Fight against online threats and cyber-crime continues.

In the online environment, IT security blogs and websites continue to analyze the Sony Pictures data breach. For this reason, we will recommend further on a few articles that point to this major security event, which could shed some light on the subject.

Our own security blog provided this week a 5 step security guide on keeping your Instagram account safe. We recommend following the 5 simple steps if you are using this popular social media platform.

Our goal is to bring you the latest security news from the digital world. And this is what we do.

These are the 10 security articles of the week that you should read in order to improve your online security.

Security articles of the week


 1. A Breakdown and Analysis of the December, 2014 Sony Hack

To better understand the Sony Pictures breach, you need to take a look at this long and detailed article. It contains all the necessary details on this event on what has happened and what has been stolen.

2. How impoverished North Korea built elite ‘secret war’ hacker unit

North Korea may be involved or not in the Sony Pictures hacking event. But this doesn’t mean they aren’t ready and prepared to do this. How did they manage to do it? Read this article to learn more about it.

3. NORKS: We didn’t hack Sony. Whoever did was RIGHTEOUS, though

We didn’t do it! This is what North Koreans claim. But should we believe them? In any case, this is the official statement. But can we trust the North Koreans?

4. Best Defense Against a Cyber-Attack Is to Know Your Adversary

We talk every day about cyber-security. But who is the actual enemy? Best defense from cyber-crime is to know the enemy, but how can we know the enemy when we don’t know ourselves? Regarding the Sony Pictures hack, even if we know the enemy, is that a good excuse for not setting the best security defenses, as apparently happened in this case?

5. Pirate Bay Torrent Tracking Site Goes Dark

Pirate Bay torrent has been shut down. Again. Is this time for good or is it again just a temporary measure? And if it’s for good, why wasn’t it closed even sooner?

6. 7 Ways to Prevent Holiday Shopping Identity Theft

Yes, it is that time of the year when we go on a holiday shopping spree. But, using our credit card information on unsafe online locations poses a great security risk and exposes us to identity theft. Keep it safe!

7. Google said to shut down engineering office in Russia

Russia is about to adopt new regulations which require information about Russians to be kept on servers from Russia. Google doesn’t seem to like this legal change and it’s now moving the engineering employees out of Russia. What’s next?

8. Identity Theft Resource Center launches 24/7 victim assistance

When identity theft affects you, who you’re gonna call? A nonprofit organization from US has established a toll free call center for these cases. We hope more countries will continue to create security centers such as this one.

9. Predictions for APT Attacks Go from Bad to Worse in 2015

Advanced persistent threats are used for cyber-espionage campaigns and will only increase in the following years. At the same time, the number of involved actors will develop and bring new malicious tools into play. How does it sound for you?

10. Prevent 2015 from becoming another Year of the Data Breach

There is no doubt, some of the worst security breaches ever took place this year. Will they happen again in the future? How can we stay safe from them? This article comes to our help.


We are sure there are other important security news out there. So please let us know, what security news did we miss and should have been included here?

This post was originally published by Aurelian Neagu in December 2014.

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