In case you were starting to miss them, this past week brought even more data breaches, ransomware attacks and new malware strains. Fun days indeed.

Given the context, our latest article on how we can protect our PCs with multiple layers of security comes right on time.

We always talk about how we should think about our security system like an onion and that we should build it layer by layer. In case one layer goes down, others remain in place.

However, we never put together all the layers that you can build. This article does exactly that – it’s a visual guide to how you can build your own security system, step by step.

Now time for the news roundup:

Security articles of the week

1. Acer breached, credit card data of 34,500 customers was exposed

In case you visited Acer’s online shop in the past year, tough luck. Your credentials might have also been compromised.

The company explained that the breach involves information about customers who used its North American ecommerce site between May 12, 2015 and April 28, 2016.

2. GoToMyPC remote desktop service resets all passwords in wake of cyber attack

And same thing happened to the online back-up company Carbonite.

3. Android Malware dials Chinese numbers

A new form of Android malware is using Google Talk to call mysterious Chinese phone numbers.

4. Ransomware that’s 100% pure JavaScript, no download required

New development on ransomware: this sample discovered by Sophos is pure JavaScript. It also comes with a secondary infection, a password stealer.

5. Google makes two-factor authentication easier

Please enable this feature everywhere it’s available. It will make your cyber accounts more secure.

6. Exploit kit traffic drops by 96% since April, what is happening?

And that’s all just because of the mega botnet that was taken down at the beginning of this month.

“Do not rejoice, I believe that this transitionary moment in which the principal criminal rings are searching for new structures.”

7. Cyber attackers hit Indonesia’s central bank with tens of thousands of spam emails and viruses

And the same thing happened last month to the South Korea central bank.

8. Mobile advertising company fined for tracking users without their consent

A mobile advertising company that was tracking the locations of hundreds of millions of consumers without their consent was fined $950,000.

9. Report on ransomware evolution since 2014

One of the most interesting reports we read lately, it follows the evolution of ransomware in the past two years.

10. Even Zuckerberg puts tape on his laptop’s webcam

Be paranoid. Put tape on your webcam. Better be safe than sorry, right?


Stop postponing and start working on your cyber security layers. Never let the attackers reach your most valuable data.

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