It’s been an unusual week on the cyber security front, more quiet than usual. Perhaps the crooks went on summer vacation?

Patch Tuesday was up, so plenty of updates and patches from Microsoft and Adobe. Make sure you keep everything up to date (here’s why).

The recent mega data breaches are still heavily discussed in the media, as they continue to have an impact on users. In case your account was among the breached ones and you use to recycle your passwords, take your time and change them all.

We also brought up to date a security guide on how to keep your Facebook account safe. It was initially published in 2014, but we updated it since lots of things changed in these past years.

Now off to the cyber security articles of the last week:

Security articles of the week

1. Patched Tuesday for Microsoft

On Patch Tuesday, Microsoft fixed more than three dozens of security bugs.

2.Flash Player’s latest update: 36 security fixes

Adobe fixed critical Flash Player vulnerabilities.

3. Hackers got their hands on 40 million passwords from 1,000 sites

Cyber attackers got their hands on the personal data of more than 45 million people who are members of 1,100 car, sports and tech websites.

4. Hacker claims to have breached the Democratic National Committee’s system

And dumped document on Donald Trump.

5. Facebook will tell advertisers when you visit their offline stores

Facebook is rolling out a new service dedicated to retailers that will allow them to see when you visit their offline stores.

“By tracking your smartphone’s location with GPS and nearby Wi-Fi signals, combined with the ads you see, Facebook can tell retailers how many people who see their ads subsequently visit their stores.”

6. Banks in Singapore are adopting biometric authentication techniques

Singapore banks are reaching a whole new level.

7. How someone’s Facebook account can be breached just by knowing their phone number

Spoiler alert: because of global telecom network SS7 vulnerabilities.

8. Scammers are taking advantage of the Orlando shootings

Nothing’s off limits, unfortunately.

9. Mikko Hyponnen details 5 top cybercrime trends

Mikko Hypponen, one of the most renowned and trusted cyber security researchers in the world, shared 5 of these trends and we think you should know about them.

10. A few tips on password hygiene and how to protect your accounts

Read them. Apply them. Remember them.


We all find updates and patching annoying. I know, “Ain’t nobody got time for that”, right?

But it’s essential that we don’t ignore these updates. They not only come with new features, but they also fix important cyber security bugs. Patching software is one of those proactive measures that are key to our safety.

And if you don’t believe us, perhaps you will when you hear it from these 15+ top security experts.

Have a great weekend!

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