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Heimdal® unveils MXDR Adapt, a transformative evolution of its Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) solution.

This revolutionary adaptive control enhances the capabilities of the existing MXDR (24×7 SOC) offering, reaffirming Heimdal’s commitment to equipping clients with unprecedented customization in their cyber defense strategies.

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In a landscape where cyber threats perpetually evolve, the imperative of an adaptable and personalized approach to threat detection and response can never be overstated. MXDR Adapt represents the next stride in Heimdal’s ongoing dedication to innovation, seamlessly integrating with the established Heimdal Unified Security Platform.

The World’s First Built-to-order SOC Service

MXDR Adapt represents a monumental leap in our legacy of exceptional managed services, as it is the world’s first built-to-order SOC service” emphasizes Morten, CEO of Heimdal. “We continue to reshape the cybersecurity landscape by offering pioneering solutions that empower clients and partners to mold their security environment.”

MXDR Adapt transcends mere feature status; it embodies a philosophy deeply woven into Heimdal’s ethos of agility and responsiveness amidst evolving digital challenges.

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Both end-clients and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) now possess a dynamic feature that elevates their cybersecurity stance.

The distinctive “Adapt Mode” harmonizes organizations, enabling them to seamlessly combine automated responses with Heimdal SOC Teams or personalized interventions. This fosters a potent blend of agility and coordinated efforts, fortifying global enterprises’ cyber resilience.

Heimdal cordially invites partners, clients, and the media to explore the limitless potential of MXDR Adapt, the latest milestone in the ongoing evolution of Heimdal’s cybersecurity solutions.

For additional information about MXDR Adapt, visit Heimdal MXDR.

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