Driver updates available.

Avira Software Updater Pros

  • Provides detailed analysis of outdated software scan.
  • Offers great visibility for all applications on your device.
  • Easy to install.

Avira Software Updater Cons

  • Free version doesn`t offer automatic update options.
  • Scheduling not available.

Avira Software Updater Pricing

  • Offers free version.
  • Monthly plan cost is 1.95 EUR/device.
  • Annual plan cost is 19.95 EUR/device.

But after discussing the best patch management solutions, it’s essential to step back and understand the foundational concept.


Avira Software Updater Pros


+ It runs in the background so it does not interrupt the actions that are being carried out.

Avira Software Updater Cons


Another area of improvement can be in minimizing pop-ups/ads when running the software. This was more problematic historically especially in the free versions of the software, but could really be minimized in all versions.

Verified User

Benefits of Using Dedicated Patch Management Tools

In a nutshell, a good patch management software should:

  • Reduce the risk of security breaches

Patching keeps you safe from known vulnerabilities that threat actors can exploit to launch a cyberattack.

They use flaws to gain unauthorized access, steal data, or compromise system integrity.

  • Enhance software stability

Patches often include bug fixes that improve software stability.

Apply updates regularly to minimize crashes, errors, and performance issues.

  • Ensure Compliance

Many industries and regulations require organizations to maintain software up to date to protect sensitive information.

Patch management helps maintain compliance with these standards.

  • Automate the patching processes

Automated patch management is much faster and more efficient than manual updates.

It reduces the window of exposure to threats because the devices are consistently and swiftly patched.

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The Ultimate List for Patch Management Software Features

Each patch management tool comes with its own set of features, pros and cons.

After going over hundreds of reviews for various patch management software, here`s what I`ve learned:

  • there`s no use paying for tons of additional features that don`t actually add value;
  • outstanding ongoing technical support really pays off;
  • you should carefully evaluate your organization`s digital assets, compliance requirements, and work processes to make the best choice. One size never actually fits all.

In addition, there is a set of essential features that top patch management software should have:

Infographic depicting the essential features a path management solution should have.


How can companies benefit from Heimdal® Patch & Asset Management?

Heimdal’s Patch & Asset Management makes sure all your software is always fresh and updated.

It`s also on the lookout for newly disclosed vulnerabilities, so it can swiftly close security gaps.

Beyond the must-have patch management perks, there`s also an amazing support team ready to help you out.

This top patch management tool offers businesses several advantages.

  • It allows you to view your software assets, their versions, and the number of endpoints they work on from a single dashboard.
  • Allows you to generate inventory reports for evaluations and to show compliance.
  • Is extremely flexible and allows you to update, downgrade, or remove specific software.
  • You can easily install any chosen software across your systems, or even let users do it themselves.
  • You can send custom software to any endpoint globally.
  • Scheduling enables you to deploy patches whenever it best suits you.

Using Heimdal® Patch & Asset Management is a proactive step to simplify IT operations and bolster security.

With Heimdal`s solution, your business will stay agile, compliant, resilient, and, most importantly, safe from cyberattacks.

Heimdal Official Logo
Automate your patch management routine.

Heimdal® Patch & Asset Management Software

Remotely and automatically install Windows, Linux and 3rd party application updates and manage your software inventory.
  • Schedule updates at your convenience;
  • See any software assets in inventory;
  • Global deployment and LAN P2P;
  • And much more than we can fit in here...
Try it for FREE today 30-day Free Trial. Offer valid only for companies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the best patch management software?

Heimdal`s Patch and Asset Management exceptional capabilities make it the best patch management software.

The solution was endorsed by its winning the Risk Management Award at the prestigious Security Excellence Awards.

Heimdal Patch & Asset Management provides all the key features that you might expect from a top patch management product.

Users also praised Heimdal`s fast and effective technical support service.

2. How does patch management software prioritize updates?

Most patch management tools use systems that categorize updates based on the vulnerability`s severity: critical, high, medium, or low.

This ranking system considers the urgency and impact of the vulnerability being addressed.

Administrators can then prioritize and deploy the most urgent updates to make sure they apply critical patches first.

3. What is the best practice for patch management?

Patch management best practices include:

  • Automating the patching process
  • Risk assessment
  • Establishing a Patch Management Policy
  • Creating an asset inventory
  • Patch testing before deploying patches
  • Pre and Post-Patching results analysis

4. Which company produces comprehensive patch management software?

Heimdal produces comprehensive patch management software to ensure that systems are consistently updated against vulnerabilities and to streamline the process of deploying patches across various applications.

5. What are three types of patch management?

The three predominant patch categories include security patches, patches for bugs, and updates for features:

  • Security Patches: With tech moving at lightning speed, staying on top of security patches is a must.
  • Patches to Address Bugs: essential for rectifying software glitches.
  • Patches for Performance Enhancements and New Features: these ensure the software remains up-to-date with the latest functionalities.
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