After Ciaran Martin announced he would be stepping down as the head of the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), back in December 2019, Lindy Cameron has been officially announced as his successor.

Supervising the response to hundreds of cybersecurity incidents each year and improve the general resilience of the UK’s critical national infrastructure is one of Cameron’s main responsibilities.

Ms. Cameron stated in her inaugural discourse that cybersecurity is still not taken seriously enough by organization leaders meaning that all the companies are in danger.

She also said cybersecurity should be considered as important as finance, legal, or any other essential day-to-day part of the business, and be handled as the type of discussion that’s taking place in the boardroom itself, not just like another technical talk with the IT department.

I think in terms of what we want organizations to learn, it is that this is the kind of threat they need to think about. This is the kind of thing that should be as much a regular feature in risk conversations in board rooms as legal risk or financial risk – the CEO see the CISO as often as they see the financial director.


Her goal is to warn organizations everywhere of the severe impact they will face when this goes wrong. A company might think it has a plan in place, but things can quickly fall apart if fundamental elements are not taken care of.

For example, SolarWinds cyberattack which was aimed at multiple US government agencies and cybercriminals taking advantage of zero-day vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Exchange Server shows us how companies can find themselves facing massive cyberattacks.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) said it helped identify and eliminate malware to the Exchange attack from 2,300 machines at businesses in the UK.

There’s no doubt that organizations that have experienced that have a much more visceral sense of what it feels like to experience a ransomware attack or cyberattack, and therefore they’re prepared better for that, Cameron added.


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Tools such as Exercise-in-a-Box and cybersecurity guidance for boardrooms are provided by the National Cyber Security Centre to help businesses think about the importance of cyberattacks.

Exerciseina Box is an online tool that helps organizations test and practices their response to a cyberattack. It is completely free and easy to use.

As we mentioned before, potential threats must be debated as a problem with risk, just like the way they consider financial or legal risk, not as a technical issue. This way, boardrooms will be more likely to understand these threats.

Cameron added: “Ideally, more and more instances are handled well and handled without additional help.”

The point is that no matter what type of cyberattack you might experience, you need to be one step ahead. Be aware of potential cyber threats and have a plan of action to protect yourself against multiple threats out there.

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