First of all, here’s some exciting news: our blog, Heimdal Security, our little baby, counts among the finalists at European Security Blogger Awards 2016!

We are extremely grateful for this, as it’s an honor to be nominated along some of the biggest blogs in this industry, blogs that have way more expertise and resources that we have.

We bow before you, dear readers, and we thank you all for your support!

Here’s how to vote for us:

1. Go here:

2. Look for the Heimdal Security blog in the following categories:

  • Best Corporate Security Blog
  • Best European Corporate Security Blog
  • Most Educational Blog

3. Vote, vote, vote!

The deadline is June 3. The winners will be announced on on June 8, during the bloggers meetup hosted by InfoSecurity Europe. We are also happy that lots of our wonderful friends are nominated for these awards.

Now back to our usual business.

In this past week, we published an article about the importance of proactive cyber security. We tried to explain why it’s vital that your company has such an approach and why businesses usually fear to invest in proactive cyber security.

We also updated three of our most popular articles, feel free to look over them and share them to your friends if you find them useful:

Enough about what’s new with us, let’s see what else is new in the cyber security world:



Security articles of the week



1. Because of concerns about online security and privacy, Americans limit their online activity

Recent research shows that lack of trust and concerns about online security and privacy may deter Americans from engaging in important economic and civic online activities.


2. Major LinkedIn breach, a hacker is selling 117 million logins

A hacker is selling 117 million LinkedIn logins on the dark web. As a response, the company reset the passwords.


3. What are 150.000 stolen press releases worth? About 20 years in prison

So you thought press releases were innocent? Not when you steal them before they go public and sell them to people who use that information to make money.


4. New Uber feature raises privacy concerns

Uber‘s new feature, Trip Tracker, raises concerns among domestic violence advocates, who worry the feature could create serious risks.


5. Face recognition with FindFace app

An app called FindFace will let you find anyone’s social profile just by taking their photo. Yeah, not creepy at all.


6. Scammers are taking advantage of the rising interest in Rio Olympic Games

Of course they are. And we expect the number of these scams to rapidly grow.


7. How to guard your startup

Five easy and actionable tips to guard your startup business in an effective way.


8. Google aims to block Flash Player

Another nail in Flash Player’s coffin: Google plans to block Adobe Flash Player by default for Chrome users, except for a white-list of 10 sites.


9. Want to keep your passwords safe? Time to drop chocolate

Wanted another reason for you to drop chocolate? Here you go:

“[…] if the chocolate was received generally beforehand, a total of 43.5% of the respondents shared their password with the interviewer”


10. The Ukrainian hacker who became the FBI’s best weapon – and worst nightmare

This final link is a long read from Wired. Perfect to read during this weekend, with your coffee next to you.




Key takeaway: when it comes to cyber security, it’s best if you think and act like a doctor. Focus on prevention rather than cure.

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