If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’re probably wondering what our team is like. Well, the good news is that our CEO, Morten Kjaersgaard, gave an interview for Netscout’s CIO Brief in which he shared a bit about how we do things (and why we do them). I hope you’ll enjoy reading it!

And going back to the business of protecting our data, we’ve updated one of our most-read articles: the one that talks about sources for cyber security risks in organizations. This is a useful read no matter if you have a business or just work for an organization. It will help you gain a better understanding of the cyber security issues that companies deal with on a daily basis.

And now, it’s that time of the week!


Security articles of the week


1. A worrisome milestone in the evolution of ransomware

This week, the ransomware family count surpassed 200. That’s 200 different types of ransomware, each with multiple variants. If you don’t have a data backup, you should really get it done. Fast.

2. Find out what cyber criminals do with stolen data

I know many of you wondered about this, so this article on offers some insightful details. Maybe this will help you value your data and its security a bit more.

3. CryPy ransomware featured individual file encryption

I guess we’ll soon find out which files attackers deem more valuable than others. Variable pricing for ransomware might ensue.

PS: Is it worth reporting ransomware? Time to find out.

4. Trojans are the most used type of malware

Nowadays, Trojans are a lot more sophisticated and aggressive than they used to be. If you want to know what makes Trojans special, this definition will help.

5. Huge DDoS attack brings down or impairs some of the biggest websites on the Internet

Yet another DDoS attack which prompts questions about how big of a botnet was needed to pull this off. (Find out how to keep your devices from becoming part of a botnet.)

6. Most people would stop making online transactions if they became a cyber crime victim

88% of respondents to a survey conducted by Wakefield Research would stop using digital payments if they personally fell victim to cybercriminal activities as a result of a data breach.

Should we give up just because cyber criminals are relentless? We say NO!

7. How to make DNS as key security layer

We’ve previously dedicated an entire article to DNS security, so this can be a welcome addition to your toolbox.

8. Keeping up to date with software vulnerabilities

These 9 sources have all the intelligence you need.

9. Historic milestone: Fancy Bear – the Russian cyber criminal group hacking the US elections

This might on Buzzfeed, but it’s definitely well researched and worth reading.

10. How Russia Pulled Off the Biggest Election Hack in U.S. History

Although we don’t live in the US either, this year’s election are important from a cyber security perspective as well. This article might just help you understand why.


With the US elections closing in, things are heating up in the cyber security sector as well. Maybe now more than ever. Stay close by and we’ll keep you updated on the key things you need to know for your online protection.

Have a good weekend!

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