Fight against online threats and cyber-crime continues. The most interesting articles of the week reflect a growing correspondence between real wars and cybernetic wars. From US and Europe to Israel and Ukraine, cyber-attacks are part of strategic wars and become more and more decisive in gaining an advantage over the opposing party. Our security blog provided this week 2 important articles for your online safety. An article is useful for travel bloggers and digital nomads providing valuable information on how to stay safe on public Wi-Fi networks. The second exposes one of the most dangerous pieces of ransomware at this moment, CryptoWall. Our goal is to bring you the latest security news from the digital world. And this is what we do. These are the 10 security articles of the week that you should read in order to improve your online security.

Security articles of the week

1. Hacking Humans: How Cybercriminals Trick Their Victims

One of the chief methods cyber-criminals use to spread data stealing malware and steal your money is by using elaborate phishing scams. But what are those smart messages that “force” you to download an attachment or click a link? Read and learn.

2. Europol cracks down on botnet infecting 3.2m computers

A large international operation between Europol and some important players in the online industry, like Symantec and Microsoft, managed to stop a cyber-crime group that deployed Ramnit botnet, one of the most sophisticated botnet networks that infected up to this moment over 3 million computers in the world.

3. The FBI’s Most Wanted Cyber Crook Has A $3 Million Price On His Head

Who’s the most wanted man in the world for the FBI and the American authorities? He is Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev and the prize for catching the creator of the global botnet network that supports the infamous spread of GameOver Zeus and Cryptolocker is at $3 million. Did you see him?

4. Gaza Resident Linked To Cyber Attacks On Israel: Security Company Has Put My Life In Danger

A Gaza resident that runs an online business has been linked to cyber-attacks on Israel by a Trend Micro security report. Apparently, his e-mail address was used by the web hosting provider to register one of the domains that was involved in cyber-criminal activities. So, pay attention to where your e-mail address is used and by whom.

5. Ukraine’s Lonely Cyberwarrior vs. Russia

Real war finds a correspondence in the digital war. The lack of advanced military weapons and training of the Ukrainian army reflects the cybernetic war, where a handful of Ukrainian cyber-warriors face the better funded and supported Russian cyber-criminals.

6. The Most Sophisticated Cyber Espionage Campaign Ever — But Who’s Behind It?

Last week we found out about one of the biggest bank robberies up to this moment and it seems that over 100 financial institutions were affected. But who exactly is behind this attack and what advanced malware technology was used, we still need to find out. This article provides some good information on this.

7. Reddit bans nude photos, sex videos posted without consent

No more free porn on Reddit! No more celebrities naked photos and sex videos without permission. Time has come to bring this online platform into control, especially when other issues, such as revenge porn need to be stopped.

8. The business and social impacts of cyber security issues

Recent security breaches and massive online attacks forced a change in the public perception on how cyber-threats affect our lives. This is an interesting survey that reveals that people also start taking steps to improve their online presence.

9. 10 best antimalware products of 2014, according to AV-TEST

It’s that time of the year when the security software vendors wait the AV-TEST results so they can confirm their online supremacy on security. But it is also an important moment for the normal users that need to know what security product they should purchase. Let the debate begin.

10. How to achieve effective cyber security in a hyperconnected world

Can we achieve complete protection and security in the present online environment? What about the future that belongs to the IoT and the increasing malware attacks affecting global economy? Check the report and stay informed.   We are sure there are other important security news out there. So please let us know, what security news did we miss and should have been included here? P.S. : If you  liked this post, you might enjoy our Heimdal Security newsletter. Receive each new post delivered right to your inbox! Sign up here.

This post was originally published by Aurelian Neagu in February 2015.

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