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In order to minimize the impact of a security event, proactive detection and coordinated response are essential.

For tangible security advantages, it’s crucial to quickly identify real threats from the multitude of alerts and promptly address them across the whole organization while ensuring a comprehensive response.

Here is where security solutions like MXDR (Managed Extended Detection and Response) come into play.

MXDR is a cybersecurity service that merges the power of advanced digital technology with the finesse of outsourced human expertise.

Built on existing capabilities of security solutions like XDR (Extended Detection and Response), MXDR offers superior protection against cyber threats.

Features like human support, proactive threat hunting, and security intelligence are part of MXDR’s arsenal, all overseen by a dedicated team of specialists outside your company.

MXDR Benefits

Implementing an MXDR system can bring numerous advantages to your organization, such as:

1.    Improved Security

MXDR covers all areas of security, including endpoints, networks, cloud environments, user behaviors, and more. By encompassing the entire digital landscape, organizations obtain a holistic security solution for their organization’s needs. From continuous monitoring to swift responses, the various features of MXDR provide a comprehensive and stand-alone solution for companies.

Furthermore, MXDR providers give organizations recommendations and changes in response to malicious security incidents, positioning a company against future cyberattacks. Managed Extended Detection and Response services also tap into global threat intelligence from different regions, industries, and companies.

2. Reduced Complexity and Enhanced Efficiency

In recent years, the threat landscape — and associated solution set — has gotten significantly more extensive and complex for organizations.  Handling the sheer volume of alerts from these security tools, coupled with safeguarding the surge in IoT-enabled endpoints stemming from technological progress and the rise in remote work, amplifies the challenges and intricacies for IT teams in defending the entire attack surface and investigating incidents that might emerge anywhere, anytime.

MXDR outsources important tasks such as alert monitoring, prioritization, and response to an external team, allowing the in-house IT staff to dedicate themselves to operations. MXDR employs top-tier technologies and solutions to automate certain aspects of threat detection and response. This not only simplifies and optimizes security operations but also fosters important efficiency improvements for the extended security team.

3. Reduced Costs and Downtime

Although MXDR is a managed service and hence a cost to the organization, it is often less expensive than maintaining an internal security team and toolset of the same quality. In general, MXDR typically offers a lower total cost of operation to the business, as demonstrated by cost savings associated with reduced complexity within the IT infrastructure, shared licenses for software products, and valuable efficiencies unlocked for the IT department.

Furthermore, security breaches can cause considerable production downtime, which can be expensive for businesses. With MXDR in place, organizations can react rapidly to any security concerns, lowering the risk of downtime and ensuring operational continuity.

4. Resource Optimization

Even the most well-known organizations struggle to recruit and retain the talent necessary to plan and manage a security function because of mounting talent shortages in the IT sector, and cybersecurity in particular. Moreover, deciding on the appropriate response to every alert and active threat—and acting swiftly to prevent a minor intrusion from escalating into a major breach—demands more manpower and expertise that often exceeds what’s commonly available in-house.

As IT and security teams deal with employee shortages, increased workload, and the complexity of an ever-expanding toolkit, MXDR is one solution to assist organizations in optimizing staff and other resources while also improving their security posture. This is particularly crucial since businesses increasingly lack the time and resources to completely implement and optimize current solutions, as well as patch and upgrade apps and infrastructure. Having an MXDR service to manage these processes enhances the overall security of the organization while also reducing IT staff workload.

5. Improved Threat Detection

MXDR harnesses cutting-edge tools and top experts in the cybersecurity landscape to shield clients from advanced threats. This results in a more powerful security posture for the business and heightened protection for its customers.

6. Peace of Mind

Given the multitude of cyber threats, many organizations find it hard to feel fully secure. However, with MXDR, you can take solace in the strength of the solution. It provides maximum security across all sensitive areas and endpoints, giving you greater confidence in your digital systems. If your company offers remote or hybrid work possibilities, this absolute security can become an even greater comfort. You can focus on day-to-day operations while the system handles security.

7. Expert Support

MXDR suppliers are responsible for managing and supervising MXDR tools. These systems are overseen by cybersecurity experts who have the knowledge and skills to detect and address security threats quickly. Their support is vital, especially for companies without extensive in-house security resources, as it assures a level of protection that would otherwise be unattainable.

With MXDR, businesses can delegate tasks away from their already burdened internal teams. While many processes within MXDR can be automated, human oversight remains essential for continuous network monitoring. MXDR providers develop a pool of security professionals and engineers who vigilantly monitor networks and act upon any security incidents.

7 Key MXDR Benefits

How Can Heimdal® Help?

MXDR Adapt: World’s First Built-to-Order SOC Service

Last week, Heimdal unveiled MXDR Adapt, a transformative evolution of its Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) solution.

This ground-breaking adaptive control expands on the capabilities of the existing MXDR (24/7 SOC) offering, highlighting Heimdal’s commitment to providing clients with unprecedented customization in their cyber defense strategies.

Heimdal CEO Morten Kjaersgaard says that

MXDR Adapt represents a monumental leap in our legacy of exceptional managed services, as it is the world’s first built-to-order SOC service. We continue to reshape the cybersecurity landscape by offering pioneering solutions that empower clients and partners to mold their security environment.

Benefits of Heimdal MXDR

  • Achieve environment-agnostic implementation & realize immediate enterprise protection with Heimdal’s unified platform approach.
  • Minimize enterprise-wide security risks with 24×7 proactive monitoring & threat remediation.
  • Dramatically reduce MTTD and MTTR with proactive and automated responses across the network, endpoints, emails, access, identity, & more.
  • Benefit from Heimdal’s accredited SOC team with defensive and offensive capabilities & decades of global experience.
  • Eliminate alert fatigue for teams by streamlining critical & imminent threats without manual processes.
  • Address SecOps skills shortages and allow internal teams to focus on critical objectives while relying on Heimdal for advanced investigations & forensics.
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Secure your business with advanced 24x7 Protection.
Amplify the power of your security operations with Heimdal’s 24x7 fully Managed Extended Detection & Response (MXDR) solution.
  • End-to-end consolidated cybersecurity;
  • Powered by the Heimdal XDR, Unified Security Platform
  • Comprehensive enterprise security without any additional integrations
  • 24x7 monitoring & prompt response delivered by our security experts
Try it for FREE today 30-day Free Trial. Offer valid only for companies.

For additional information about MXDR Adapt, visit Heimdal MXDR.

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