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We’re always open to other security experts weighing in on cybersecurity topics.

If you think you have something valuable to contribute to our blog, we welcome your ideas.

Before you send us a pitch, please note the following:

  • We are busy people, so it may take up to one week for you to get an answer after the initial email. Be patient, we’re getting to you soon.
  • The Heimdal Security blog is the winner of the Most Educational Blog Award Europe in 2016 and a finalist in the 2022 European Cybersecurity Blogger Awards. We focus on writing well-documented and helpful content for our readers. Therefore, only top-quality guest posts will be accepted. If your content is not up to par, we don’t have time to do any major edits or give you extensive feedback, you will just get rejected.
  • Your content also needs to be original (not published anywhere else before). Also, and obviously, your content cannot infringe on any copyright laws.
  • We will also retain the copyright to all content you publish with us (you can’t resubmit it someplace else).

How to proceed?

First, send us an email at guestauthors@heimdalsecurity.com, with one or a few topics you can confidently write about. Think of how you are helping our readers and the community protect themselves better from cyber threats with the info you are bringing to the table.

Before pitching an idea, do a quick search on our blog and make sure the topic is not something we already covered. Also, do not send us completed articles. Unsolicited manuscripts will be ignored! We need to approve the topic idea first.

If you’re accepted…

Then make sure you edit your piece according to the following guidelines before you send us the completed version.

  • Recommended length: between 1000 and 1500 words.
  • Personal opinions, stories, and experience are always more valuable to us than general information compiled from online sources.
  • Don’t make any claims or use facts and figures without mentioning the source for your data.
  • Graphs and charts that accompany your content are more than welcome and encouraged.
  • We can include one link to your website or blog.

Looking forward to your contributions and to working together!


The Heimdal Security Content team.

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Cezarina Dinu

Head of Marketing Communications & PR

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Cezarina is the Head of Marketing Communications and PR within Heimdal® and a cybersecurity enthusiast who loves bringing her background in content marketing, UX, and data analysis together into one job. She has a fondness for all things SEO and is always open to receiving suggestions, comments, or questions.

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