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Security articles of the week



1. Microsoft patches 47 vulnerabilities

Patch Tuesday was here, which means just one thing: update, update, update!


2. WordPress released security update

WordPress also released a new security and maintenance update.


3. The Signaling System Seven (SS7) Vulnerability in phones

How cellphones and mobile phone networks are vulnerable because of a security flaw discovered in Signaling System Seven (SS7).


4. Obama warns of hackers creating cyber ‘Wild Wild West’

“We’re going to have enough problems in the cyber space with non-state actors who are engaging in theft and using the internet for all kinds of ilicit practices. We cannot have a situation where this becomes the Wild Wild West.”


5. New ‘Fantom’ Ransomware Poses As Windows Update

New malware comes disguised as a legitimate Microsoft Windows update and tricks consumers into downloading it.


6. Because of online scam, one of Europe’s biggest companies lost €40 million

One of Europe’s biggest manufacturer of wires and electrical cables lost €40 million because of an online scam that tricked one of its financial officers into transferring funds into the wrong bank account.


7. Hacker with Off-the-Shelf Malware Can Steal More Votes Than Any Corrupt Politician

“[…] what’s so scary is that a hacker with some common, off-the-shelf, malware can steal more votes than any corrupt mayor or governor.”


8. Are all IoT vulnerabilities easily avoidable?

Looks like every vulnerability or privacy issue reported for consumer connected home and wearable technology products since November 2015 could have been easily avoided.


9. Why social media networks are the new cyber weapons of choice

The first thing you must come to terms with is that social networks can’t secure their own environments, let alone yours.


10. A Loud Sound Just Shut Down a Bank’s Data Center for 10 Hours

Last Saturday, a lound sound caused a bank’s data center to shut down (and it remained like that for 10 hours). Because of it, millions of people weren’t able to pay with their credit cards.

This should be a lesson for us to always have backup (in form of cash), in case the payment systems fail.




Since cyber threats are so varied and can even be caused by accidents, remember to always have a backup plan (or multiple backups, if possible).

In case the current one fails, plan B will act as your safety net. It will help you save energy and resources that would otherwise go to waste.

How to back up your computer – the best advice in one place

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