Fight against online threats and cyber-crime continues.

This was an interesting week for all of us. Especially for our malware analysts who provided great security researches, which we did our best to publish as fast as possible.

We started the week with a Nuclear exploit kit, a threat that delivers zero-day attacks and is a great tool for online criminals, we continued with Vawtrak, a classic financial stealing malware that is on rise at this moment, then we brought you one of the most interesting articles we wrote lately – 10 Surprising Cyber Security Facts That May Affect Your Online Safety – and we ended with another classic cyber-criminal weapon, DarkComet RAT which is used right now in a large spear phishing campaign.

Our goal is to bring you the latest security news from the digital world. And this is what we do.

These are the 10 security articles of the week that you should read in order to improve your online security.


Security articles of the week



 1. A hacker needs ’70 euros, an average IQ, and a little patience’ to steal your info over public wifi

A very interesting article that gives us an inside view from the cybercriminals’ point of view. Reading the article makes you think that it’s not that hard to become a feared criminal mastermind.


2. How Professional Trolls Help Russia with Online Propaganda

Have you ever considered professional trolling as your future career for an authoritarian regime? Well, if this is what you have always fantasized about, now you can do some good old propaganda for the Russian government.


3. 10 Simple Things You Can Do to Be More Secure Online

How do we stay safe online? Here’s a nice article from PC Mag that can give you a few clues. Among the most important elements, we notice the importance of protecting your browsing tool and your passwords.


4. 5 Social Engineering Attacks to Watch Out For

What is a social engineering attacker? First, it is an online criminal that employs malicious code in reaching economic targets, but it is not any type of hacker, it is one that exploits that one weakness from every organization: the human element. Read more about their tactics and methods.


5. The things end users do that drive security teams crazy

Here you can find a few true stories about users that managed to drive crazy the guys from IT. You know, those guys who try to impose some security protocols that we always seem to ignore.


6. 60% of U.S. IT Decision Makers Trust The Cloud With Sensitive Data

There will always be differences between the perception of risk and the actual risk posed by some technologies from the IT industry. Check the report for more details.


7. Click, Collect, Crime: The Prevention of Cyber Espionage

How do we prevent cyber espionage activities? Should we follow only a list of technical requirements? Or are there other elements we need to secure, like legal elements and state regulations?


8. Hackers’ favorite targets are the hardest to protect: kids

The dark corners of the Internet hide online criminals that buy and sell stolen pieces of kids’ social identity like security numbers that can be used in credit card schemes and online fraud. Now you know why medical records are so much hunted by cyber-criminals.


9. Most parents don’t know how to tackle cyber bullying

More than half of parents have no idea when their child is a victim of cyber-bullying and there is no education available for them. Read the article and the rules parents should follow to keep children safe online.


10. US offers rewards for fugitive Russian cybercriminals

The United States government offers high rewards to track down and apprehend two Russian hackers involved in identity theft, fraud and stolen credit cards operations. Should we remember that the number one hacker FBI wants to catch is yet another Russian online criminal?


We are sure there are other important security news out there. So please let us know, what security news did we miss and should have been included here?

This post was originally published by Aurelian Neagu in April 2015.


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