Fight against online threats and cyber-crime continues.

Our first 3 articles in the list offer 3 different methods to discover a password. You can use advanced technology, you can discover a credit card terminal that uses the same default password for the last 20 years or you can, if you are a gangster, just threaten someone’s life to get it.

Our security blog published this week two important articles for your online security. The first blog post is a great place to start if you want to create the best possible password. The second article gives you a few hints on common sense safety rules that influence your online safety.

Our goal is to bring you the latest security news from the digital world. And this is what we do.

These are the 10 security articles of the week that you should read in order to improve your online security.

Security articles of the week



1. New Technology Cracks ‘Strong’ Passwords — What You Need To Know

This article lets us know that is really not that important how secure we think our password is. Even if we set a very good password, human memory is limited and is not that hard to break that password by using maths and brute force techniques.


2.  Credit card terminals have used same password since 1990s, claim researchers

2 security researchers disclosed at the RSA Conference in San Francisco that a major vendor of payment terminals has delivered devices for the last 20 years with the same default password. Read the article and find out the name of the company.


3. Drug dealer: Cops leaned me over 18th floor balcony to get my password

There are so many security articles and blog posts that appear these days and all recommend users to create very strong passwords, never use them in more than one location and even use special tools to store them. And it’s OK, we get it. But how do you protect your password when someone threatens your life?


4. House Passes Cybersecurity Bill Despite Privacy Protests

It’s not easy to find a good balance between security and privacy. The American authorities try to impose a new bill that is meant to increase sharing cyber-security data between corporations and government agencies. The only problem is that the new rules suppose a greater level of access to the American citizens’ information.


5. Researcher who joked about hacking a jet plane barred from United flight

What are you tweeting about? Do you find it funny to joke about hacking a jet plane? The FBI and United Airlines couldn’t get the joke, apparently.


6. FireEye’s Kevin Mandia: Identifying Hackers Is Getting More Difficult

Kevin Mandia, president of FireEye and one of the best known figures in cyber-security, said that tracking down hackers has become more and more difficult these days, since they keep their anonymity strategy and deploy malware attacks from locations that cannot be easily discovered.


7. Globalizing The Fight Against Cybercrime

Eugene Kaspersky talks about the need to increase the global cooperation between the private security companies and the law enforcement agencies. Without this joint fight, success can only be limited.


8. Your Weakest Security Link? Your Children

There are so many tools and so much information we can use to secure our network, but how do we deal with children? Is online security education more important than normal education? Or should we include it in the normal education process?


9. How attackers exploit end-users’ psychology

It has been recognized lately that human factor is difficult to predict and analyze in the IT industry threat landscape. Since hackers improved their phishing attempts, it is not that easy to determine what is real and what is an online scam.


10. Which Antivirus Is Best? Tough Test Separates Winners and Losers

Neil Rubenking takes a look at the latest results from Dennis Technology Labs. Which is the best antivirus for your system? Analyze the results and decide for yourself.


We are sure there are other important security news out there. So please let us know, what security news did we miss and should have been included here?

This post was originally published by Aurelian Neagu in April 2015.

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