In a March 9 news release, the New London Hospital declared it conducted an investigation using an external cybersecurity firm, thus discovering a data breach that occurred on July 30th last year.

After an extensive investigation conducted by New London Hospital (NLH) and an external cybersecurity firm, NLH determined that it was the target of a cyber incident.
The detailed forensic investigation found that the unauthorized third party gained access to a file on NLH’s network for a short period of time on July 30, 2020.
On February 16, 2021, NLH confirmed that the file contained patient names, limited demographic information, and Social Security numbers. The file did not include diagnosis, treatment, medication, or hospitalization information.
The network system that was compromised is no longer in use at NLH.
NLH has no evidence at this time of any misuse of personal information as a result of this incident.


On the 16th of February, New London Hospital officially confirmed that the files contained patient names, demographic information and Social Security numbers, but no medical records.
From the information that the hospital has at this time, there is no evidence any of the information has been misused, also the compromised network system was taken out of use.

NLH is currently in the process of notifying the potentially impacted patients and has arranged for complimentary credit monitoring and identity protection services. 


In the published statement the hospital is offering affected individuals free credit monitoring and identity protection services.

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The hospital representatives are urging the impacted individuals to remain vigilant in order to be protected against potential fraud and/or identity theft by, among other things, reviewing their account statements, monitoring their credit reports closely, and notifying their financial institutions if unusual activity is detected.

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