We started the week with a new cyber security alert: RIG exploit kit picked up where Neutrino left off, and now spreads CrypMIC ransomware. You can read all you need to know about it here.

But a lot happened since then, from new malware distribution methods uncovered by researchers to the culminating Yahoo breach. Here is the top 10 need-to-know cyber security news from these past days:



Security articles of the week



1. 500 million Yahoo accounts were hacked

In what is one of the biggest known data breaches, 500 million Yahoo account were compromised back in 2014. There were many rumors about this, but now the leak was confirmed by the company and we have more details about it.

You should also read our article about hacked accounts and what to do in order to control the damages.


2. Infected USB sticks ended in Australian post boxes

Someone has been dropping USB sticks infected with malware into Australian homes’ mailboxes.


3. Krebs’ website hit by 620 GBps DDoS attack

Cyber security expert Brian Krebs website got hit by one of the biggest DDoS attacks ever recorded.


4. IoT Village uncovers 47 security vulnerabilities across 23 devices

New dangers in smart homes devices were revealed.


5. InfoArmor uncovers malicious torrent distribution network

Cyber crooks were distributing malware together with the most popular torrent files.


6. Cyber terrorism is seen as single biggest future threat

And it won’t be like in the movies.


7. The Dark Web is mostly full of garbage

An interesting article from Gizmodo about how the dark web really looks like (spoiler alert: same way the “normal” web looked like 20 years ago).


8. First cyber security regulation that pressures Bitcoin compaines

And we salute the initiative.


9. Mr. Robot plots – not that much fiction

‘Mr. Robot’ may be fiction, but its hacking plots are all too real.


10. Two unexpected phone calls

A true story about a scam related to identity theft.




The moral of all this?

We all need to be prepared.

Not to sound dramatic, but we should acknowledge that we can’t have all this technology and not experience downsides. And cyber crime is the biggest downside of all.

However, it’s our personal and collective responsibility to learn and act now to build a safer future. It starts with each of us.

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