Fight against online threats and cyber-crime continues.

For us, this was a week we dedicated to ransomware, probably the most infamous online threats in the wild.

And it’s not only because we found 4 interesting articles on this subject, but we also published this week 2 security guides that may prove very useful in keeping you safe from this major threat.

The security article we published on ransomware is a guide to the most well-known ransomware names. The second is a security guide on how to create a back-up for your system.

Our goal is to bring you the latest security news from the digital world. And this is what we do.

These are the 10 security articles of the week that you should read in order to improve your online security.

Security articles of the week


 1. Beware of ‘Ransomware’ holding your computer hostage

How does it feel to have your computer files encrypted and held for ransom? Professional and personal data blocked from being accessed and there’s nothing you can do. Will you pay or not? Don’t forget to back-up your sensitive files.


2. Crypt0L0cker ransomware avoids US computers

A new ransomware variant is in the wild, but it avoids the US computers. Are they trying to keep a low profile and escape detection by the major law enforcement agencies in US?


3. In first, ransomware customizes language for Far East countries

Ransomware is not only on the rise, but it expands to the far east Asian countries, like Japan and Korea. Are they ready?


4. Decryption tool available for TeslaCrypt ransomware that targets games

TeslaCrypt ransomware that targets gamers is now in trouble, because security researchers from Cisco Systems have developed a tool to recover the encrypted files. Reverse engineering efforts continue.


5. How to Avoid Getting Hacked Next Time You Leave Home

Are you a frequent traveller? How do you avoid being hacked while in vacation? Check out these 6 advices and stay safe away from home.


6. 4 key cyber-security trends to watch

Can we predict the future trends in cyber-security? Will this help us? One of the present trends is the comeback of the human element in the game. Stay safe!


7. After Hacks, A Dark Web Email Provider Says a Government Spied on Its Users

SIGAINT, a dark web email provider (for more than 40,000 users) that lives inside the Tor network has been targeted by unknown people by deploying various exploits against its infrastructure. Though the attack was unsuccessful, it could only be the beginning of a major campaign.


8. Vivek Wadhwa: Star Trek or Mad Max future? It’s our choice

Computers become smarter than humans and in about 7 years, your iPhone 11 will be more intelligent than you. Will you still try to talk to your phone, or will the phone consider that your language is just boring?


9. Can We Secure the Internet of Things?

Greater connectivity is a good thing, right? What about security? Do you think it’s difficult now to defend your computer and you mobile phone from hackers? Wait to see how you’ll defend your fridge or your toaster from hackers.


10. Nepal Earthquake Exploited by Cybercriminals

Any disaster is an opportunity for cybercriminals to make some money for themselves. So, before you make another donation, pay attention to the charity organizations’ names where you send the money and to the websites where you insert your financial information.


We are sure there are other important security news out there. So please let us know, what security news did we miss and should have been included here?

This post was originally published by Aurelian Neagu in May 2015.


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