A Volvo Cars data breach has been disclosed by the company itself, announcing in a post on the 10th of December that a limited amount of the R&D property was subject to theft.

Volvo Cars has become aware that one of its file repositories has been illegally accessed by a third party. Investigations so far confirm that a limited amount of the company’s R&D property has been stolen during the intrusion. Volvo Cars has earlier today concluded, based on information available, that there may be an impact on the company’s operation.


In the same post, the company informs that security countermeasures were implemented right after the unauthorized access was identified, this means measures that will block further malicious access to its data being achieved and the company also stated that the corresponding authorities were informed about this topic.

The company is leading a personal investigation at the moment and was joined by third-party specialists who support the analysis of the property theft. According to Volvo, there are no safety risks for the moment for the customers related to their private data or the cars they own.

Volvo Cars is conducting its own investigation and working with third-party specialist to investigate the property theft. The company does not see, with currently available information, that this has an impact on the safety or security of its customers’ cars or their personal data.


Who Is Behind the Volvo Cars Data Breach?

There are not many details shared publicly by the company in relation to the Volvo Cars data breach, however, according to BleepingComputer publication, the ones behind this cyberattack seem to be a ransomware group called Snatch, as the gang itself claimed the attack. The gang announced this on the 30th of November on the website where they normally leak data where they let people know that they managed to breach Volvo’s servers and steal some important data. Reportedly, screenshots of the stolen data were posted there too.

The publication under discussion reached to the company to comment on this news, however, Volvo did not comment on the validity of the gang’s affirmations.

Volvo Cars does not comment on speculation about potential cyber security attacks but takes all potential threats to its cyber security and thefts of its property seriously.


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